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Prescription to PARTY!

So, wow what a launch party we had! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes and to all the fantastic guests! How to follow that? I’m still in the party mood!

I like a good party, but I love a GREAT party! So I got to thinking of all the different reasons we have parties and what makes a great one. I asked a few friends and they came up with surprisingly different answers.

One said she loved dancing, another said she loved playing games. Me? I love any excuse to catch up with friends (oh…okay, and showing off my legendary air guitar talents).

I’ve been to wedding parties, divorce parties, birthday, Christmas, christening, wakes (funeral parties)- and always look forward to my friend’s annual theme party, just…well just because she likes a party. This year it was back-to-school themed so here’s a picture of me dressed up as a nun (I went to a convent school).

Get-togethers and parties are great settings for conflict and tension in stories–family feuds, alcohol-fuelled arguments, alcohol-fuelled sizzle!  It’s a great time to see how characters react in a different situation –do they let their hair down and dance with wild abandon, or are they more the ‘always in the kitchen at parties’ type? Are they the ones standing at the edge of the dance floor or are they leading the conga?

In my debut medical romance book One Month To Become a Mum, a child’s third birthday party is a backdrop for action. With that amount of children screeching around there’s bound to be an accident, right? The heroine, Jessie, is way out of her comfort zone surrounded by the one thing she’ll never have- happy families. And the hero, Luke is so wound up about keeping everyone safe he’s about to explode. Towards the end of the party Jessie begins to relax and teaches buttoned-up Luke to loosen up a bit too and find the fun missing from his life. And this leads to more fun than they’d both expected…. Blurb: Some things in life are worth waiting for-

Jessie Price has lost her only chance at motherhood – it’s a constant hurt, until she meets sinfully sexy single dad Dr Luke McKenzie and his gorgeous little girl. Luke’s intoxicating kisses and his daughter’s adoring hugs have Jessie longing for the impossible. But she’s a temporary locum, the clock’s ticking – and there’s only a month to make all her wishes come true…

Please visit me at www.louisageorge.com for more information!

So – here’s to more parties, I’m looking forward to finding more reasons to celebrate. Anyone been to any strange or unusual themed parties…and any of you medics know any good hangover cures?

STOP PRESS!! The fun just never ends! This week we’re having a medical authors spotlight over at Harlequin! We’re talking dreamy doctors, things we’ve treasured from childhood, our favorite places, unknown facts about your favorite medrom writers…so hop on over http://bit.ly/zQ6F0K


26 thoughts on “Prescription to PARTY!”

  1. Louisa, is that you in the psychedelic one piece body suit? You party animal, you! 😉 I’m hoping I get a chance to read your book. (And, oh dear, my apologies–I forgot to include you on the list of new authors at the harlequin site. I’ll go back and add you in the forum… — darn, I don’t even remember the forum, but Penn left breadcrumbs from the Simply Series, Medical Forum to the forgotten forum.
    Party, par-TY, PAR-ty!

  2. Louise, that is a HECK of a frock! I also love your partner’s wig 🙂 Tell me, did you have a party to celebrate the debut of your novel? I hope you did!

    1. Beginning to regret posting pictures of my hedonistic days – I’m trying to reinvent myself as a serious author! Warren’s wig is fab, isn’t it? That was a fun night! And no, I haven’t had a party or a book launch – my book comes out down here in May -perhaps I should organize something for then!

  3. We had a bad taste party. Hilarious – especially when a guest wandered in with a bunch of dead weeds for me, an empty plate, and a 6 pack of beer (empty!) for hubby. Extremely bad taste! 🙂

  4. Louisa, I’m very taken with your awesome outfits! What a very angelic nun you make – complete opposite of your swinging seventies get-up!

    I adore fancy dress as long as everyone makes a little bit of an effort! It’s such a great ice-breaker! I dressed up as a pumpkin once for a fairytale party… it got kind of hot inside with all the cushions off the sofa padding out my pumpkin!

    I’m looking forward to reading about the party in your debut! It sounds like fun!

  5. Hi Sharon! You’re right, fancy dress is a real ice-breaker. I guess that’s why fancy dress at RWAus conference is so popular – we can chat about costumes if nothing else! Some people go to a huge effort and it’s always fun to see what they come up with. I’m afraid I’m a bit too literal and take the easy road! A pumpkin sounds fun, but I imagine it was hot!

  6. Me, too, on loving to dress up in fancy dress because then I can hide behind the costume. Ordinary parties…… I’m the one hiding behind a pillar, constantly glancing at my watch, wishing I hadn’t come. It used to drive my family nuts because they are all the kind who leap into a room, shouting, ‘Ta-da!’ and can talk to anyone, and everyone. Having endured my self consciousness for years, they’ve finally learned to accept that there’s two Maggie Kingsley’s. The ‘in disguise’ one who can let her hair down, and the original shrinking violet one who is monsyllabic!
    Maggie Kingsley

  7. Wow, Louisa, absolutely love the body suit! Too funny! You certainly look like you’re having a blast.

    As for unusual parties, this doesn’t quite count, but I played in a collegium musicum quartet while in college, and we used to perform at museums and at renaissance faires. And every year, our music department put on an Elizabethan Dinner for the public in West Palm Beach. It was always so much fun to dress in period costumes and dance and play our instruments. And since I tend to be a wallflower in real life, it was much easier to have a role to play. It wasn’t “me” out there, but a character I played. Silly, yes…but it worked. I could let loose and have fun with it.

    1. You are one talented woman! What instrument do you play? I imagine your audiences were thrilled to see you all dressed up in period costume. I always thought if I could go back in time I’d whizz back to the Tudors -fabulous clothes and all that skullduggery and intrigue!

  8. Hi Louise!
    Your book sounds wonderful. I used to love a good party, but these days we mostly have family gatherings. One party I look forward to all year is the Harlequin author party at RWA national conference. Nothing quite like that bash. Looking forward to meeting you!

    1. Hi Lynne! Family gatherings are heaps of fun too – you don’t need a lot of people to make a great party! You must tell me more about the Harlequin author party! I’ll be there this year! (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!) Not excited at all!

  9. Congratulations on your debut . I hope you have a great party. Sorry i haven’t been to any unusual parties but I love your pictures. My husband did have a wig like that for a 70’s Halloween party.

  10. Hi Louisa – love your pictures. I like a good dressing up party, as I’m one of those people who likes to go as someone else sometimes. And there’s nothing like a fictional party to throw our heroes and heroines way out of their comfort zones 🙂

    Congratulations on your debut book. Raising a glass to many, many more!

  11. Sorry am late to the party – pun intended 🙂

    I really hate fancy dress parties. Not a dress up kind fo a girl at all…. so I normally only put in a minimal effort. BUT – I love TO party so once I’m there, look out!
    Backing up Lynne re the Harlequin party – absolutely fabulous! The one at the Waldorf last year – oh my, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! And they played New York, New York as the last song of the night and it was totally one of those – it doesn’t get any better than this – moments!

    Love the blurb Louisa and am ready with my camera to take a pic of your book when it appears on shelf here.

    1. Now Amy- you’re just making me green with envy! I’ve never been to NY, but can imagine how much fun it was to party at the Waldorf!!! Jealous! And please do take a photo of my book, that would be awesome! 🙂

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