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New Year. New Beginnings. New Books!

It’s Hannah, here. I’m Mills & Boon Medical Romance’s Assistant Editor and delighted to be back on Love is the Best Medicine. I hope that you have had a wonderful start to 2022! Do you have any New Year traditions? I do! My favourite way to say hello to January is to pore over bookseller and book bloggers’ ‘The Books You Need to Read This Year’ lists.

So, I would love to share my New Year tradition with you! During the first three weeks of January, I have been busy creating a list of great miniseries to read at the start of 2022 from Mills & Boon Medical Romance. From new families to new jobs, the miniseries I’m about the mention offer the ultimate in that ‘New Year, New Beginnings’ feeling!

Nashville ER

After a busy shift at Nashville’s Saint Dolores Hospital, AKA St Dolly’s, Avery Whittacker and Lia Costa love nothing more than meeting up for gossip, guacamole and a pitcher of Margarita. The friends agree on almost everything, including that neither have room in their lives for romance…But the New Year brings two new doctors to their busy ER, who make waves in the department and set the friends’ hearts fluttering!


Miracle Medics

Now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, Dr David Kennedy’s GDK Foundation organises a classic car rally through the UK countryside to raise funds and awareness for transplant surgeries. It will also give David a chance to spend some quality time with his adopted son, Dr Josh Kennedy, a transplant specialist, as they work together as navigator and driver. Or, at least, that was the plan…


Two Tails Animal Refuge

Welcome to Two Tails Animal Refuge, in Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains! Vets Hazel and Kiara have one goal: to rescue and re-home vulnerable animals. The refuge staff work around the clock. So, there’s no time for Hazel and Kiara to think about love. Until a vet and a surgeon lead them to ask: “Is it time for my Happily-Ever-After?”


What miniseries are you excited to read first in 2022? I would love to know!

Lots of Love,



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

When the Shock of Reality Intrudes

When I start the writing process for each book, I know I’ll have to complete what’s called an Art Fact Sheet, where I fill out information on my book and include links for what my characters might look like.

What my characters might look like. For me, this is so important when writing the book. So much so that every time I open the file to start writing, my main characters’ images greet me to inspire and remind me who I’m writing about. I need to be able to picture them as real people. How do I find these images? I normally do a Google search for actors or real-life people who might resemble what’s in my head, and then I save the image to my computer. I love this process. It makes my characters come alive in my mind. It’s no different with my current book. I have these people populating my head, and I’m on a journey with them, hoping to find their Happy Ever After.

But what if it’s not so happy?

This past Wednesday, I started my writing process the way I always do. I opened the file to the story and scrolled past the two images at the top of the screen and went about writing. I didn’t think anything about it as I wrote of conflict and laughter and sexy banter between my characters. About an hour later, I exited to check my email and the browser opened to a news story. And there I see a picture of the man I’d chosen as the inspiration for my hero. The hero I’d just scrolled past an hour earlier. The actor had just died in a skiing accident. I sat there in shock. Then I went back to the file with my story and stared at his image for a long time, an incredible sense of grief and loss going through me. I don’t know this actor in real life. But he lived through the character in my book. And I was so sad for a life cut tragically short.

Now if you’re not a writer, it may be hard to understand why this would have any bearing on writing the story, but it does. At least for me. I closed the file, not sure if I could even continue writing this particular hero. But I have to. The manuscript is due at the end of this month, and I’ve written over half the book.

I wrote my husband a text and his response was: “That must be hard.” Nope, he didn’t understand. I then wrote a close friend who told me to go take a walk and grieve and give it a day. So I did. And here I sit on Friday, getting ready to go look for a new image and to keep writing. Write a hero who is the same, but not quite the same as the person I’d written on Wednesday before seeing the news.

For those of you who are writers (and for those of you who aren’t), what is it that stops your process right in its tracks? And how do you get past it in order to complete what you started?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Imagining the future

In the first few weeks of this New Year, it comes naturally to look forward and hope for better things.  That’s something which has become closer to home for so many of us in these last few pandemic years, when no-one can predict what’s going to happen next and the newspaper headlines have increasingly been happening right on our doorsteps.

It’s made me think.  What of writers who predict the future?  Of course there are as many possible scenarios as there are books, films and TV shows.  I remember when that most ominous of years – 1984 – dawned and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  ‘Well that didn’t happen…’  But these relatively small jumps into the future such as ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and alternative reality scenarios like ‘The Man in the High Castle’ tend to concentrate on changes in society rather than technology.  They’re about our own world and what might happen to it if we don’t watch out.

But there are a lot of tales of the future that are set many years from now, when human beings inhabit a completely different world.  And since last year was the year when Captain Kirk (William Shatner) really did go into space, is it possible that this kind of future might be happening a little sooner than expected?

What about the other things that Star Trek promised us?  Transporters.  Sadly not, although they’d be extremely handy for shopping.  The Replicator.  Oh, how I’d love a replicator, particularly on a Saturday evening when I find I’ve run out of hearing aid batteries or light bulbs.  Perhaps in the future, Dr McCoy will have been on my case and there’ll be no requirement for hearing aid batteries…  THE HOLODECK!  The holodeck became much more of a thing when Captain Janeway and the crew were stranded in the Delta Quadrant and there are times during lockdown when a holodeck in our homes would have been a dream come true.  Many of us made do with a well-stocked bookshelf, where arguably the ‘pictures’ are better 🙂

Some things have materialised (although not with the aid of a replicator).  Captain Kirk did make it into space although according to news reports he never got to switch his phaser to stun, or kiss an inhabitant of another world.  We’ve become used to lights and other household appliances that switch on and off on command.  Medical science helps combat an increasing number of illnesses and injuries, but just as the crew of The Enterprise were still vulnerable to new viruses, so are we.

Phones, computers and touchscreens have revolutionised communication and access to information.  Although in the future, every last thing that the computer tells you is correct.  Most of us have developed a healthy scepticism for some of the things we read on the Internet and perhaps what Star Trek didn’t acknowledge is that information is only as good as the human beings who provide it in the first place.  (I suppose there’s an alternative – but we all know what happens when computers start to think for themselves…)

One thing that didn’t feature quite so widely on Star Trek as it does in my life, is technical incompetence.  The warp drive may have threatened to explode on almost a weekly basis but Scotty always worked something out, and when the technology was working people knew how to use it.  I, on the other hand, spent a good fifteen minutes this morning trying to work out how to switch ‘modes’ via the touchscreen on the new radiator in my home office.  In the future, someone’s definitely going to have to do something about making it all a bit more user-friendly.

So what about this bright, shiny New Year?  Perhaps its most valuable gift to all of us is that readers and writers can still dare to imagine.  Not just within the boundaries of science fiction – romance goes just as boldly into the realms of what we’d like to achieve.  Human beings thrown into situations that are difficult and often unfamiliar to them, and who have to fight for their happy ending.

I’ll finish by wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  May our dreams and imaginings never desert us – and may some of them come true 🙂

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New Year, New books

The first of every year I promise myself that I’m going to organize my TBR pile so that I can meet my reading goals for the year. (Okay, it’s more like a couple of bookcases – don’t judge) This year I decided to try using a reading journal which, so far, I am really enjoying. Not only do I plan to use it to set my goals for the year, but I also hope to use it as a journal writing tool as books play such a big part in my life as they take me to so many places and introduce me to so many new ideas and experiences.

Fortunately for me, I also get to play around with new ideas every time I start a new book. With my first book about my close-knit medevac crew located in Key West, Florida, I had fun researching the helicopters used by medical crews,

available 2/22 2022

and right now, while I’m writing my second Key West medevac book, I’m playing around with all the ways I can help my hero and heroine find their happily ever after as they prepare for an unexpected bundle of joy that will change both of their lives. Surprise babies are always so much fun.

So now, my reading and writing are well on the way to making 2022 a productive year.

Now, if I can only get my work-out routine together.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

January New Releases

Happy New Year!

We made it to 2022 and with the start of 2022 we have some brand new releases to share with you.

Also, huge congrats to Annie O’Neil and Susan Carlisle who both have their 30th book out this month!

Their Reunion to Remember by Tina Beckett

Then: an almost happily-ever-after
Now: a second chance?
Surgeon Lia Costa has spent a lifetime trying to blend into the background. So when Dr. Micah Corday picks her out of a busy concert crowd on Valentine’s Day, she can’t believe it! Micah was her first love…and the man she thought she would never see again. Is Lia ready to remember the powerful love that she had tried so hard to forget? 

Nashville ER duet
Book 1 – New Year Kiss with His Cinderella by Annie O’Neil
Book 2 – Their Reunion to Remember by Tina Beckett

Taking a Chance on the Best Man by Fiona McArthur

Love was off-limits
Then she met the best man!
Former midwife Isabel is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Yet she doesn’t count on best man Dr. Domenico bursting into her life! Years ago, Isabel firmly shut the door to love. Now Dom is starting to break down her barriers…one heart-stopping smile at a time. But it’s Dom’s ability to see the real Isabel that has her asking if she is ready to risk it all on their unexpected connection.

Secret from Their LA Night by Julie Danvers

It started with one night…
…and led to a nine-month secret!
Dr. Emily Archer would rather be anywhere than Los Angeles! Arriving to offer her sports medicine expertise to an international dance team, she’s immediately confronted by the memories of her turbulent childhood in the spotlight. Fortunately, on her first night, she finds the perfect distraction—charismatic Dr. Daniel Labarr. Neither can resist when instant passion takes over… And neither realize that their passion has been life changing

New Year Kiss with His Cinderella by Annie O’Neil

From a midnight kiss…
…to a reunion in the ER!
When Dr. Carter shares a New Year’s kiss with a captivating stranger, he doesn’t expect a reunion. Then he walks into Saint Dolores’s ER the very next day…and discovers she’s his new colleague! Awkwardly, their smoking-hot attraction hasn’t gone away! But for Carter, life has meant staying mobile, and he can’t simply lay down roots. Yet there’s something about Nurse Avery and Nashville that’s starting to really feel like home…
Nashville ER duet
Book 1 – New Year Kiss with His Cinderella by Annie O’Neil
Book 2 – Their Reunion to Remember by Tina Beckett

Marriage Miracle in Emergency by Scarlet Wilson

Is this a marriage…
…That’s meant to be?
The last person Iris expected as the new temporary consultant in her Dublin ER was her ex-husband, Lachlan! It’s been eight years since their whirlwind marriage ended after the heartbreaking discovery they couldn’t have children. Iris knows they should focus on being colleagues, but Lachlan is impossible to resist! Older and wiser now, they’ve been given one last chance to find their way back to each other… Are they ready to take it?

From Florida Fling to Forever by Susan Carlisle

Rule number one? Forget their fling
If only it was that easy!
Pioneering transplant surgeon Lily Evans is always cool under pressure. So why does the idea of working with ex-fling Max James have her so hot under the collar? Max is just passing through Florida, after all, and maintaining a professional relationship is top of their agenda. Yet Lily’s sensible head is being overruled by her unusually reckless heart as she begins to fall for more than just Max’s roguish charms…

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

December in the Fast Lane

Most of the time I take the month of December off but this one has been extra busy. I have a new book out. My 30th for Harlequin. Anytime a new book arrives it means excitement and extra work.
Then there is spending special time with the grandchildren. Here the little angel is mine. Doesn’t she look sweet?
I’ve also been working on my family’s Christmas stockings. I am currently on number 15 of 17. This is me showing them off during a Harlequin program. I’m super proud of them.
My husband and I took a long weekend trip to Jacksonville, FL with some friends. We had a blast. We even saw a Christmas parade on the river. All the boats were decorated. We loved it.
My youngest son, Nick and I attended his heart surgeon’s retirement party. Dr. Kanter did heart surgery on Nick 5 times. One of them a heart transplant. Thirty years of friendship.
My friend Jeanie and I visited the Biltmore House and Gardens. We got a late ticket so we could see it by candlelight. We then drove over to Louisville, Kentucky to see the Southern Living Home. We had a great time.
Nick and I started our basketball season by a trip to Atlanta to see Auburn play. It still amazes me that my 30 something son goes to the games with me. (It doesn’t hurt that I pay most of the time, but who cares? I ‘m getting to spent time with him.) Another good time had.

Now, I’m in Orlando, Florida at the Book Lovers Con. I staying in a beautiful resort hotel. This is just a taste of what it looks like. I will be going home with a sun tan for sure. Then there will be Christmas….

I want to be sure to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until next year.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

2021. So that happened.

Me, still processing 2021. 2022 coming in three weeks.

Hi all!

It’s that time of year again where we all settle in for the holidays and all the ‘Best of” lists start to appear. Many people begin to think about the last twelve months. Some things that happened to us were good. Some things, not so much. But whatever happened, if you’re reading this, then we survived. So cheers to us!

Since I truly believe that what we focus on becomes our reality, I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself regarding gratitude and mindfulness and manifesting the things I wish to see more of in my life. To that end, today I thought I’d share with y’all three things that happened to me this year that I’m so very thankful for. Here goes:

1. My home office re-do is complete!

This project has been a long time in the making. Below at the “Before” pictures. It’s a 3rd bedroom in my home that no one uses. As you can see by the dusty treadmill there in the back, I’d had dreams of this being a workout room when I first move in, but eventually, it just turned into catch-all clutter space. Filled with boxes and mementos and anything else I didn’t have the time or spoons to deal with at that moment. There was also a desk in here, where that blank space is against the wall in the second pic. It’s where I started my writing career, but after my mom’s passing in 2013, I was just too sad to return to it. When I did start writing again in 2016, I did so slumped over my kitchen table because there was so much stuff in this room by then, you couldn’t even see the desk anymore. It was too overwhelming. Until April of 2021 when I couldn’t stand not having a dedicated space for my writing career anymore and…



I seriously LOVE my office so much now. Lots of storage, everything has it’s place and all the furniture matches. I’ve got my stand-sit desk and under desk elliptical to make sure I get my exercise in and the whole vibe of the space is very light and uplifting. It’s my new favorite room in the house!

2. My new pup Karley!

After my beloved pup and writing partner Clara passed away at the end of September this year, I was devastated. She’d been with me for fifteen years and it was like losing a beloved family member. Grieving, I wasn’t going to get another dog right away. But fate intervened and Karley arrived in my life on October 16th. And after nearly two months with me, Karley’s settling in nicely, I think. Oh, and I had her DNA tested and she’s a Schnese. Gesundheit. LOL! A miniature schnauzer-havanese mix. And 100% the bestest girl! ❤️

3. Author Milestones!

When I published my first book with the Medicals line back in 2018, I had no idea that just three years later, my 10th book with the line would come out. Wow! I’m so proud of Costa Rican Fling with the Doc, my first seasoned romance with older protagonists, and I’m so grateful to all you readers who allow me to keep doing what I love to do by buying my books. Cheers to me writing ten more Medicals books with the line, eh? Oh, and here’s the link if you want to check out Gabe and Sara’s story for yourself!

Proud to publish my 10th book with the line, Costa Rican Fling with the Doc!

So, there are 3 good things that happened to me this year. With so much darkness and uncertainty in the world, let’s shine a light on joy! I’d love to hear what awesome things have happened for you this year too. Please tell me in the comments!

And until next year, I wish you and yours peace and love and every good thing you desire! Happy Reading! 🤓📚❤️

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

A GP Worth Staying For

A Second chance…
…with the new Island doc?

For widowed GP Owen Ledger, the arrival of his replacement, Dr. Lucy Childs is step one on the road to a new life… away from the island where he spent his marriage. Only as Owen hands over the practice to warm-hearted Lucy, he starts to see everything through fresh eyes. Could Lucy be the final step to a second chance – and show Owen that he does belong on the island – with her!

I live on an island of twenty-two thousand people. Which, despite it being a lot of people, you tend to hear the same names cropping up over and over again. Councillors, MPs, teachers, doctors. When people want to complain, you tend to hear about it. If someone does something wrong, it stays in the communities minds for a long time and forgiveness? Is something not often seen. People like to hold a grudge.

It was this aspect of island life that I wanted to explore in a book. How living on an island, where you’re fairly well-known and liked and how people expect a certain level of commitment from you. A certain standard of behaviour and how those people might react if you went against expectations.

So Owen came to life. He’s lived on Morrow Island with his wife for ages. Everyone loves him. Everyone puts his name with his wife’s. Who has died. Owen wants to move on, but the island doesn’t want to let him go.

Which, in turn, created Lucy. A woman stifled by the expectations of her family and their concerns for her, who breaks free of their hold and moves to an island, in the hope of becoming free, not realising that the second she arrives, she becomes one of them and that privacy and secrets are not things that you get to keep in a small community, who want to know everything about you and butt into your life.

Owen and Lucy’s story was such fun to write. I got to create an island, a community, a haunted cove with its own tragic love story. But I also got to create the good side of living in a small community. I got to create some great secondary characters!

I almost didn’t want to leave Morrow myself!

Originally, I named Morrow, because it rhymed with Sorrow. But this island is anything but sorrowful. It’s a happy place and Lucy helps Owen see it. She helps him realise just how much he is loved by everyone else.

And her, too, obviously!

I hope you enjoy Lucy and Owen’s story and maybe, one day, I might return to Morrow Island and explore some of the other characters on the island.

Louisa x

Amazon (UK)

Amazon (US)

Barnes & Noble

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Here Comes 2022!

It’s hard to believe, at least for me, that 2021 is coming to an end. One of the things I love doing at the end of the year is buying a new planner. I spend a few weeks, lovingly adding them to my wish list, dropping off the ones that don’t “spark joy” before finally choosing my planner. My husband, who only uses a wall calendar (HOW?) laughs at my love of planners.

Last year he really wanted to get me one for Christmas and finally broke down and just asked me to order what I wanted so he could wrap it. I happily complied!

Planners are one of my true loves. In December I start getting my next year planned out. Life often gets in the way (looking at your 2020 & 2021) but I still like to put in all the things I know I need to do.

Like two more medicals – and hopefully more.

Next year I am also planning to use a kanban board to plan a quarter at a time. I don’t have a true office; I use a nook in our bedroom. I built the kanban board at the entrance to the noon – in our bedroom. My husband even helped me get it set up.

He may not understand the board, but he fully accepted it. True love really does exist!

Anyone else have a planner you carry everywhere? Or a kanban board? Or are you like my lovely husband and don’t need one at all?

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels, New Releases

December New Releases

Happy Festive season everyone! I apologize if my typing is a bit wonky, I sliced my finger open and of course, it’s the pinky which usually works the shift key. Writer problems eh?

It’s December first and that means brand new releases from our awesome authors!

Congratulations to Louisa Heaton on her 20th book A GP Worth Staying For!

Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe

Two months in Toronto…
a gift to change her life?
As a TV star, surgeon Stella was suffocated by the pressure to be perfect. So the offer of a temporary job three thousand miles away from home is a chance to break free. Then, meeting single dad Dr. Aiden Cook and his little boy offers a window into a life she could never have imagined! Now Stella must ask, “Do I really want to leave?”
The Christmas Project quartet
Book 1 – Christmas Miracle in Jamaica by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – December Reunion in Central Park by Deanne Anders
Book 3 – Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe
Book 4 – A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

White Christmas with Her Millionaire Doc by Becky Wicks

Can Christmas together…
…mend their broken hearts?
Montana ski-resort owner and single dad Dr. Jax Clayborn doubts the new locum from New York City can survive five minutes in his busy clinic, let alone two months! But dedicated Dr. Ophelia Lavelle’s kindness toward his son thaws a heart that’s been frozen since his wife died. Yet Ophelia must return home after Christmas to her own reality and, no matter how tempting it is, a just-for-Christmas romance can’t lead to forever…can it?

ER Doc to Mistletoe Bride by Louisa George

From one intimate night…
…to a Christmas proposal?
Dr. Rachel Tait has come to the winter wonderland of Sainte Colette to work. After the humiliation of being left at the altar, she’s determined to ignore the romance of sparkling snow and seasonal decorations. And meeting her gorgeous new boss, Matthieu LeFevre, only makes her redouble her efforts to shield herself! Until one fateful evening, he rescues her from the slopes and insists on taking care of her—all night long…

Christmas Miracle at the Castle by Alison Roberts

A Christmas angel…
…to transform his world!
For GP Euan McKendry, Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year—it conjures up too many painful memories. But his home, Ravenswood Castle, is hosting its annual Christmas camp for sick children…and when perky pediatrician Abby Hawkins arrives to help, Euan knows he’s in trouble. Not only does Abby adore the festive season, but she sees beyond Euan’s impenetrable facade: to a man in need of a miracle!

A GP Worth Staying For by Louisa Heaton

A Second chance…
…with the new Island doc?
For widowed GP Owen Ledger, the arrival of his replacement, Dr. Lucy Childs, is step one on the road to a new life away from the island where he spent his marriage. Only as Owen hands over the practice to warmhearted Lucy, he starts to see everything through fresh eyes. Could Lucy be the final step to a second chance and show Owen that he does belong on the island—with her?

A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

She’ll have to break his rules…
…to win his heart!
Stepping into Stockholm City Hospital, visiting specialist Dr. Cora Campbell expects to ruffle a few feathers. But she doesn’t expect the brooding head of midwifery, Jonas Nilsson, to get under her skin! Surrounded by the charm of the city’s ice-kissed festivities, their electric chemistry is proving impossible to resist. Cora relishes the challenge to break down Jonas’s defenses…and to show him it’s time to take a chance!
The Christmas Project quartet
Book 1 – Christmas Miracle in Jamaica by Ann McIntosh
Book 2 – December Reunion in Central Park by Deanne Anders
Book 3 – Winter Nights with the Single Dad by Allie Kincheloe
Book 4 – A Festive Fling in Stockholm by Scarlet Wilson

Happy Reading!