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Beauty and the Beast (aka Winter)

Winter has finally hit where I live. Up until now, it just teased us with periodic glimpses of chilly temperatures, but last weekend it decided to show us what it was really made of. We got snow. And there’s more snow forecasted for this weekend. And while I do normally love that fluffy white stuff, there are some less-than-pleasant things that go along with it:

  • Grocery stores that are crowded with those stocking up for what will surely be the next Snowmageddon. And yes, I was there among them, so I’m just as guilty.
  • Black ice that turns roads and sidewalks into skating rinks (usually ending with me landing on my backside).
  • Scraping the snow off my windshield and shoveling the sidewalks.
  • Cold slushy puddles that seep through your shoes and chills you to the bone.

But then there are days when I peer outside and there is this breathtaking blanket of white draped across every surface. Days when I relish making those first footprints with my dog as I head out to the barn to feed my horses. Days when the air is still and crisp and icy cold as it fills my lungs. winter 4winter 3

We recently had one such morning. The night before, we’d driven home through patches of dense freezing fog, and I remarked to my husband that I thought we might have hoarfrost the next morning. (It’s one of my favorite sights.) And sure enough, when I woke up, our trees and fences looked like someone had showered them with silvery fairy dust. I just stood there and stared for the longest time. My picture doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.winter 1

So yes, winter definitely has its beastlier moments, but then it turns right around and redeems itself, wrapping itself in a beautiful white cloak and making everything go still. At least for a few minutes. It’s what I love most about this season.

What about you? Are you a lover of all things winter? Or are you more suited to tropical realms where frost and snow are forever banished? I’d love to hear what you like best (or least) about this very chilly time of year. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy your sunny days now, because winter will soon be headed your way!

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Snow trip!

Happy 2019! My hubby and I rang in the new year at the lovely home of friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a wonderful combination of fun (as in, multiple parties celebrating two birthdays and New Year’s Eve), skiing, and relaxation by the fire.

The views from the plane were the first enjoyable part of the trip – the clouds look like icy snow, don’t you think? And the Rocky Mountains are spectacular.

jh plane ice cloudsjh plane mtns

The first full day we were there, fourteen inches of snow fell. Powder day! 🙂 Much as I was tempted, I decided to stay at the house and ski the following day, which turned out to be a good decision, as it was a white-out. Hubby said it was the hardest ski day he’s ever had, so setting up party decorations with the other women had definitely been the best choice! But I did ski the next day, and it was gorgeous. Here are hubby and I overlooking the Tetons and Jackson Hole. Just beautiful.

img_3872Then there were the parties. Wow, I’m going on a serious less-food, no-alcohol diet for the rest of the month! 🙂 But it was fun while it lasted. Here’s an appetizer at one of the birthdays on New Year’s Eve. Then we went up the Gondola for a party up the mountain, which had a great band and lots of dancing. Here’s a pic of friend Susan and me enjoying ourselves.



jh nye gala:r & susan



How did you ring in the new year? Are you a skier? Any trips over the holidays, or coming up in the near future? I hope 2019 brings you good health and lots of smiles. xoxo

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Is it really 2019?

By the time you read this I’ll be back at the day job after being off for a few weeks and finally stopped watching Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles.  Before we go any further can I just say – sexist Santa ever!

Being off work should have been fab.  I should have been reading a billion books and writing a few other billion.  Truth was, I was too tired and couldn’t concentrate to do any of that.  I ended up trying something I haven’t done in years – a jigsaw.  Of course, I picked one of a library.  You have no idea how frustrating it was until that final piece slotted into place!  Here’s hoping it woke up other parts of my brain,


Once I was finished I pulled out the pile of books I have for January.  Here they are!

January is an exciting time for romance writers if they are members of the Romance Writers of America.  By around the third week in January, I’ll receive some books to judge for the Ritas – the romance writers equivalent of the Oscars, which is why I haven’t got quite so much on my reading pile this month.  I can’t wait to see what else I get to read – and of course, I can’t tell you, because judges are sworn to secrecy!

In the meantime, I’ve started this pile and read this little beauty.  As a nurse it evoked many memories in me of the range of doctors I’ve worked with throughout the years. Some lines made me laugh out loud, other situations made me cry.


In other news, my third Young Adult book comes out next month and I’m delighted to see this series completed – I was running out of dinosaurs!  My next YA story will be set a million miles away from the dinosaurs.  Let’s just use a famous sentence.  Space. The Final Frontier.


I”m pleased to say I’ve read some brilliant books this year.  I’ve also had the revelation of finally getting to grips with audiobooks.  Narrators can make or break a book and I’m ruthless.  If the audiobook hasn’t captured my attention in fifteen minutes I return it for another.  My favourites so far have been Sadie by Courtney Summers, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee, The Wife Between Us, by Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks, Skyward by Brandon Sanderson and Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys.  Quick thing, some of these books have subject matter that could be triggering.

If you have any recommendations for me please let me know!

Finally I have two new medical romances scheduled so far this year with another two to come.  Island Doctor, Royal Bride is out in February and Tempted by the Hot Highland Doc is out in May 2019.  Happy New Year folks!

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2019 Reading goals?

Happy 2019!

All of us here at the LIBM blog hope you had a smashing Christmas and very happy new year celebrations!

Hot mulled wine and book in woman hands. Relaxing in front of bu

I’m back at the desk now hoping to write up a storm as I’ve a hectic publishing schedule this year. But I’m also hoping to read more this year too.  I am a sucker for medical romances (any romances at all to be honest) but this year I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and read out of my comfort zone. Along with my weekly diet of all things love I have some other genres to try (any suggestions for any of the categories gratefully received):

Autobiography/memoir – my son bought me Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming

Science and technology – hopefully something that I can use in a medical romance!

Graphic novels/comic

History/Biography – I have a book about the Russian royal family, the Romanovs (who knows, a Russian doctor may be on the cards!)



Science Fiction

Non fiction

Young Adult – can’t possibly read anything but the Extinction Trial books by our very own Scarlet/Susan Wilson!!

Historical Fiction


What about you? Do you have any reading goals for 2019? Can I suggest a couple? (Gives a cheeky wink…)

  • Read all 6 new medical romance releases each month?
  • If you already do the (AND THANK YOU MUCHLY IF YOU DO!!) then how about: read a non-medical romance book by one of your favourite medical author/s (many of us write in other genres too. For more details look at our individual websites)

Happy reading!!

Oh, and I should probably let you know I have a new medical romance out, right now!

A Nurse to Heal His Heart by Louisa George

She makes him feel alive again. But can he heal her heart too?

Single dad GP Joe Thompson’s priorities are his daughter and his patients. It might’ve earned him a brooding reputation, but since losing his wife romance has been off-limits…until he meets locum nurse Rose McIntyre! Her warm smile and live-for-the-moment attitude soothe a pain Joe believed would never fade. But can Joe stop Rose running from her own secrets…and find comfort in his arms?

I loved writing this book and it has all the feels and a little bit of quirky ?magic? Fate?

I’m so glad my editor encouraged me to go off on my weird tangent! I hope you love it too.

Louisa George is an award winning author of books with humour and heart.
RITA finalist. Allergic to housework. Zumba addict. Visit her website for a complete list of her novels, which includes women’s fiction, contemporary romance and medical romances.
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January New Releases

Happy New Year to all our lovely readers! We hope your break was restful and that you’re ready for a whole new year of fabulous medical romances.

6 bright and sparkly books for January AND a discount code to use on the Harlequin website for today, Jan 4th. Did you know you can buy digital copies direct from the Harlequin website as well as print? (If you click on the image below it will take you directly to the medical romance page!)


A Nurse to Heal His Heart by Louisa George


She makes him feel alive again

But can he heal her heart too?

Single dad GP Joe Thompson’s priorities are his daughter and his patients. It might’ve earned him a brooding reputation, but since losing his wife romance has been off-limits…until he meets locum nurse Rose McIntyre! Her warm smile and live-for-the-moment attitude soothe a pain Joe believed would never fade. But can Joe stop Rose running from her own secrets…and find comfort in his arms?

Resisting Her English Doc by Annie Claydon (Single Dad Docs)med1

Running from her past…

Towards a future together?

In this Single Dad Docs story, recovering from career-ending injuries, dancer Fleur Miller is impatient to get off Maple Island. But handsome new arrival, English doctor Rick Fleming seems determined to push her buttons! The island Fleur once called home now only holds painful memories, but her intense connection with single dad Rick soon challenges Fleur to reimagine life on the island — with a family of her own.

med2Tempted By Her Single Dad Boss by Annie O’Neil (Single Dad Docs)

Her off-limits boss…

Is worth breaking the rules for!

In this Single Dad Docs story, physiotherapist Maggie Green’s instant attraction to her buttoned-up new boss Dr. Alex Kirkland might be against the rules, but since becoming an amputee she’s determined to live life to the fullest—including embarking on a fling! As their chemistry intensifies, Alex and his adorable son’s acceptance of Maggie for who she is makes her long for something she never thought possible: a family.

The Surgeon’s One Night to Forever by Ann McIntoshmed3

He’ll settle for nothing less

After years of watching her mother’s gullible heart drive her from one man to the next, Laurel has decided to marry for sensible reasons. She doesn’t believe in fairy tales, knights in shining armour or happy endings.

So, when her ‘safe’ fiancée breaks up with her on the night of their engagement party, she’s surprised to be rescued by her own knight, Reece Harrington. Laurel has always avoided the attraction between her and Reece. He wants way more than Laurel can give—total possession…!

med4Twins On Her Doorstep by Alison Roberts

A knock at the door…

Will change her life!

After the heartbreak of losing her husband and baby, GP Sophie Bradford donated her eggs hoping to bring happiness to another couple, instead. Then Dr. Finn Connelly arrives on her doorstep with his orphaned nieces — and her biological twin girls! Sophie had vowed never to risk creating another family, but Finn and her adorable little daughters start to melt the ice around her heart…

Their Unexpected Babies by Louisa Heatonmed5

From irresistible attraction…

To ready-made family!

After her best friend agrees to be her surrogate, Dr. Leah Hudson’s dream of being a mom is finally coming true! But throwing caution to the wind for one night with sexy Dr. Ben Willoughby has shocking consequences…Leah’s pregnant! Now, with two babies depending on her, Leah must push her feelings for committed bachelor Ben aside, unless he proves that Leah and the babies can depend on him.

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We’re taking a break, but we’ll be back!

We’re taking a break from blogging over Christmas, but we’ll be back in the New Year!  Amy Andrews will be starting 2019 off in style, by bringing us news of the New Releases for January on Friday 4th January.


We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU, to everyone who’s contributed to the blog this year – and in particular our wonderful commentators and readers, who always make blogging fun.  Our statistics tell us that we’ve reached many people, living in all corners of the world, and we’re enormously grateful to everyone who takes the time to visit us.

And last but by no means least, on behalf of all the Medical Romance Authors – Happy Holidays!  We wish you all the joys of Christmas, and a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year.

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All I Want For Christmas is …

When I was little, Christmas was a very low-key idea. My parents didn’t have any money, even though my Dad worked full time and my Mum worked a variety of part time jobs to make ends meet. Each year we’d drag the tatty Christmas tree and decades-old decorations down from the attic and try our best to make them look pretty. I remember paper lanterns in bright green and a weird orange colour held together by sticky tape (and sometimes staples!) hanging from the ceiling of our lounge. Every Christmas, we four kids would cut up strips of paper to make paper chains, as well as making snowflake designs to hang up to add to the cheer.

Presents were never anything extravagant. We all knew there was no point in asking for a bike or a computer or anything like that. We truly were the kids that were grateful for a chocolate bar, or a satsuma in our gifts. Talcum powder was a regular gift I received each year, which I would eke out all year until the next Yuletide when another tin would arrive!

But one year (I was probably around 10 years old) I can remember saying to my parents that I would love to have a typewriter. I’d been writing stories down on paper for ages, but thought the only way I would be a proper writer, would be if I had a proper typewriter. I felt it would make me ‘official’ and ‘real’. That somehow, my stories would be much better for having been hammered out on a machine, rather than flowing from my pen.

I didn’t hold out much hope. I’d looked in the Argos catalogue, I knew how expensive they could be. But I begged and begged my parents for one. When it got to my birthday in July, I told them not to get me anything, but to put it towards a typewriter for Christmas.

When Christmas arrived, I almost couldn’t contain myself. I kept telling myself to calm down. That I might get downstairs and only find the usual talcum powder and selection box and that I should be pleased I was even receiving those, but there was a small part of me that hoped more than anything that when I got downstairs there’d be a large present all wrapped and waiting under the tree.

And there was! And it was beautiful! A royal blue, Silver Reed typewriter, that came with a solid, black cover that clipped on over the top! I remember screaming and dancing with joy, doing a little jig in the front room, before finding a piece of paper to scroll into it, so I could start tap, tap tapping away!

It was second hand, but that didn’t matter to me. The ribbon barely had any ink left in it, but that didn’t matter either.

I loved that typewriter. And my parents house was filled with the sound of it, whenever I was home from school and at weekends as I wrote story after story after story, finally able to submit to magazines and newspapers because my work was typed and not handwritten.

That typewriter was the best present I ever received! I can still feel the joy, even now, of what it felt like, to open that gift! And that was the beginning for me. What I consider my ‘official’ beginning of me as a writer.

What was your best present ever? I’d love to hear all about it!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Louisa Heaton’s latest book is out late December, Their Unexpected Babies.