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Globetrotting – Author-style…

Hi everyone! 😊

As a self-employed, freelance writer, I don’t always have the budget to travel the world as I’d like. But imagination is my bread and butter, and the next deadline is always looming, so I put both things to good use when planning out my books–especially the settings!

I’ve just turned in revisions on my fifth book for Medicals (so hard to believe! I still pinch myself every day to make sure I’ve really reached one of my biggest dreams of becoming a Harlequin author ❤️). Anyway, after spending three of my books for the line in Alaska, and one in snowy, wintery Michigan, I decided to go tropical for this next milestone book.

Hawaii has always been on my bucket list of places to visit, and while I can’t afford to go quite yet in real life, I had a blast researching all the cool locations on Oahu that I plan to hit when I do eventually get there. (Believe into existence, right?) Places like:


Ehukai Park and the Banzai Pipeline


USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor


The gorgeous Manoa Falls Hiking Trail

Book 5, however, won’t be out until Spring 2020, so where else have I been exploring?

Well, for my next release, A Weekend with Her Fake Fiance (releasing January 1, 2020), I revisited Alaska. But instead of staying in Anchorage, as my first two books did, this story  takes place at a fictional luxury resort, The Arctic Star, in the far north of the state. It’s owned by my hero’s family, though he’s kept that secret from everyone because… reasons.  LOL. Anyway, this book also has a fabulous fake relationship trope and features paramedic Zac Taylor (whom you might remember from books 1 and 2 that were set in my Anchorage Mercy world) and midwife Carmen Sanchez–she needs a fiance pronto because she may have lied just a little to her potential new bosses (oops 😉). This book’s location was so much fun to research, and talk about a picturesque weekend getaway, eh? Take a look at these photos of the actual resort I based my fictional Arctic Star on…


Not too shabby, right? Someday I’ll visit for real. Until then, I’ll continue to live vicariously through my book research and visit every corner of the globe! Hey, it’s cheap, easy, and always comes with a Happily Ever After! ❤️

What’s your dream vacation location? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear all about it! 💖

Until next time, Happy Reading! 🤓 📚

Traci 🙂

Out Now:

BOOKOct1  Second Chance…

…under the mistletoe!

GP Nick Marlowe returned to his hometown to focus on raising his young son. The last person he expects to see in Bayside is high-flying Beverly Hills surgeon Belle! The childhood sweetheart he let go so she could pursue her dream of attending medical school. Only working side-by-side to reopen her late aunt’s free Christmas Eve clinic their magical connection returns… Could a mistletoe kiss spark another chance—just in time for Christmas?



Coming January 1, 2020:

y404  Could her temporary fiancé…

…become her husband for life?

To secure the job of her dreams, midwife Carmen Sanchez needs a fiancé, and fast! Paramedic Zac Taylor should be the last man she asks—there’s nothing fake about the attraction between them! Yet while lone wolf Zac might not be interested in forever, he pulls out all the stops to play fiancé of the year—and their make-believe engagement starts to feel all too real…







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Getting organised by Kate Hardy

Kate HardyWhen I last posted, things were in a bit of a state of flux. We were waiting for exam results, and I’m thrilled to say our daughter got in to her first-choice uni (though I miss her horribly – she’s five hours away!). But now things are settling down, with our son back home from uni and our daughter moved away to uni, and I’m getting used to a whole new set of routines – and so is the dog!

The biggest change is to the mornings. Our son has a six-month chemistry job, which is wonderful (very good experience, plus time hopefully to get through his driving test, so applying for a permanent job next year will be easier) – but it means I need to drop him at the train station at 6.15. In turn, that means the dog is getting a rather earlier walk! We’ve been lucky to see some amazing sunrises. (And we won’t talk about the flooding this weekend, when we got two inches of rain on Sunday and a few major roads became impassable…)


I’m back at the point of being able to organise myself again. So I have my diary and two small whiteboards – one on the fridge so I can organise meals for the week/see appointments and everyone’s work shifts at a glance (which also makes it easier to do the grocery shopping list), and one propped on the piano so I know what I’m doing each day re work projects and exercise routine. It’s all very nerdy, but if I don’t tick things off then things just get missed.

How do you organise yourself? What’s your top tip?

Kate Hardy has two new releases coming up: The Soldier Prince’s Secret Baby Gift in October (if you like snow, Father Christmas and royal romances, this will be up your street) and Mistletoe Proposal on the Children’s Ward (which you’ll enjoy if you like Christmassy things and ballet).

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Life is not boring!

You get a post from me twice this week! 😉 Although, it’s my pleasure and so easy to share the new Medical Romance releases.  I love doing that, my wallet does not…

So a lot of stuff has been happening to me since I last blogged and it’s been a bit of a struggle. I will admit, I’ve been struggling the last little while. It’s been a rough couple of years, but I’m still here and life certainly isn’t boring. It’s been rough, but I’m hanging in there.

I went to back to back conferences end of July and early August. RWA Nationals in NYC where I got to hang out with fellow medical authors Louisa George, Robin Gianna, Amy Andrews, Susan Carlisle, Scarlet Wilson, Janice Lynn and Denise Chavers!IMG_4812

It was my first time meeting Amy Andrews. We’ve talked online for years and I got to hang out with her, which is amazing. I also got to meet some of my favourite Harlequin authors including Reese Ryan who said “Damn, girl you ARE tall!” and Joss Wood who is an absolute hoot!

I also got to meet Becca Syme, who is an amazing speaker and knows me so well. I took her Write Better Faster Course on advice from a friend just after Mom passed. It was mind blowing and then I took her Strengths for Writers, again AH-MAZING. So when I went to her RWA session, I thought yeah she won’t know me. She did. She knew who I was and I got a hug, which made me cry…she’s been there through my whole journey of realigning myself.IMG_4757

I know I’m forgetting people, but all in all Nationals was amazing!

Two days after Nationals it was on to Ottawa for Romancing the Capital, which I’ve gone to for the last five years.

Some of my favourite RTC authors! Eve Vaughn, Desiree Holt, Susan Hayes, Becca Jameson.

It’s on hiatus next year, as am I, because one thing I’ve learned in the last year since my mother passed is to take a break and I was facing burn out, big time!

The problem was, I got a call the morning I was leaving Ottawa that my father in law passed away unexpectedly. Ottawa is 6 hours from where I live and then where my father in law was, was another 2 hrs.

Since 2018, it’s been a steady stream of losses for my family. It’s been constant and on top of that I got a new editor, then that editor left and I got ANOTHER new editor.

I was staring down book #25 and thinking I can’t write this. This is a milestone book and how can I write this??

I worked for ever word and turned in a draft 10,000 words short. It was also the first book I was working on with my new editor. The first round of revisions were tough, but she knew what I was going through and she gave me such support about being able to write at all! I did the revisions and then within a day (man she’s a speedy reader!), second set with two deadlines. I opted for the earlier one, though I told her I was worried I wouldn’t make it because of my daughter’s 16th birthday and Ontario University Fair in Toronto (yes, my daughter has started looking at universities eek!).

But I got the revisions in and I’m happy to say that Book #25 Baby Bombshell for the Doctor Prince was accepted today.

AND I’m sharing my cover for my January 2020 release. that’s part of a duet with Susan Carlisle. Pregnant with the Paramedic’s Baby will be out in the new year (It’s book #24).


So, I guess the point of this rambling post is to not give up. Life doesn’t make it easy sometimes, but even if you feel like you’re struggling, that you’re failing, keep going! And know that I’m rooting for you! ❤


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October New Releases!

Happy October! This year is just slipping by and we have some brand new releases, including some Christmas themed books to get you in that festive spirit!

BOOKOct1 A Mistletoe Kiss for the Single Dad by Traci Douglass

Second Chance…

…under the mistletoe!

GP Nick Marlowe returned to his hometown to focus on raising his young son. The last person he expects to see in Bayside is high-flying Beverly Hills surgeon Belle! The childhood sweetheart he let go so she could pursue her dream of attending medical school. Only working side-by-side to reopen her late aunt’s free Christmas Eve clinic their magical connection returns… Could a mistletoe kiss spark another chance—just in time for Christmas?




From Heartache to Forever by Caroline Anderson

Passion, pregnancy, heartbreak…

Can they find their happy-ever-after?

Fresh out of broken relationships, trauma specialist Ryan McKenna and nurse Beth Costello’s passion-fueled fling was a welcome escape. But the shock of an unexpected pregnancy and the heartache of losing the baby they never knew they wanted was too much to bear. Now, working together again in Yoxburgh, where they first made love, can they finally get to know each other…and discover they’re meant to be together?




His Surgeon Under the Southern Lights by Robin Gianna

The lone-wolf doc…

…meets his match!

In this Doctors Under the Stars story, only when exploring the Antarctic’s freezing waters can marine biologist Dr. Zeke Edwards forget the heartache of losing his family. Until an unexpected, passionate kiss with new colleague Dr. Jordan Flynn starts to break through the barriers around his heart. Having both sworn off relationships they agree to a temporary fling. Then danger strikes…and they’re forced to realize their feelings are anything but temporary!

Doctors Under the Stars duet

Book 1 — His Surgeon Under the Southern Lights

Book 2 — Reunited in the Snow




Melting the Trauma Doc’s Heart by Alison Roberts

He ran away from his past…

Is she a reason to stop running?

Trauma doctor Zac Cameron escaped the horrors of the battlefield and settled in a small community hospital. He’s just about coping until an unexpected visitor—renowned surgeon Dr. Olivia Donaldson—whirls into town. She might be his boss’s estranged daughter, but their chemistry’s instant—and irresistible! Yet Zac’s emotions are completely off-limits, unless Olivia’s the one who can thaw his frozen heart…?




Reunited in the Snow by Amalie Berlin

Left at the altar…

…reunited under the stars!

In this Doctors Under the Stars story, Lia Monterrosa arrives at the Antarctic science station as resident staff doctor… and comes face-to-face with her ex fiancé! Working in close confines means brooding Dr. Weston MacIntyre can’t hide the painful reason he left Lia at the altar much longer. Lia knows she must guard her heart — especially as desire as bright as the Southern Lights still blazes between them!

Doctors Under the Stars duet

Book 1 — His Surgeon Under the Southern Lights

Book 2 — Reunited in the Snow



The Nurse’s Christmas Temptation by Ann McIntosh

She didn’t plan on celebrating Christmas…

Can he change her mind?

Nurse Harmony Kinkaid grabs the chance to spend Christmas working on a remote Scottish island. Without her beloved grandmother, the season won’t be the same. But her organized world is thrown off balance by her fierce attraction to daredevil Dr. Cameron MacRurie. He’s her complete opposite — she’d be foolish to fall for him. Yet as Christmas lights begin to shine, Cam becomes a temptation impossible to ignore…


Hope you have a great October! And are any of these new releases in your TBR pile?



Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Play it again, Sam

Close up of astronaut’s footprint in lunar soil, from images.nasa.gov

I love the cinema.  And one of my favourite films from this year so far, has been the documentary film ‘Apollo 11’.  Comprised entirely of footage shot 50 years ago, some which hasn’t been released before, it tells the story of the first manned mission to the Moon.

I almost didn’t go and see it – after all it’s a story that’s been told before.  I remember watching the moon landing on television, when I was a child, and I have to say that at that time I found it a little underwhelming.  I understood that I was watching history being made, but even though I tried to feel the importance of it all, it wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped it might be.  We sat, staring at the television, and it seemed a very long wait until something happened – and when it did the pictures were so fuzzy it was difficult to see what was going on.

But this new film is a revelation!  One of the big differences is that that the film uses footage which was brought back from the mission – not that which was transmitted at the time, and so the quality of the footage is incomparably better.  It’s edited, as well, to make it more immediate.  And the pictures of Neil Armstrong, climbing down from the lunar module and setting foot on the moon for the first time were sharp and clear.  At last I felt the excitement and the sense of occassion that I’d wanted to feel all those years ago!

And, of course, we know more about the moon landings now.  At the time, it wasn’t widely known how little fuel was left when the lunar module touched down – there were just fifteen seconds to spare before the craft wouldn’t have been able to take off again.  Watching the landing, with the timer ticking away at the bottom of the screen and hearing the measured communications between mission control and the astronauts, I had my heart in my mouth.  And when it was time for the perilous journey home, even though I knew full well that the lunar module had successfully reconnected with the command module, the sharp footage from each of the craft as they docked in space had me sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath.

So this film really changed my appreciation of an event that I remembered and thought I knew.  I was moved by the immense bravery of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.  I shed a tear when they returned safely back to earth.  And I found the sense of wonder that had eluded me when I first watched the moon landings.

And it got me thinking.  Although this is a beautiful film, it tells the same story as the one I heard when I was a child.  Part of its impact now, is because I’ve changed.

And that applies to our stories too.  They’re a joint effort, between reader and writer to make a world together.  I rely on the reader’s imagination to help create that world, within the framework of a book.  And I have to hope that readers will trust me to bring them safely home at the end.  We’re in this together.

Is there a story – either true-life or fiction – that you’ve re-discovered and which has meant something very different to you the second time around?


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A whole new kind of procrastination

The-Batman-Casting-Process-Robert-PattinsonLast night, from my porch here in Amsterdam, I took a break from my writing/deleting/wishing Trump would stop Tweeting, and watched a bat flit and flap across the sky. I got lost in a dream about how maybe he was Batman.

Maybe he was pooping and swooping towards the Red Light District, on a mission unknown to mortal humans. Maybe he’d transform before a tourist about to get steamrolled by a tram, or stabbed over a stroopwafel.

But then I thought… hang on, shouldn’t there be more than one bat?

Where are the flock? (Or is it a colony? What’s an abundance of bats called, why don’t I know this?!)

Did the brotherhood all perish, because the insects are declining?

It’s a strange thing,  isn’t it, when you actually care that there aren’t as many flies, mosquitos and moths clogging up your atmosphere as there used to be?  With more than 40% of insect species declining and a third endangered, these are troubling times for bats. Well, around my flat at least.

Then I started reading the Action Plan for the Conservation of All Bat Species in the European Union 2018 – 2024. I know a lot about bats now. I think they’re going to be OK. I’m not sure about the insects, I have further research to do.

I’m not sure about myself either – none of my other work is getting done.

Is this pro-batstination?

What do you find yourself dreaming about or Googling in those moments of wifi-assisted wanderlust?


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Ready to Party?

The answer to that, is ‘Yes, we are!’

One of the highlights of the year for the UK authors is the Harlequin Mills and Boon party.  We’ll let our photographs of the evening speak for themselves!

Coffee before the party! L-R Kate Hardy, Ellie Darkins, Liz Fielding, Annie Claydon and Caroline Anderson


Caroline Anderson celebrated her 100th book!

Caroline with Senior Editor Sheila Hodgson


Caroline Anderson


Annie Claydon, showing off her 25th book pin, and with Editor Charlotte Ellis



Kate Hardy and Carol Marinelli


Scarlet Wilson with Editor Carly Byrne


Annie O’Neil and Caroline Anderson


Kate Hardy, Caroline Anderson and Liz Fielding


Editors Nic Caws and Charlotte Ellis (and in the background, the wonderful view across the centre of London)


Kate Hardy and Senior Editor Sheila Hodgson


Annie O’Neil, Sophie Pembroke, Editor Megan Haslam and Managing Editor Lucy Gough


Caroline Anderson and Senior Editor Sheila Hodgson


Annie O’Neil, Caroline Anderson and Scarlet Wilson


Editors Flo Nicoll and Megan Haslam, Managing Editor Lucy Gough and Editor Charlotte Ellis (Photo-bombing courtesy of Annie O’Neil!)