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Blog Warming Party!!

Welcome to our new cyber clinic! Today is the official launch of our new blog so we’re having a blog-warming party and you’re all invited!

New posts will be up in Love Is the Best Medicine clinic on Mondays and Thursdays and we’ll be cruising by to consult with you!

So, what can you expect when you pop in for an appointment?
We’ll be talking about love and hunky heroes and their wonderful heroines! Doctors… specialists… nurses… paramedics… surgeons… midwives… naturopaths… but most of all – romance!

Join us for news and interviews, slice-of-life articles and celebrations!

We want you to

  • come with us on our travels,
  • visit our kitchens to test our favourite recipes and maybe share yours too,
  • learn new skills with us,
  • share tips and suggestions and stories
  • laugh with us and
  • maybe, occasionally, cry with us.

We want you to enjoy your visits here and feel at home with us!

So today we’d like to introduce ourselves! We’ve collected photos and made slide shows of some of our Specialists On-Call

Meet Amy and Fiona Lowe and Kate and Lynnehow to make gifs

And Fiona McArthur and Louisa and Sharonmake animated gif

And Tina and Annie and Scarletcreate an animated gif

And Susan and Anne and Conniecreate an animated gif

And we’ve saved even more fun until last… to celebrate our launch today, we have prizes! Lots and lots of books donated by our Specialists On-Call and our Locums!

We have 4 prize packs so we’ll have more winners!

We’d love you to choose to “Follow” us but all you have to do to be in the draw to win is leave a comment before Sunday evening (4 March 2012)! Just say hello or tell us what sorts of things you’d like to read when you visit!

with love

The Medical Romance Authors

The Prize Packs!

Champagne bucket – http://www.webweaver.nu
Coloured parcels – http://www.wpclipart.com


295 thoughts on “Blog Warming Party!!”

  1. I arrive with champagne as it is after noon here. Man, I wish I could be in the draw for those amazing book prize packages. Sadly I think I come under ’employees are not allowed to enter.’
    OK, pouring glasses of Moet right now. Who’s up for a sip or two?

      As a member of the brokenhearted crew can I offer you and Harlequin a delicous toffee and pecan cream liquor to say thanks for all the hearts you mend with your heros and heroines!

  2. Hi, I brought some spinach artichoke deep and crackers, and I brought some strawberries to go with the champagne. Woot! This looks like a great place to hang out!

    1. Okay, this might look like I’m talking to myself…but I forgot to say, great pictures and cool prize packages!

    2. I was looking at some rather nice,big and juicy strawberries over here in Britain and I thought who could I share them with.

  3. Hello everybody….glad to see you back. I have been reading medical books since I was a teen reading Cherry Ames books. And I am enjoying your books now.

    1. Ellen, I loved Cherry Ames. I wanted to throw black stockings into the river!! Thanks for joining us at the party.
      Thinking I need to open a second bottle to go with those strawberries Connie brought.

    2. EllenToo, count me in as a Cherry Ames fan. I still have some Cherry Ames books from my childhood. I also have all the Sue Barton books. Anyone remember her?

      1. Nan I read some Cherry Ames and Sue Barton as a teenager – back before I wanted to be a nurse. I probably would have read more had I knonwn then what path my career was going to take!

  4. Wonderful to see this blog! I am an avid medical romance fan, so will be popping in regularly.

    Great photos – it’s always wonderful to see your favourite authors in a different light.

      1. Hi Everyone

        Joining the party. Must try and find a photo with me in it that I can share! So excited about our new site and hoping to see loads of new faces as well as our regulars! Will pop in and out today but off to South Africa tomorrow (that’s my writing spot there in the photo) so I’ll have to pack. (Better not have too much champagne then!

  5. Hi ! Congrats for the new blog! I like to read and watch movie in my spare times. Mostly I will read romance novels such as mills and boon, historical and paranormal romance 🙂

          1. I’m going to try to comment when I get to South Africa so I can be a dot from there!

            Anne Fraser

  6. Sounds just like my kind of medicine. Do you do house calls or is this Doctoring for Dummies? Whatever – have dusted the cobwebs off the cheerleader’s pompoms and got the party poppers organised. This calls for a major celebration. (I’m a medical junkie!!!) Welcome to your new clinic. I’m sure this is this is just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

    1. woohoo, Clare, you’re really getting into the”medical” theme here! We’ll look forward to seeing you for regular appointments at Love Is The Best Medicine! Your check-ups are on the house and we’ll be dispensing regular posts!

  7. Yeehah! Am I late? Did I miss anything? What’s the goss? When does the dancing start? I brought my new dancing shoes and a playlist sure to amuse! How about Bad Case of Loving you (Doctor! Doctor! Give me the news!), Thompson Twin classic Doctor Doctor, or Calling Dr Love? (Kiss)…any others I should add?

    Meanwhile pass the bubbles!

  8. Hi everyone

    Love the photos of everyone especially Scarlet’s jail photo.
    Also, happy that the blog is back up and running.

  9. Hi girls, how can I resist a blog where there’s Moet on offer? How fabulous to see so many terrific writers together. And I must say I loved the pics of you all. Someting a little different from the usual poses.

    What do I like to read? Lots and lots of emotion, a feel good ending, and I must say when reading medical romances I particularly enjoy that sense of a community around the hero and heroine. Congratulations everone on the launch of your new blog!

  10. Hello all! It’s just a few minutes to midnight on Feb 29th here in Eastern Canada. So I’m hitting the party a few minutes early 😉
    I just found your new blog by following the link at harlequin.com. Looking good!

    1. Ah, Melissa, here is Australia, March 1st is 16 hours old! We’re so glad you found us via the Harlequin.com link and we hope you join us often. Sleep well!

  11. Another medical junkie here!

    Congratulations on this shiny new clinic! Love the photos and this blog warming party is fun! Pass the champers…

  12. I found the link on eHQ, but I opened my inbox and found the whole post. I brought blonde brownies and strawberries dipped in chocolate. I hope you have fun.

    1. FF! Yay that the post arrived in your inbox – it means that your “Follow” has worked! Fantastic! Mmmmm, speaking of fantastic… let me at those chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!

      1. WOOT! FF is in da house or is that clinic or hospital or farm or whatever 😉 YAY on the ‘Follow” working so well and thanks for the strawberries and how did you know i adore anything with white chocolate in it?

  13. All my favourite Medical authors in the one convenient blog clinic — fabulous! Congratulations, ladies. Giving a special wave to Sharon (love the thinking cap!), Fiona and my Ruby sis Tina!

    1. Waving right back, Vanessa! That thinking cap is for heavy thoughts… ‘coz it’s a very heavy cap! Are you groaning now! LOL

      How delightful that Tina is a Ruby-Slipper! You Ruby Slippers are a talented bunch!

  14. Is this celebration anything to do with the ‘write a novel’ competition? dumb question I know but champers…

  15. Oh my goodness this joint is jumping! So great to see familiar faces and new ones.

    Have brought some of NZ’s best sauv blanc cos the sun is definitely up over the yard arm here in Oz and whilst I’ve given up the booze until Easter, here in cyber land it doesn’t count – yay!!
    Also some mini bannoffie pies – get ’em while they last!

  16. Finally I am so happy a blog on medical romances yippie ! Thank you so much this is really awesome ! Congrats to you all the blog looks great and thank you so much for the giveaway the prize packs look absolutely incredible and I would be honord to win !!!!


    1. hey, Desere! You sound as excited as we are! So glad you found us! We’ll be here for regular “consultation”! LOL Thank you for coming to celebrate – you’re in the draw, too!

      1. Thank you so much ! And yes I am way excited I see so many blogs on other books but never for the medicals I am completely thrilled that I found you !!!

      1. Thank you Wendy I am really excited to have found you guys I love medicals and I never see any blog on them so I am really happy that you all will be here for “consulting”

  17. Yay, love a new romance blog to visit when I’m surfing the net. Congrats on this one, great to see you all.
    I was thinking how much I’ve always enjoyed a good medical and I remember reading doctor/nurse stories/novellas when I was in my teens – kind of like a mini magazine in A5 format? Might have been English women’s weekly who put them out, definitely British stories. Loved, loved, loved them… I think that’s when I got hooked!.

    1. I remember those, Jo – and I think it was the English Women’s Weekly. They used to do the serialised romances in the regular magazine too… I remember scrounging around to try to find the episodes in the different so I could finish stories. The knitting patterns were fabulous too and they always had such gorgeous wools!

      Thanks for coming to celebrate!

  18. Blimey – we have a lot of guests!! Rushing off to the kitchen to bake some cookies (it’s after breakfast now so we can do chocolate, right?)

  19. what a wonderful blog. Congrats. I love reading all romance, and also history biographies as well as books on the royal family. Thanks to you wonderful authors for providing me with a way of escaping from the manicness of life, even for only a few short hours.

  20. Hi ladies! Lovely pics. I’m an old fan of medical M n B, so it’s exciting to be here. Good luck, authors.

  21. This is great – looking forward to lots of good blogs and more good reading, what fun! I’ve worked in public hospitals a lot, so enjoy a good medical. Have to say, Amy, I’ve got a very similar picture of me in the London Eye as well. Love all your photos, girls. Keep them coming – and congratulations on your launch.

  22. Congratulations on the launch of your new blog. I am pretty sure I signed up to follow the blog for once subscribing worked and I got the confirmation email. I like to read a little bit of everything. I go more towards anything romance though. I have a huge book shelf full of them and then half of another.

    1. Lovely to have you here to celebrate, Tiffany! And thank you for the “Follow”.
      I’m like you and like to read a bit of everything, too – but there’s something extra nice about sitting down with a romance. You’re bulging keeper shelf sounds like mine too! 🙂

  23. Hiya Everyone !
    Very very excited about connecting with all the wonderful Authors on here 😀 As a Newby writer of Romance novels, I’m looking forward to hearing about all the helpful tips and inspiring stories you would like to share 😀 The champaigne and choccies doesn’t sound half bad either !

    1. Lissakerry, thank you for coming to connect with us and for sharing our excitement about the blog! We’ll look forward to seeing you pop in to chat with us! Good luck with your writing – may the muse be with you! 😀

  24. This looks good but I’m a blogging virgin so not sure I’ll know what’s going on, lol and I only do facebook not twitter, picked this link up on Kate’s page, would love to be in the draw 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for finding us! You’re in the draw 🙂 Now that you’ve dipped your toes in the water do come back and chat with us – the medical romance writers will be blogging here every Monday and Thursday on every subject under the sun, and we’ve love to have you!

  25. Wow, this party is jumping! So happy to see everyone here – Kate, quick more chocolate cookies! No champagne left, though – just popping out for some more 🙂

  26. Good morning from New York! I have a thing about drinking before noon….but in a couple of hours I’ll be catching up to the rest of you! I’m loving this new blog…and all our new visitors! Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this possible!

      1. Annie, splash a little something with kick in Wendy’s oj–you know it’s after 5 pm somewhere. 😉

  27. How wonderful! A new place to hang out with my favourite authors 🙂
    It’s a great way to distract me from my nerves as I gear up for the medical pitch in the Harlequin chatroom lol
    Congrats to everyone involved. Looking forward to your posts and I hope we get *inspirational* photos to go with!

    karin x

    1. Hi Karin, lovely to see you! Hugs on your nerves – and good luck! Let us know how you get on.

      Anyone else out there pitching? Let us know so we can send out a massive cheer for you all 🙂

    2. Hey, Karin! GOOD LUCK with your pitch… I’m a bit time-zone challenged so you might already have done it by now. Come back and tell us how you got on!

      Wonderful that you time to pop in to celebrate with us – and that we could distract you from your nerves for a little while!

          1. Gosh sorry Karin, I missed this, you’re probably more than a little tipsy now on some celebratory champers.
            And fingers crossed they’ll love it and you can come party with us permanently. We’re here if you need any advice, are stuck on plot or just dont know what to do next!

        1. And I can definitely say that her tiffin is scrumptious because she was lovely enough to send me some! 🙂 (Waves to Sharon xxx)

          1. I’m waving back Kate, 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it. A bit of chocolate does you good 🙂 just like a bit of romance, its good for the soul 🙂

    1. Maggie! (Standing on my toes and waving madly across a crowded room)

      Set that homemade Rocky Road right down, Sharon – it’ll be gone in a minute 🙂

  28. Great to see the new blog! Just home from working a leap day night in the ER. Have a great party while I sleep. Look forward to hearing from some of the new specialists as well as the familiar faces.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by, Linda. Sleep well – I have a feeling this party’s still going to be going for a while yet, so we’ll save you some goodies 🙂

    1. Welcome, Michele! We’re all so proud of our logo, which was done for us by a very talented young designer. Reading ‘just about anything’ fits the bill for me too 🙂

  29. Wow, you all really know how to party. This place looks a bit different since I popped in with my dip. Need a refill? This party shows no sign of winding down anytime soon!

  30. I’ve arrived! Woke up this morning, popped in to see what’s going on, and look at all this. Amazing. Since it’s still early here, and I’m barely awake, I’m trying to figure out what I should bring to this early-morning party. Logic dictates coffee, but that’s so boring. So I’m off to the kitchen to pop a champagne cork, squeeze some oranges and make mimosas.

    Seriously, what an awesome site. Thanks to Sharon and everybody else who jumped in to get it going!

    1. Hi Dianne, I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon when I logged in! Mimosas sound great – the name’s a new one on me, we call champagne and orange juice a Buck’s Fizz here in the UK – but I’m guessing they taste the same 🙂

      1. Sounds the same to me, and I’m almost tasting them. Used to have this wonderfully romantic boyfriend (before I married my wonderfully romantic husband) who would take me out to a Sunday morning brunch, and while I don’t remember the food, and for the sake of my marriage I’m going to say I don’t remember much about the boyfriend, I do remember the mimosas. I’d never had them before, and they were such a treat. Combine that with what was such a romantic atmosphere, and to me they’ve always been the perfect romantic drink. I’ve made reference in several of my books. In real life, though, my morning is usually spent sipping Earl Grey. Maybe not as romantic, but definitely what I need to get myself going.

        So, back to the party. I’m making cranberry scones this morning (for real) – they’re lovely with a mimosa, or even with Earl Grey. Anybody care to try one?

    2. waving, Dianne! Thanks for the mimosa… I’d better be careful not to overindulge though… I’m about to head off to yoga. There’s no posture called “weaving blogger” on the program!

      I’m adding my thanks to Annie Claydon our WordPress Wizard who put this site together and Fiona Lowe, our Widget Tamer! High five!

    1. Hi Abbi, lovely to see you here and thank you for subscribing! It’s great to see so many familiar faces, along with some new ones, who’ve come to party with us today 🙂

    2. Hi Abbi! Wonderful to see you here to celebrate with us – mmm, your Tazo Chai latte sounds perfect! Thank you for subscribing to us! Look forward to seeing you in our blog clinic!

  31. Ahhhh, ladies.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for (re)starting Love is the Best Medicine. I feel like I just came home!
    At first I couldn’t get any of the photos in this blog to appear, but now I’ve gotten all but the very top one. Don’t know what’s up with that, but these wrinkles were disappear soon enough….
    Thank you for being an enjoyable part of my life, ladies!

    1. Hi Laney, lovely to see another familiar face! We’re so pleased you’re feeling right at home!
      😦 Sorry about the photos misbehaving. I’m having trouble getting the little champers bucket at the top to appear now… There’s standing room only in here so maybe the blogosphere is working overtime for us!

  32. Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes! I did enter the HM&B Competition and wondered if this was part of it. Like the idea of lime chocolate covered noibbles. Who would like a bite?

      1. Nibble! Sorry on a micro keyboard and it has a life of its own! I am on the mobile version of the site. Thanks for your thoroughness in thinking of mobile users for this clever site. So who is going to start talking about love first?

        1. I think this is party time–time to welcome the successful CPR done by the clever Sharon and her team–they resurrected the LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE blog. Clever, aren’t they?
          I’m sure there will be plenty of discussions about love, hunky doctors, EMT’s, maybe even a stray veterinarian. 😉

          1. Nan, I’m very fond of a stray veterinarian! 😉
            Thank you so much for your kind words – though I have to demur and say it was Annie Claydon who lead our blog-CPR team! She’s a WordPress Wizard! Fiona Lowe, our Widget Tamer, and I assisted. All of us Medical Romance authors were so excited about setting up our cyber-clinic!

        2. Love…today I say that with a sigh. One of my serious first loves left us just yesterday (David Jones). I’d had crushes, but I think he was the first one I ever thought to be the real thing – heart beating harder, getting giddy thinking about him. Really, all the same symptoms I suffered when I started having school crushes on real boys. Of course, love matures as we get older, and in a way, that’s kind of sad. I was thinking back on all those schoolgirl feelings I had for Davy, and they were so innocent, pretty dumb, but also an initiation, I think. Young love shapes us for older love, and there’s just something hopeful about the expectations of young love. I guess I really thought I stood a chance of meeting Davy and living happily ever after – the innocence of youth. Although, young love does lead to mature love sometimes. After my brother was widowed, he ran into his very first love from high school (some 30 years later). She’d married briefly, but never stopped living him. Spent all those years in love with the man she couldn’t have. Yet, they met again after all that time and yes, they got married. I don’t think I could have sustained a forever relationship with any of my young loves (including Davy), but I know it happens. RIP, Davy. Even though you never knew it, you pointed me in the right direction.

  33. So I am here clutching my muesli and yoghurt. Man this joint is jumping. What tune is the band playing? Oh and I see Louisa George has jumped on stage with them 😉 Those nurses, they’re a wild bunch 😉 I’ve just found revisions in my inbox from my lovely editor so party on and I’ll call back for some treats later when I’ve earned them!

  34. Hi everyone, I heard it was visiting hours! It’s so exciting to be part of this fabulous new blog (even if I’m only on the locum roster for now) and it’s fantastic to see so many new names cropping up in our consulting list. I’m looking forward to being part of this and sending a big THANK YOU to the girls who set this up for all their efforts. (Loving the photos too.)
    See you all soon, Emily xx

    1. waving to Emily and Fiona!

      ooo, I like the “visiting hours”, Emily! we’ll have to keep running with that!

      Fiona, good luck with those revisions and we’ll see you after you’ve earned a break!

  35. Congratulations on the new site. I’m a big fan of Medical romances Cherry Ames started it and Betty Neels cemented the interest. Right now I’m reading Amy Andrew’s jellyfish book from a few years back. Loved Tina Beckett’s debut book. Got to love the title as well ~ Doctor’s Guide to Dating in the Jungle. I enjoyed the four book series ~ Single, Free & Fabulous in Sydney so much that I’ve started to get the books in the Sydney Harbor Hospital series. I’ve been reading quite a few Medicals lately. I can’t really pick a favorite author as I love so many of you. I’m looking forward to the recipes if they are as delicious as the sweet potato soup one I picked up on the Pink Heart Society blog. I think it was a recipe from Kate Hardy. It is a keeper. I’ll try to stop by on a regular basis but my computer time is limited these days. Thanks for a lot of great books over the years.

  36. It’s my lunch time and revisions are going slowly, but a girl has to eat, right? I have brought a HUGE platter of sushi for everyone and wasabi to clear away the cobwebs from your mind!
    Dig in. I’m grabbing some Nori rolls and running back to Georgie and Hamish who are a bit clueless about the fact they’re perfect for each other and have been since they met 17 years ago! Who likes a friends to lovers story? Cos this is one with Christmas thrown in for extra measure:-)

    1. Two favorites in one book–love friends to lovers and Christmas stories! Now I hope I get a chance to read it.

  37. Wow this is awesome- so great to have all you great amazing writers here and the site looks absolutely super. I’m looking forward to following you:-)

    1. Hey, Kamy! Fabulous to see you here! We’re looking forward to you following us, too! Thanks for coming to celebrate with us!

      Have fun if you meet up with Louisa tomorrow! 🙂

  38. Hi, WOW! What a huge turnout! I’ve just written The End on book three, so I’m hyped for a party! And this party is really pumping! It’s past 5pm here in New Zealand, so it’s Chardonnay-o-clock…anyone care to join me? (BTW I’m the one on jumping up on stage with the air guitar!) Wait, I’ll put the guitar down so I can have a sip!

    Hi Kamy! Hope to catch up with you tomorrow?

  39. Go Louisa on writing THE END. I am a bit further along…unwriting it with revisions. But it is Friday night, my boys are all home after camp, working away and school so we’re looking forward to all sitting around the table for dinner.

    1. Yay, Louisa! That’s a great feeling! You can strum away on that air guitar and enjoy Chardonnay-o-clock!

      Fiona, enjoy dinner with your boys! Chilly enough here for a nice hot soup tonight!

    1. Welcome, Carol-Annie! We’re glad you’ve wandered over here to help us celebrate! Good luck with your writing! You know about the Fast-Tracks that they hold from time to time over at Harlequin, do you?

        1. Annie, lovely to see you here! I still remember the lovely welcome you gave me at Hot Tamales! Ohh talking food it is morning tea time here so I fancy some scones, jam and cream with Early Grey tea.

  40. Oh Fiona- it’s not only Amy that I’m mad about you know- although I did have my fan girl moment when I met her. I love all you guys. And sorry Louisa- I won’t make it tomorrow because hubby is away so all this week I have been playing single mum and he gets back tomorrow afternoon so I need to skip this meeting but will be at the next hopefully. At the moment I am so loving your book. And Wendy- loved your one too:-))

    1. Sarah! HI! It’s so gorgeous of you to come in and help us celebrate! Must be time to break out another bottle of something bubbly – here’s a beaker for you! Pull up a gurney and stay a while! 😉

  41. Whee! Well done, Karin, on getting a request for a partial from the medical pitch!! Definitely time for another glass of champagne (good thing we saved some…)

      1. HOpe the snow is fabulous, Susan. I am very jealous although with the temperatures today, it is snowing a few hours away from me which in March down here is totally crazy! Summer has barely finished.

        1. Susan, it sounds like you’re having a great time!
          Fiona, our weather is so confused – we nearly lit the fire the other day… settle for a hot water bottle instead!

  42. Bit late to the party – no surprises there, then! But had to drop by for a glass of virtual Moet and to say what a fabulous job Annie and Sharon have done with the CPR on our blog – so good to have it back. Well done, girls!


  43. I love my medicals. Was surprised to hear they weren’t on shelves in America. I loved Boomerang Bride too and next to read is Susan Carlisle one. Good luck everyone.

  44. Michelle, so great you love Medicals. You can buy them online or in eBook format so they are always close at hand 🙂 I’m thrilled you loved Boomerang Bride. I’m drinking tea as it’s ten in the morning but I can offer you some bubbles if you like? I’ll call the Toy Boy over with the tray of drinks. He tells me he isn’t cold being shirtless….

  45. Love the blog. I enjoy reading romance novels amongst other genres. The Medical romance series is a favorite of mine. Looking forward to whatever is up and coming…Have a great weekend everyone.

  46. Congrats on your new blog! I love the name, love definitely is the best medicine 😉

    Would love to read more about how you all got involved in writing medical romance, and any experiences in the health industry.
    I’ve recently written a mainstream women’s fic in which the two main characters are a doctor & a naturopath. I loved writing it, and drawing on my experience in the complementary medicine field. 🙂

    1. Hi Juliet! Thanks for joining the party! I began writing medical romance because I absolutely LOVE to read it and I had a burgeoning interest in writing. I’m a nurse married to a doctor- so that helps with the medical stuff, but I know the MedRom authors come from a wide variety of professions and the books have characters from many different fields- doctors, nurses, midwives, vets, police, firefighters, paramedics, volunteers, naturopaths…in a huge range of settings. Personally I try not to put direct personal experiences in there (at least not that could be identifiable), but there’s definitely snippets of things that I have witnessed or done. Best of luck with your book!

      1. Hi Juliet. I’m a nurse so I do draw from experiences there but as Louisa just said, not too closely.
        I wrote a GP and a Naturpath book called “An Unexpected Proposal” a few years back and enjoyed the juxta-position of both the worlds and two characters who believed firmly in their way being the “right” way 🙂

      2. Thanks Louisa, yes it’s best not to put significant real life medical experiences in, as obviously there are confidentiality issues that arise.
        It must be rewarding to extend your knowledge as a nurse into writing, and also allows you to control what happens!

    2. Check, Juliet! Thanks for the heads up on what you’d be interested in reading here – maybe we can do a blog survey post on what brought our Medical Romance writers to the subgenre! Your mainstream book sounds really interesting!

      It’s lovely to have you drop in for our celebrations! Thanks you!

  47. Hi all, *squeezes in run-over-by-a-steam-roller version of self* What an awesome blog warming!
    Looking forward to reading the posts. I’d love to read stuff about your books that I can’t get from reading the books, inspirations, side stories, the good, the bad, the medical, and what you all do when not writing. Too much to ask?
    Sneaking in some chocolate dipped brussels sprouts for Wendy 😉 and breaking the bottle of champagne over the iPad to bring this blog good luck 🙂

    1. Hi Ang-I-Am! Super to see you here – even as a steam-rolled version of yourself! 😉 Chuckling at the thought of you breaking that bottle of champers over the iPad – let’s say a symbolic breaking and the rest of the champers can go in the glasses! Much better for the iPad too! 😀

      Check on your post suggestions! All excellent! Thank you!

      mmm, chocolate-dipped brussel sprouts… well, anything dipped in chocolate’s gotta be a winner, doesn’t it! And assuming it’s dark chocolate… just think of all those wonderful anti-oxidents!

      1. Hi Ang-I-Am!
        While chocolate and brussel sprouts are not two foods I would have ever considered eating together…I like both of them. So….pass the plate. I’ll give em’ a try!!!

        Thanks for stopping by! And bringing snacks! And for christening our blog in style! So happy to have you here!

  48. Sorry I’m late getting to the party, I’ve been laid low by the flu since Tuesday night. I just crawled out of my sickbed to get online. I’m so glad you are all here. I can’t wait to visit with everyone later when I feel better. Just wanted to say, welcome back.


  49. Linda, I sympathise with you for having the flu. I’ve had a cold all week and have felt very sorry for myself, so I can imagine how rotten you’ve felt. Have a glass of bubbly. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better. In fact, I think it should be prescribed as medicine!
    Anyway, I’ve made it to the party at last and it’s great to be here. Huge thanks to all the talented people who have set up this lovely new blog for us.


  50. Great to see this blog. I’d like to see blurbs of some of the older stories available on KIndle. I know I can find the blurbs on the M&B site but there are a lot to wade through so I’d like them in bite-sized pieces. Featuring an author a week on the blog and including blurbs and links to kindle editions of her backlist (alongside current book) would be great.

    Also for the aspiring M&B medical writers, the chance to win critiques from published authors.

    1. Hi Janet. Thanks for dropping in and for your ideas about the blog. Definitely some food for thought for us here 🙂

  51. Our winners are posted! The details are in a new post put up on the evening of 4 March as promised! There are still some books waiting for new homes to go to! Check it out!

  52. Hey this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you
    have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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