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A Family That Plays Together Stays Together

Easter for my family is a holy day but also a day for being with family.

This year my niece decided that we needed to play waffle ball on Easter Sunday afternoon at my mother’s house. After much texting and phoning everyone was on board. My husband was given the job of seeing that we had the equipment required.

For those of you that have never experienced waffle ball it is nothing more than a plastic ball with holes in it and a plastic bat.  The ball can be the devil to throw because it must be thrown hard enough to make it go straight. It can also be difficult to hit because it is so small.

When my family arrived at my mother’s house the others were already waiting with eager anticipation. My baby brother, he’s fifty, was present. My other brother, who passed away ten years ago, children were there, along with his wife who had since remarried and her husband. So with all the in-laws, outlaws, boyfriends and girlfriends there were a total of sixteen people. We had more than enough players to divide up into nice size teams. My mother, the matriarch of this crowds decided to be the scorekeeper.

The rules were that married couples could be on the same team. There were four of them. No boyfriends or girlfriends could be on the same team.  That left the few who didn’t fall into any category to be divided up.  

Let the game begin. Thankfully my mother’s large backyard is perfect place to play waffle ball. Those with competitive personalities soon showed their colors. Those who had trouble batting had a problem throughout the entire game. Those who had difficulty getting beyond first base without being put out, like me, dreamed of second base the whole game.. Those who hadn’t played in forever, like my brother, spent a great deal of time on the ground beside bases.

But along with all of that was the laughter, the smiles, the bonding, the ribbing over who was the better player, mother who was happy to have her family altogether. Easter afternoon playing waffle ball would forever be a wonderful memory.

By the way, my team won. That means my husbands didn’t and he so loves to win. I didn’t mention it but six or seven times on the hour drive home.

What has your family done together that helped to create great memories?


12 thoughts on “A Family That Plays Together Stays Together”

  1. Like you, Easter is a holy day, however every holiday when family is together it is an excuse to play games. We go for board games and we have many favorites.

    FF-Yes, we used to play wiffle ball when I was young.

  2. Nan,
    I’m glad to learn that the game is a world wide one. We tend to play board games in the summer, late into the night.

  3. Your gathering sounds like great fun, Susan. Not that I have ever heard of a waffle or wiffle ball!

    I love it when my extended family gets together. As my siblings are spread across the world, this only really happens on major birthdays. The last birthday we gathered in Uist and had lots of days away together, but the definite highlight was when we all went on a trip to St Kilda. We had to get up at the crack of dawn and make a two hour trip across choppy seas on a RIB. St Kilda was last inhabited in the thirties and is known throughout the world for being one of the most inaccessible places that anyone has ever lived. It also has the most amazing bird colony and spectacular cliffs. We walked and picnicked and generally had fun just being together. I’ll never forget the trip, not just because going to St Kilda was fulfilling a long held dream, but because I was with my brothers and sisters.

  4. Anne,
    Please let me be a member of your family the next time you get together. It sounds like such great fun. What a nice day and wonderful memory.

  5. Susan! Love the post (and I made that deadline, thanks to you!). When I was younger, we lived close enough to the mountains in California that we could drive up and back in a day. We’d take these huge tire inner tubes and slide down the snow-covered mountains, daring each other to be the first to go down some of the more challenging ones. Looking back, some of those mountains should have been off limits, lol! But it did make for some fun memories.

    Now that I have kids, we’ve kept the same kinds of outdoor activities, like camping, horseback riding (except my husband who’s actually afraid of horses) and hiking into the hills. I hope I’ve given my children the same great memories I have from my childhood!

  6. Tina,
    You are welcome. I love the snow tubing. We don’t get much snow where I live but when we go snow skiing in West Virginia we tube at night. Great fun. Our family used to camp a lot. We need to try it again soon. It does bring a family together.

  7. Hi Susan!
    We took our kids on camping vacations and made sure we all did plenty of hiking. We played board games around the camp fire, etc. All though both kids used to complain bitterly about the hiking – as adults, they are both outdoors type people, and my daughter prides herself on her hiking skills! LOL. As parents you just have to let all those complaints roll off the back, especially when you know what you’re having your kids do is good for them. 🙂 No one ever said parenting was easy, right?

    P.S. I’m glad your team won!

  8. We got together with my husbands family for Easter at a “farm stay” style places in the hills a little ways away. It was great all being in the one place at once particualry now the “cousins” are all teenagers and get on so well.
    Camping – no thanks?
    Hiking – ugh!
    But there was a camp fire and we all played cards at night and told stories about when we were all first together as young adults – the kids just love those stories!

  9. Lynne,
    My family never has done much hiking but we love water and snow skiing, boating of any kind and anything that is competitive. My kids have complained about things we have done and then those are the very things they laugh about when we get together.

  10. Amy,
    A “stay farm” sounds like great fun. My kids love the old stories about my husband and I also. They bring them up regularly.

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