At the moment, I’m gearing up to promote my latest title, His Perfect Bride? due for release, April 1st, 2015. here’s the gorgeous cover:


It’s an opposites attract story. Lula is unlike any woman Oliver has ever met before. She has umpteen colours in her hair, piercings, tattoos. She challenges herself to overcome her fears and appears to be the most confident woman he has ever met.

And yet….Lula appears to be confident and carefree, but she’s not. She believes she is fatally flawed and because of this, believes she has no worth. Oliver can see her worth, of course. He thinks she’s beautiful and eventually he falls in love, because to him, she is perfect, despite what she thinks.

And it got me thinking about how we see our own flaws. There’s always something we think about ourselves that could be better – we want longer eyelashes, less of a spare tyre round our middle, smaller ears. Something. Anything. We see our own flaws.

Yet to our significant others, to those that love us, we are beautiful. We are perfect.


Growing up, I was 3 stone underweight. I looked awful. My parents thought I was anorexic, the doctors, too, despite my protestations that I wasn’t and didn’t stand in front of a mirror thinking I was fat. No-one believed me. Until I met my husband. He believed me. He saw how I suffered when I ate food. He saw the weight plummeting off me, despite my attempts to put on weight. And despite all the things I thought were wrong with me, that made me ugly, or unattractive, he loved me. Unquestionably, to my surprise. Eventually, aged 35, I got diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease. All my life to that point, my gut had been unable to absorb nutrients and calories. Gluten free, I began to put weight on and now I’m healthy. But during that dark time, my husband still saw my beauty, still saw my worth, despite me hating myself and my ‘flaw’.

This video was interesting. watch the whole thing and see how the kids answer.

So it doesn’t matter what we think we have wrong with ourselves – our sticky-out ears, our too big feet, our spotty faces, whatever we think the flaw may be. If we are good people, if we are kind, if we are caring and loving…

……then we are perfect.

Looking ahead

I’m heaving a huge sigh of relief as I’ve just finished book 20 for Harlequin Mills and Boon. According to some other authors I’m a strange girl as I’ve never typed The End.  It’s just not my thing and yet others swear by it.

I’m still under contract and know what I’ll be writing for my next two romances and my next two medicals.  Plans are already under way and I’ll start writing again on 1 March.  In the meantime I’ll be look forward to catching up on my long-lasting obsession.

I even have a t-shirt to prove it!


Now, only a true fan will know what this means and appreciate why I NEEDED to buy the t-shirt as soon as I saw it advertised!

I’m still trying to decide between Gibbs and Di Nozzo.  It’s a hard call.

And for those of you who haven’t guessed – why haven’t you been watching NCIS???

It’s been one of highest rating TV shows in the US for the last 11 years.  I’ve been watching every step of the way.  Originally a spin off from JAG it’s just improved with age.  And don’t be fooled by any of the new NCIS spin offs.  They just don’t capture the same magic.  The original is definitely the best.

In the meantime I’m going to leave you with my new cover for my US May release A Bride for the Runaway Groom.  After spending years of wanting a bride on a cover I finally get my wish!

A Bride for the Runaway Groom copy

Older and Wiser (while still enjoying life)

I’ve done some soul searching over the last eight months. Discovering I had early-onset osteopenia after fracturing two vertebrae several years ago was a tough pill to swallow, but it didn’t change the way I attacked life. Then eight months ago, I fractured a third vertebra, and this one was much more serious than the previous two.  My doctor sat me down and made me face the hard facts: my bones are a decade or two older than my actual age. So even if my inner wild child cries and begs and insists that I can still do all the things I used to do, my newer, wiser self says I can’t.

Having to make concessions for my new reality hasn’t been easy. But I’m slowly finding

Tina and hubby standing in the center of a frozen lake.

Tina and hubby standing in the center of a frozen lake.

my balance again. I’m discovering I can still satisfy the adventurous woman I was at twenty, I just have to dial down the intensity a bit. So here’s to celebrating what I can do, rather than mourning the loss of some of my more daring feats (like leaping onto a horse I’m not familiar with and taking off at a canter). And I’m pretty sure my barrel racing days are behind me forever.  But here are some things that have made me happy—really happy—over the last eight months:

  1. Having my northern-born-and-bred husband dare this southern girl to step out onto a
    Finally able to pick hooves again!

    Finally able to pick hooves again!

    frozen lake and then doing it.

  2. Taking up my muck fork and being able to clean out my horse’s stall again–as well as picking her feet and grooming her.
  3. Going for a walk in the snow at night and really taking in the way it glitters in the moonlight.
  4. Being able to spin a hula hoop once again.

And the biggest hurdle of them all:

  1. Screwing up my courage and asking my horse to go into a canter. (My third fracture happened when a horse I was riding eight months ago tripped at a canter, throwing me off his back). My horse is really sure-footed, but there was still a moment of fear when I asked for that canter. She was careful and brave, and we both did really well.

How about you?  Is there something you used to do that you either can’t or don’t do anymore? If so, how have you coped (inquiring minds want to know)?

And just for fun, here is the cover for my April release! The Soldier She could Never Forget

Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews


Valentine’s Day.Finger Hug on Valentine's day theme

It was great looking at everyone’s FB posts and twitter messages about what their valentines did for them. My true love gave me a gorgeous bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed.


And the lovely Harlequin Australia office gave all its authors this beautiful tea cup!



But the thing that me happiest, that made me smile and laugh and even cry a little on the great world wide day of love was the ultimate expression of that – my lovely godson and his wife welcoming their second baby, a gorgeous little girl calledLillian Lillian May Nellie Grice.









New Book Covers

Two new covers landed in my inbox this week. Ask me Nicely is my Brazen that’s coming out on 3rd March. No, it’s not a medical but its set in a vet practice. There are animals inlcuding a foul-mouthed galah and an obese labrador with a tick. It is a little bit…saucy (dirty) but if you’re into that kind of thing….

In May I have a crazy/different/new/excitinAMN_500g/scary project coming to fruition. The book is called Limbo. It’s still me but with ghosts and a PI and I really love the cover!


Also I’m putting this cover up even though its a couple of months old now because it’s a medical and I just adore it. I think it’s one of my best medical covers yet!



Puppies and babies. What’s not to love?


What’s making you happy lately and how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



Don’t you just hate them? The thing is, I don’t understand them and I’ve given up trying. If mine works it works. That’s good. If mine doesn’t, I call my handy dandy computer tech and tell him to come fix it. That’s good, too. But frustrating.

Personally, I think the more advanced they get the more complicated they’re becoming. Used to be my computer went on forever. I had a Dell which I loved and I used that thing until the lid fell off and couldn’t be fixed. Then I went to a Samsung which never gave me any satisfaction and now I’m on an Asus, which seems OK but it’s heavy compared to everything out there now. And the keyboard seems a touch too large for my hands. But I’ll stick with it a year or two until I see something I like better, then out with the old, in with the new.

In my home we operate off a server because we run a business and have two other computers going at any given time of the day. We’re anticipating having another computer built sometime later this year to expand our productivity with photography. I understand it’s going to be a whopper of a package by the time it’s finished. And all I’m saying is it’s one more complication to add to our already computer-complicated lives. But it’s not mine to complain about and I’ll probably never even use it.

Back in the days when I started using computers you had a floppy disk with one program on it and another floppy disk onto which that program transferred data. The computer didn’t store everything no data, no pictures, no movies. You didn’t watch TV on it, you didn’t get pretty colors on the screen, and you couldn’t talk into a magic program and let it do all your typing. It was simple then. I loved it and I still have a few of those floppy disks in storage just in case.

Oh, I know the good old simple days will never come back and I must admit I watch TV and do some of those fancy things on my computers because I have a good tech who’s patient enough to teach me. But with three operating computers and three operating back-ups in our house he’s there at least once a week juggling this or tweaking that. And I’ve never been curious enough to see what he’s doing lest I have to duplicate it someday.

So for me, as long as I turn it on and it works, I’m happy. Confused half the time, but still happy. And I often wonder if I’d even be a writer if not for the modern technology that governs my life. I’ve never typed but can you imagine using a typewriter to get your book out? I sure can’t. So woe or not, I’m glad I took up writing in a day when the technical end of it is relatively easy and good computer techs are the real heros and heroines of our books.

Wishing you Health & Happiness & Working computers IMG_1450

PS. My next release in March is Tortured by her Touch, a duet in the Army Docs series with Amy Ruttan.

I love shoes ….

Almost as impressive as my book collection, is my collection of shoes.  My husband’s friends often offer him sympathy when they see happen to look into my dressing room and see them.  And yes, I have a dressing room. It is actually eldest daughter’s bedroom but since she has flown the coop to live in the US, I have claimed the room.  That is, until she returns home to spend time with the family when I very happily relinquish my claim on said room and it becomes hers again. But she must live with my shoes…


My shoes bring me joy.  When I am having a bad day, and my favorite skirt is a little tight or my jeans don’t fit, my shoes always do!  They never let me down and somehow they manage to lift my spirits.   I have them on display in my dressing room, not unlike some people display their fine bone china.  And just like any collection, they have been gathered on my travels and I can remember the joyous feeling of slipping my foot into each pair, falling in love instantly and claiming them for my own.


Men do it with cars and spend a lot more money than women do on shoes but they tell us that a car is an investment.  Well so are shoes … an investment in happiness and very occasionally in comfort.


And shoes don’t take up anywhere near the room a car collection would.

Do you have something you like to collect?

Winter Whine & Covers!

I’m not going to whine too much about winter. Well, I’ll try not too. Winter is not my favourite season and you’ll find a lot of my heroines don’t like it much either. Hehehe. Usually the heroines who whine about winter in my books were written in winter. LOL I just noticed the pattern the other day when revising my quad book for the New York Docs quad coming out in the near future.

My heroine was whining about her move to New York City in the winter.

I feel for her.







Ahh grumpy cat, you know me so well.

But enough complaining about winter. Last winter was worse. Last winter was the polar vortex and Southern Ontario apparently thought it was Iqaluit, Nunavut or Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territories.

This year hasn’t been as cold …and it better not get that way. I’m watching you Wiarton Willie!

I’ve been keeping busy with deadlines and not getting lab confirmed flu again. Long story about how I got that.

And I also got a plethora of new covers to share. I love new covers! Especially foreign edition covers. So to warm up this cold wintry day before I head back to revisions (which are due Monday) I’m going to share my newest foreign edition covers.



This is the German cover for Safe in His Hands, which is one of the stories in this trio. I share this with Fiona Lowe and Alison Roberts!








Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart went to Italy this month. The doctor on the cover looks like a guy I went to high school with. It took me by surprise, but it’s an awesome cover.







This is the Polish cover for Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart and I have to say I’m totally in love with this one. It’s beautiful.






I love seeing the different interpretations!

And I also have a new cover for my March Release. It Happened in Vegas is the second story in a Duet with Dianne Drake in our Army Brothers Duo.


The hero she never forgot…

Keeping out of the spotlight isn’t easy for senator’s daughter Dr. Jennifer Mills…especially after being jilted at the altar by her ex-fiancé! Arriving in Las Vegas, she’s just hoping to blend in… But then she meets ER surgeon Nick Rousseau—the same man she spent an unforgettable night with three years earlier!

Now returned from Afghanistan, ex-army medic Nick is struggling to come to terms with his time on the front line. Rekindling his romance with Jennifer reminds this brooding doctor that some things in life are still worth fighting for…


So stay warm everybody. Spring is coming …well for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I know my Aussie friend’s summer is winding down.