I took a week and actually unplugged from the internet. It was heavenly.


What was not so divine about it was the driving, but the end trip was worth it. I took my kids to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. The first time I went was when I was 14 and my parents took me. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort. I knew then if I ever had kids I was going to bring them back and I wanted to do it when they were young enough to get the magic I sort of missed out on being almost 15, but old enough to ride most of the rides I wouldn’t have to be lugging a diaper bag or a stroller about.

Thirteen years ago, Walt Disney World is where my hubby took me for our honeymoon. It was amazing. He knew how much I loved that place. We stayed at the Fort Wilderness Lodge.

Again, it just firmed my need to take my kids there one day.

I waited patiently. I booked the trip August 2014 and then waited until Christmas 2014 to surprise the kid with the trip. Then I had to wait a little bit longer until last week. We drove down. It’s about twenty hours, but hey that’s the same distance as driving to New Orleans and I did that last May. My kids are used to car trips. We took a 5 day car trip across Canada and the US to visit my SIL in Alberta. Car trips, we can handle.

Even with the excitement of Disney!

This time we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, which was called Dixie Landing when I first went to Disney. It was beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.


They had a lot of pools and one main one. My one boy is autistic, so for him the main one was too loud and busy. The scattering of quiet pools all over the resort was perfect for him.

Every day we’d come home from the park and swim! Except Tuesday when we participated in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and we dressed like The Incredibles.

The best part of the trip though was when my youngest son met Mickey Mouse. He loves Mickey Mouse. For three years he’s talked non stop about Mickey, being a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and even though he’s a big boy now (6 yrs old), he still loves Mickey. He has an anxiety issue with strangers. I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t take to Mickey as we waited in line to meet talking Mickey, but I learned I had nothing to fear as he threw himself in Mickey’s arms. I cried and that made the trip worth it. Even the photographer had to wipe a tear and say “Somebody sure loves Mickey!”


He stated he was going to HUG every character he met. He did. LOL

Another highlight of our trip was taking the kids back to the first resort I stayed at to have our special character breakfast at Ohana.

My daughter and I are HUGE Stitch fans. I love that movie so much and it’s been one my favourites for so long. I was pregnant with my daughter when it came out.

“Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

The Disney trip fell on my daughter’s 12th birthday. So we celebrated it at Ohana and met Stitch. Which was an absolute highlight.

I cried. Again. I’m such an emotional mess after writing a book. PhotoPass_Visiting_Disneys_Polynesian_Village_Resort_7469488230

I don’t have  picture of it because no pictures were taken during it but my middle guy said the most epic part of the trip for him was Star Tours and the Indiana Jones Stunt spectacular. He said it was all kinds of epicness. LOL

All in all, I’m glad I took the week to unplug and create these special memories with my kids. This past year was a hard year for all of us. School issues, getting my middle guy diagnosed, my daughter being hospitalized and me being so ill and having surgery. We all needed this vacation.





Scandal in the city! 

Arriving in New York, renowned surgeon Mindy Walker is looking forward to a fresh start in the city. So she definitely doesn’t expect to find herself working alongside last night’s very uncharacteristic one-night stand—gorgeous resident Dr. Sam Napier!

Unknowingly sleeping with his new boss is catastrophic for Sam—he’s determined to become a successful pediatric surgeon on his own merit, and if this scandal gets out it could ruin both their careers!

But as the fiery sparks continue to fly, resisting one another becomes practically impossible…

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On My Summer Holiday I….

….Got to Meet a Writing Heroine

One day last autumn, I was standing in the Boston Airport and looking at the New York Times top ten list and one woman had three – THREE – books on there – including one all snuggling, happy at Number One: Debbie Macomber. That’s right. A romantic novelist was whooping the charts silly.

imagesA woman who has over 140 million (yes – MILLION) books in print has my respect. I wished, on that day, that I could meet her  and….I don’t know….bask in the glow of someone who had that creative mojo charged to full pelt. And then a very groovy thing happened.

It turns out – my parents live about 45 minutes down the road (about next door in American terms – at least in the Pacific Northwest) from Debbie. I wrote to her a few months ago – knowing I was going to be visiting my family and asked if she would, perchance, fancy a visit with someone she’d never met, may never see again but was a brand new start up writer enjoying looking up at the towering majesty of the sheer expanse of books she has written.

images-1 (These are just some in an entire room filled with a single edition of each of her books.)

She said yes. And then it got better
We schUnknowneduled to meet at her Victorian Rose Tea Rooms where I sat and waited, and nearly bolted when I got the jitters. Then one of the waitresses said Debbie was actually waiting for me at her office across the parking lot (above her knitting shop). I scuttled over and ascended the central stairway of the Victorian-style building. Her office is the turret. As well it should be. (I am aiming for a treehouse office one day). I gave her my little offering (an English teaspoon engraved with ’50 Shades of Earl Grey’ and some Earl Grey tea – then exhaled when she laughed.
The long and short of it? Absolutely fabulous. She is a wonderful woman. Generous with her time. Her thoughts. Her insights. She loves hot sauce. Works with her family and friends. Has super trendy fingernails and has promised to look me up next time she is in England so we can rectify an unfortunate fish and chips incident. Did I forgot to get our picture? You bet I did. Did I forget to ask just about every single question I thought would have been useful when meeting a romance selling behemoth? Yup! But it was worth every gob-smacked second of it. So go on…I dare you. If there’s someone out there you would like to meet – just go for it.

Have you ever met anyone and been tongue-tied? Or tongue-unleashed? Or is there someone you would dye your hair blue to meet? Do tell!

(PS – I don’t have a book out until January – but thanks to EVERYONE who has read Doctor…to Duchess? You have all made my summer very grin-filled. Just a few autumnal months until One Night…With Her Boss hits the stands!

Tea for Four

I’ve learned that there are three things which writers do really, really well.  Drink tea, eat cake and talk.  So what better way for us to welcome Lynne Marshall to the UK?  Caroline Anderson and Kate Hardy made the trip down to London today, and the four of us went for afternoon tea.

First, though, we had a special visit to make.  Kate came hot-foot from the British Museum to meet Lynne and I for a walk along Harley Street, the setting for the 200 Harley Street continuity.  And when the street sign, which we’d set our hearts on being photographed with, turned out to be fifteen feet off the ground were we deterred?  No, we were not.  We also found the building where Lionel Logue (speech therapist to King George VI) practised.


Kate and Lynne under the Harley Street sign

Lynne on the steps of Lionel Logue's Harley Street practise.

Lynne on the steps of Lionel Logue’s Harley Street practise.











Then a flying visit to Trafalgar Square and on to the AMBA Hotel, Charing Cross where Caroline was waiting for us.  Lynne had a chance to play the star on the sweeping staircase.


We drank a toast to Jennifer Taylor, who wasn’t able to join us, but who has lent us her blog date today.  (I was beginning to suspect that Kate is the best organised person that I know, and if you look carefully, you’ll see that her top matches the drinks perfectly!)  And then it was time to tuck in to tea, sandwiches and cake.  The cakes had a Mad Hatters Tea Party theme.

Annie, Caroline, Lynne and Kate










AfternoonTea1Lynne’s photograph of the table which greeted us, shows the terrace tearoom in the background, which has views over The Strand.

Afterwards, we went for a stroll in the park, and then on for drinks on a riverboat moored by the Embankment.  (Did I mention that there was a LOT of talking, which was very thirsty work.)  Then it was time for hugs all round, as Kate and Caroline left to catch their train home.

Lynne and I took a short stroll along the Embankment, past the London Eye, to see the Houses of Parliament lit up for the evening.  And then, finally, we decided that our aching feet had done enough for the day!



Spring is for planting

Spring has arrived, bringing fierce wind, light snow and sunshine. Over the last couple of weeks here in the Sounds our temperatures have yoyo-ed between one and twenty two. But the blossom is out on the fruit trees which hopefully means – as long as the wind isn’t too cruel – peaches, nectarines and plums in summer.

I love spring. It’s so full of promise for summer and new life. Lambs abound in the paddocks I pass on my way into town, daffodils nod their yellow heads under trees and in gardens and even in random places that have me wondering how those bulbs got there.

At our  place spring also means getting the vegetable garden organised. This used to be my job and I enjoy vegetable gardening. While I love flowers, actually making and maintaining a flowerbed is beyond me. Give me a packet of vegetable seeds and you’ll get a salad, give me flower plants and you’ll get a dried arrangement.

But a few years back my DB took over the vege patch and I have to say he’s better than me. That could be because he’s happy to spend hours digging and turning soil and adding wonderful fertilisers like fish carcasses!!! Like I mean, am I going to do that and then have to keep digging the smelly, rotting stuff over? Have to admit though, the results are amazing. IMG_6150

This is one of three areas where our vegetables will grow. Already the broad beans are in, the garlic’s been in since June and is growing well. I’ve seen trays of broccoli waiting to be planted out. Peas, beans, lettuce, zucchini, carrots, beet, peppers, onions, you name it, will all go in. Oh, and the spuds. At the moment they’re sprouting in egg cartons on the window sills of the spare bedrooms! Yes, well, what can I say?

And then there’s the glasshouse.


Here come the tomatoes. This space will soon be full of enormous tomato plants.

Then my job starts. I make pasta sauce from here to Africa, and passata, soup, relish, tomato sauce, tomato paste, etc. I love this part.

For me this is what makes spring and then summer special. I never get tired of all those fresh vegetables and there’s nothing like going outside to pick or pull whatever I chose for dinner. Beats going to the supermarket any day.

What does spring mean for you?

Men and Their Toys

Andy2My husband has always loved a TV. As a kid the first thing he saved his money for was a TV. I soon learned of his passion for TVs when I met him while in college.

He once broke up with me during a school break. He had left his TV with me so that he didn’t have to worry about someone stealing it when he went home. I told my mother, “He’ll be back. I have his TV.” And he did return. The family joke is the only reason that he married me is because I stole his TV. (Not true, but a sorted story I’m not going into here.) Anyway, the point is my husband lives for his TV. Through the years we have had a number of them, all sizes and weights. Along with them goes a cable bill that I can’t seem to lower because we have to have so many channels.

Sports watching is the big event for him. The major viewing season is the fall and the game is football. This year is no different. So as if on que our main TV in the living room, the largest and widest, started going on the fritz.

My husband had been begging me for a number of years to agree to let him buy a big screen. I had been resisting because we had a nice antique chest that we could close when we didn’t want the TV to be the center of attention. I also didn’t want the family area to turn into the ‘man cave.’ Well, that’s no more. He went out one morning and came home with his much dreamed of 65 inch TV. It is huge. The watcher is right there with the football players. I have a happy husband but the TV is the center of attention in the room and now I have to hunt antique chest for it to sit on!

Has your husband ever brought home something that you had rather he not?

Women; Old Friends, Young Hearts


I was given this tea-towel last week when I caught up with a ‘girl’  I met way back in Year 7/Seventh Grade. We went through high school together, then we studied nursing together and later midwifery. We had our ups and downs like all friendships do when you grow up and want different things at different times, we’ve lived in different countries and we now live in different towns, but here we are *cough* years later and we still catch up once or twice a year.

I still have the crazy letters we wrote each other each summer when I was down at the beach for 6 weeks and she was back in town. She would come for a week, which was fun but always a bit fraught as she had olive skin, tanned and loved the heat and I had red hair, white skin and would burn. I spent a lot of time wrapped up in towels ;-)

Have we been silly together? Yes. There is something about a long shared history that makes that very easy. And you always have those adolescent memories of being boy crazy and the disasters that befell you as you tried to get the attention of one of the many school boys on the train.  Not to mention the summer, outdoor cinema. We shared our very first and my last cigarette, and that was pretty funny as we spluttered and coughed and then spent ten minutes blowing tic tac breath at each other to make sure our breath didn’t smell of cigarettes. Never occured to us that our clothes would have reeked…. !

Good friends in romance novels are a popular thing and I think it’s because women can relate to that closeness and the sharing. Do you like to read books about female friendships? If you do, please share the titles you’ve enjoyed.  Do you have a friendship that dates back a long way?

Book News:  My next Harlequin medical romance, A Daddy for Baby Zoe? will be out on January 1st. It’s is up for preorder at Amazon UK. Other sites will follow soon, I hope, as well as a cover.

Fiona Lowe ARRA adMy Medicine River series, of Montana Actually and Truly Madly Montana, where neither of my heriones have a best friend (;-) ), is out in ebook and print. If you love sexy doctors, hunky cowboys and teh stunning mountain scenary of Montana, then you might like to check them out.

New to my books or have missed some? I have a backlist of 26 novels and the complete list is here. All my medical romances are now available as eBooks including the very popular, Fiona Lowe’s Weddings.

Happy reading! Fiona x


Summertime, Swimming Pools, and Smiles

My hubby LOVES the water, whether it’s an ocean or a lake or a swimming pool.

When we first got married, he liked the idea of having a backyard pool. We got lucky to find a house that both fit us well and had a pool, though it was admittedly pretty low-tech and old, requiring him to routinely swim around along the cement seams to squeeze in underwater sealant so it wouldn’t leak. :-)

Still, we really enjoyed it!  My hubby works long hours, and when he’s home, he wants to stay home. When our children came along, he wasn’t the kind of dad who would enjoy piling the kids in the car to go to a public pool. But playing with them in our own while I fixed dinner, the kids running, still wet, to the outside table to eat when it was ready?  Wonderful for everyone!


When our third child was on the way, we outgrew the two-bedroom house, and fell in love with one just around the corner in the same neighborhood. Built in 1962, it was pretty outdated – the kitchen was hideous, and had only two drawers and a two-burner stove! But what it did have? A gorgeous, two acre wooded lot and a practically brand-new inground pool with fancy gadgets my hubby swooned over. Our family loved it, and we were suddenly more popular. :-)


I love that my children have so many great memories of summers in our pool. I call it the summer chaos, with droves of kids coming and going all the time. Swimming and playing with family and friends, floating underwater, enjoying a popsicle break.


Seventeen years later, even though we now have only one child at home year-round, the pool is still a source of great fun and lots of parties. Yes, over the years it has included some stress, having to deal with wrestling, basketball playing, testosterone-filled teen boys happily injuring one another, and coed get-togethers that required some serious (and unwelcome!) supervision, but still worth it. :-) Here’s a pic of one of our annual Fourth of July celebrations – always quite the crowd, and I’m told it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite party.


Lastly? The dog loves to cool off in it, too!  He’s not much of a swimmer, but hangs out on the steps, semi-submerged. I call him Hippopotamus Bulldogus ;-) Unfortunately, he leaves the pool, then, while still soaking wet, lies down behind the shade of a shrub in the cool dirt. You can imagine how grimy he gets :-P

Any of you have a backyard pool, or grow up with one? Or is there something else, like a lake house, that will always hold special summer memories for you? I’d love to hear about it!