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Writing Perks

First post on this new site, here’s hoping my pictures load!

Today I’m going to talk about the perks of writing.  Sometimes writers can be a moany old bunch.  Deadlines, difficult stories that commonly become known as pineapples, lack of time to write, strained joints, bones, muscles etc.  Well today, I’m going for the good stuff – the parties!!!!!!!

Because, believe it or not writers are a very sociable bunch.  We like to meet up and chat often.  We like to meet up and eat often.  We like to meet up and drink often.  See?  You’re getting the picture.

Last week I spent sometime in London.  It’s only one hour away on the plane from Glasgow but seems to take so much longer.  Let’s not talk about going down the wrong sliproad on the motorway at 5am and thinking stuff it and just reversing back up it!

I was headed for the Romance Novelists Association’s Summer Party.  Some of you may not not know this, but the members of the RNA are renowned for their shoes.  So, the pressure was on!  What do you think? (10 days later my feet have not recovered!)

My rainbow starburst shoes!

The party was great fun, a real chance to mingle with other authors and talk the kind of stuff that anyone else in the world would find boring!

Me with my editor the lovely Carly Byrne. She bought me cocktails!

I also paid a visit to Mills and Boon headquarters.  It was great fun too.  I went for lunch with my editor and then was given an opportunity to raid the Mills and Boon library.  I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Lots of books – but no medicals as I have all those already!

And finally I made my way to Fortnum and Mason.  Some strange fellow author (Kate Hardy!) has talked about violet biscuits before and I was curious.  So I bought some of those and some gorgeous chocolates sold to me by the poshest 17 year old boy in the smartest uniform I’ve ever seen.

So, the question for the week is what have you done for fun lately?

P.S. The chocolates didn’t last long!


21 thoughts on “Writing Perks”

  1. Those shoes have got to be among the top shoes I’ve seen this year. And you are up against some tough competition–my daughters! Two of my three girls love shoes and of course my tallest daughter (the one that is 5’10” loves to wear 5″ heels! Looks and sounds like you had a great time at your RNA parties and making the rounds in London.

    1. Nan, I should have done a before and after picture of my feet! The after picture is not a pretty sight! The heels may be gorgeous but they weren’t designed for walking!

  2. Fab shoes Scarlet! Isn’t it great to party with your fellow authors? Its such a lone profession, its nice to get together for a gab fest and compare….shoes 🙂
    What have I done for fun lately? This may sound lame but I recently had my best friend who lives 700 kms away, stay and we lay in my bed together on a cold, overcast day with our iPads and chatted and caught up and drank cups of tea bought to us by our husbands and looked at great youtube clips or clips of shows that we loved or actors that made us swoon.
    It was soooooo much fun! 🙂

    1. Amy, that doesn’t sound lame at all, that sounds like bliss. There’s nothing better than having a good old chat with a friend x

  3. Scarlet, those shoes are to die for (and I mean my feet might literally die in them). I love heels and have been known to suffer for days after some swanky event. But the pain is worth it all.

    As far as fun, I did actually get to go shoe shopping for the RWA national convention coming up in a couple of months. Can’t wait to see everybody!

    1. Oooooo….can’t wait to see a picture of your shoes Tina! Word to the wise, buy those fold up shoes for your bag – I wish I had!

    1. Thanks FakeFrenchie, I’m still admiring them in the box under my bed, just don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear them again!

  4. I loved this post! Thanks so much for letting me vicariously enjoy to trip to London. I would love to visit Richmond and raid their library! Lucky you. I’ve sworn off fancy shoes – as my feet can no longer handle the balancing act!

    Okay – what I did recently for fun was fly to Boston for my son-in-law’s graduation from Medical School. His side of the family, my husband, son, and I all met up there and celebrated afterward by going to a pub he’d chosen. He is a humble guy and didn’t want anything fancy. There was live pub-worthy music – fiddles and guitars and lots of singing – the food was filled with cholesteral, and they had all the best beers and ales on tap, so we were a very happy lot. Not to mention the fact there was a new doctor in our midst! My daughter was one proud-looking wife, I tell you.

    1. Lynne what a fabulous family celebration. It sounds perfect! Now, you have your own personal physician to give you themes for your stories – I am jealous!
      As for the library, I wish I’d been better prepared. I was like a child in a sweetie shop and just ran madly about instead looking for books I’d wanted for years!

  5. Amazing shoes, Scarlet. Don’t think I’d last more than twenty minutes in them though.
    Isn’t it fun going to Richmond? I also got to raid their library (I too wanted to grab everything but restrained myself to five or six) and was taken for lunch by my out going ed and my new one.

    As for fun- well I do like to party! Also love having a group of female friends around and having a girly dinner. I know it’s going well when everyone starts talking at once.

    1. Anne, next time I head to London I’m taking a carefully prepared list to hit that library with. I had no idea it even existed and was too excited to think rationally!
      Can’t wait to go again!

  6. Fabulous shoes, dahling! Very jealous of you doing all that swanning around in Richmond and London (where I trained and lived for 8 years, so I’m very homesick just thinking of it)- lovely to have a get together with friends!

    What have I done lately that’s fun? Me and dh went to a salsa night at the local pub with friends last week. We got to drink wine and dance (2 of my favorite things!) and there was lots of laughter- a very fun night was had by all, but having worn brand new shoes my feet were pretty sore the next day too!

  7. Glad you had such a good time – only sorry that I wasn’t there to join you! Your shoes are fab (and HOW did you walk in them? How???).

    And I have to know – did you like the violet biscuits as much as we did? (Sounds as if you liked the chocs as much as we did!!!)

    Next time I go to London, I might just have to nip into F&M. (Taking son to see The Tempest at the RSC with his godmother – can’t wait!)

    1. The violet biscuits and chocolates were gorgeous. Also bought lemon curd ones for my mum and she loved them. Have you tried the rose ones? They are next on my hit list. Roll on September for the Mills and Boon author lunch!

  8. Oh, whoops – what have I done for fun, lately? The Winter’s Tale at Norwich Theatre Royal with an all-male cast (even better, the text adaptation was done by one of my favourite lecturers from my uni days); shopping on a Saturday morning with my daughter and stopping off for a naughty breakfast (aka cake and coffee); ballroom dancing lessons (DH and I have NOT got the hang of the waltz – everyone else goes in straight lines and we go diagonally or get lost in circles!); oh, and going to see Avengers Assembled – fantastic film, if you haven’t seen it yet.

  9. Love the shoes. I couldn’t have worn them but I envy you doing it. Sounds like you had a great time. I’d love to visit Mills and Boon. It is an 8 hour flight and one hour train trip but I will do it one day soon. I’m looking forward to the HQ party at the Romance Writers of America conference this year. It will be great fun.

  10. Hi Susan, the RWA conference sounds fab and I would love to get there one day. My friend Romance writer Fiona Harper brought me some of the Harlequin socks they gave out at the Harlequin party last year, I wear them with pride!

  11. Fab shoes, Scarlet! Love them but don’t think I could cope with such high heels these days. A few years ago and I’d have been asking to borrow them, mind you….

    What have I done for fun? Well, I went hunting for fairies. Honestly.
    I took my 4 yr-old granddaughter, Isobel, to the park (after buying her a pair of fab sandals for her holidays!) and we visited the Fairy Glen and spent ages looking for pretty little fairies. Isobel saw two and she heard their wings beating but I didn’t see any, neither did the three ladies who stopped to see what we were doing and stayed to help. We all decided that you needed to be very young to see them. It was a great afternoon and very relaxing. So if you have a fairy glen near you then I recommend a spot of hunting.
    PS. To avoid any strange looks from passers-by, take a child with you.

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