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Somebody Get Me Some Water by Amy Andrews includes a giveaway….

So, Luca’s Bad Girl – book 3 in the Sydney Harbour Hospital series – is currently doing the rounds. It’s out now on shelf in Australia. It’s had a mixed reaction from reviewers. One reviewer obviously didn’t like the steam level and suggested derrogatively it could be put into a new “Medical Heat” series.

And suddenly that awful 4/10 review looked damn good! I would love to be involved in a medical heat series 🙂

I would also like to say that this was an editor led continuity and the brief on my characters was very much a Grey’s Anatomy style of set up where an awful lot of air time is spent doing the horizontal rumba in the oncall room!

I’ve been hearing all the hype about Fifty Shades of Grey for ages now, long before it hit the shelves as a “proper book” which somehow seems to have legitimised it from the Twilight fanfic where it had its beginnings. What the hell is wrong with fanfic, I say – be out, be proud!! I actually bought the digital book this weekend – haven’t started yet, because frankly I just don’t get time to read so it will probably languish on my iPad forever but anyway, I digress…

Its seems the journalists and publishers of the world are suddenly discovering that women like to read sexy books.

Well, duh!

Welcome to the world of romance novels which millions of women around the world have been reading for decades and been dismissed as being silly and fluffy for just as long.  But now they can’t get enough of it…now they want to sign the next EL James…. now they want to do in depth interviews and to roll out the red carpet.

Sigh….meanwhile we at the coalface will just keep writing what we’ve always known women like – strong heroes and heroines, sexual tension and emotional intensity.

And, if you don’t mind, I’m going to keep writing steamy sex, because I write about modern relationships and in my experience, people in new relationships do tend to have a lot of steamy sex! And if you don’t like to read that, well and good, different strokes for different folks. But maybe you should avoid Amy Andrews altogether in that case 🙂

What do you think – would you like to see a medical heat series?? Read 50 shades? Got an opinion about it or about heat levels or any other related or non-related topic 🙂

A signed copy of one of my books to one lucky person who leaves a comment. WARNING – it’ll be steamy!


31 thoughts on “Somebody Get Me Some Water by Amy Andrews includes a giveaway….”

    1. lol Ms Marcus – I think you’re pretty good in the steam department so you’d be a great med heat candidate!

  1. Amy, Amy, Amy! I would gladly read ANY of your books and determine if they’re “steamy”. Jeez, Louise … I love me my steamy stories! I read all sorts of romances, but as long as they include “strong heroes and heroines, sexual tension and emotional intensity”, count me in!
    Thank you to you and other romance writers for providing me with countless hours of “HEAs”!

  2. I like steam, so long as it is in the context of a faithful relationship. Funnily enough I picked up Grey for my TBR the other day as the same time as a paperback of Scandal. Broadening my horizons so to speak. ON the other hand I just finished a sweet little Betty Beaty from 1977. Variety is the spice of life.
    Oh and Wendy..I think you already wrote the definition of Medical Heat.

      1. hey Fiona – broad horizons are always a good thing I say! 🙂 Never read a Betty Beaty but I just love that name!

  3. Amy,
    Please tell us how you feel. I’ll read any book you write and love it. 50 Shades is a little much for me. What I would like is for my books to receive all the attention that that book has. Some will like what you write and some want. Just consider the source…

  4. Right up there with you on the 4/10’s Amy, we should start a secret society! Either that or drink wine and eat chocolate!

    1. Hey Scarlet, as Susan has just said – you cant please all the people all the time. In the mean time we’ll be mature and responsible in the face of bad reviews and drink wine and eat chocolate – its a date! 🙂

  5. Amy, Medical Heat? LOL I like the Medical line with its Medical Heat and its Medical Sweet (and everything in between). Readers are funny people–they like what they like and criticize everything that falls outside of their interests. But I’m with all of you who say — stick with reading what you like. However by doing that they are going to miss out on some terrific stories. So when someone is complaining about the heat–tell them to get out of the kitchen. 😉

    1. Ooh Nan – I love that medical heat/medical sweet! And yes I agree – if you can’t stand the heat….. 🙂

  6. Medical Heat! ~ Read Wendy’s latest. I loved it but didn’t expect the heat.

    Amy ~ I love your books no matter the heat level. I already have the first four books of the Sydney series. I may have to read them before the next four are out. I think Fiona said somewhere that they were only loosely connected. I read different series expecting different heat levels from them. I also relate heat levels to authors. Some like you and Wendy do it really well and others not so well. Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading.

    1. Hey Kalee. Yes SHH is loosely connected in that the characters and stories all take place at the Sydney Harbrour Hospital and do tend to intertwine and cross paths. I’m impressed that you can have four already and have not dipped in – go you on the willpower!

    2. Hi Kaelee!
      So glad you enjoyed The Nurse’s Not-So-Secret Scandal! I loved writing Roxie. But she was far from a typical medical romance heroine!

  7. Amy:

    Loved your last book. Enjoyed all the Sidney Harbour Hospital Series so far. Like the extra heat. My hairdresser and a friend at work recently recommended the Fifty Shades trilogy which I really enjoyed. Lots of heat but also a lot of relationship development. Medical Heat – that would be a good idea. Look forward to see what develops. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Linda! I’m hesitant about 50 shades – not really into BDSM stuff – but I’m broadening my horizons 🙂 (thaks Fiona Marsden)

  8. Yes and yes to a medical heat series it would totally fabulous. I love reading the medicals but also love the heat series so a combination of the two would be incredible someone please pitch that idea to whomever can make it happen for us!

    Amy thank you for the giveaway I adore your books!

    1. Hey Desere – thanks! Maybe my ed is reading this and also thinks the same about a medical heat 🙂

      1. Oh I really do hope so I am getting all excited just thinking about the idea of having a medical and heat wrapped into one !

  9. Oh, Clever Nan with the Medical Heat/Medical Sweet! Precisely why we love the line, isn’t it, Amy! Such variety – there’s room for all of us! I’m another who adores your steamy books so keep ’em coming!

  10. Yay, bring on the heat! Great post, Amy! I tend to read/ write on the warmer side of the spectrum as well…doors flung wide open. It’s interesting how we each have different comfort levels as far as heat goes. Looking forward to your latest!

  11. Well – I’m late to the party again because I’ve been away in Boston for the week. Loved the blog. I know you write sexy baby – and I love your books! I think Wendy M. would sign up for a Medical Heat line in an instant if given the chance! I am currently taking part in a continuity (editor driven) for the Medical line – and have been assigned an “on-call” booty call – LOL (never thought I’d say that term) between the two most unlikely people. I’m looking at it as a fun adventure and will conjure up your and Wendy’s hot hot hot scenes in recent Medical Romances when I do!

    As far as 50 shades goes – I’m afraid it would be 50 shades of blush for me – if there are too many sex scenes in a book I start skipping over them. Just being honest here. :/

  12. Hey Lynne. Can’t wait to read your booty call 🙂
    Love 50 shades of blush. I know what you mean about too many sex scenes – they defo can be overdone. I’ll let you know if it was over done 🙂

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