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Any One for Polo? by Fiona Lowe

A few years ago on a warm, April afternoon, I attended a polo match. From the moment I saw those amazing, nuggetty ponies charging up and down the course, I wanted to write a polo match into a book. I’ve tried three times to do this, with three separate books, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan and this was a perfect example.

In one book, Christmas got in the way, in another I tried writing a polo scene but my hero rebelled….characters can be quite obstreperous sometimes!

So, I had to get cagey! Instead of thinking, “Oh, I’ll write a polo scene” I had to make polo part of the book. I needed a polo playing hero!

One can’t think of Polo without thinking of Nacho Figueras, the totally gorgeous Argentine Polo player. Never heard of him? Let me educate you 😉 He is the face of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black cologne.

So now you’ve enjoyed that bit of eye-candy, you can see who inspired my hero, Marco. In Australia,  we have a doctor shortage so we do indeed have overseas doctors working in the outback despite some people thinking otherwise. Their placement in the outback is part of their visa to live in the country.

I loved writing this book and not just because of the 47 times I watched the video 😉 , but because I learned all sorts of things. Thanks to the Western Australian Polo Association I learned  about like Chukkas, bumps, knock-ins and neck shots and had a lot of fun at the same time. Of course you can’t  just ‘whack in a scene’  because you want to….lesson learned from the previous three attempts…but what I did discover was once I decided that horses and polo were an intrinsic part of the book, exciting connections fell into place which really added to the story. Of course I won’t tell you cos that would spoil the book 😉

Have you ever ridden a horse? Did you have a horse-obsessed childhood? Did you watch Spirt or Black Velvet over and over? Played polo?  Or do you just lust after Nacho Figueras? My favourite horse story is here when I did a horse ride in the Australian high country.

I’m off to Fiji tomorrow (I can call by today) but then I will be out of range for about a week. Please, chat amongst yourselves swapping horse stories and if you fancy spending some personal one-on-one time with the gorgeous Marco, Letting Go With Dr Rodriguez goes on sale on July 1st in the USA or you can grab it now from Mills & Boon UK  as an ebook or in print.

Now to pack……


14 thoughts on “Any One for Polo? by Fiona Lowe”

  1. Yummy video, Fiona! I adore horses. Have ridden them in various fashions for most of my life. Well…at least the variations of western riding (Western Pleasure, showmanship, barrel racing, etc.). I even rode with two compression fractures in my spine once (I thought I had just pulled a muscle, couldn’t figure out why that slow jog was suddenly sending wrenching pain down my back). The fear of not being able to ride again was awful. But the vertabrae healed, and all was well. I’ve even mentioned riding in two of my books. So of course your polo playing hero is very intriguing.

  2. I’m from Montana and went to my first rodeo to watch my dad compete when I was two weeks old, so yeah, there are a few horses in my life. In fact, I’m entered in four rodoes in the next ten days. They tell me rodeo horses would make good polo horses because it requires a lot of the same kind of agility.

    1. Kari, i think rodeo, polo and mountain horses share the same qualities. All the best with your competition! I’ve put a rodeo in a book…The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal. I had fun writing that too!

  3. I’ve been on a horse exactly once, Fiona.
    More years ago than I care to remember, a group of school friends and I – we must have been about seventeen-years-old – decided we would like to go off to Aviemore, just south of Inverness, for a caravanning holiday. Don’t ask me why, we just thought it was a great idea,and, living in the Scottish Borders, we though Aviemore sounded ‘exotic’. Anyway while we were on this week’s holiday – actually we almost blew ourselves up using the caravan’s gas cooker on the first night, but that’s another story – somebody suggested we should go for a day’s pony trekking. It was agreed, and off we went to this centre where there were all these ponies, and I thought, OK, this looks good as my three friends were kitted out – no hard hats in those days – with these sweet ponies, and then the organiser said, ‘And this is for you, Maggie.’ Fiona, that horse was not a sweet pony like everyone else had, that horse was a muckle big beast, with a mean eye. Now, I know all of my friends were tiny 5ft 2 types, and I was five feet 9 but I wasn’t that chunky, honestly I wasn’t, and yet I got stuck with what looked to me to be the kind of war horse ridden during medieval times by men kitted out in full armour. And was that horse wilful????? You’re darn tooting it was. It wouldn’t keep up with everyone else, kept putting its head down to examine the grass, and all I had to control it were these useless ribbon type things. OK, OK, they were reins but nobody warned me they would feel so flimsy. The trek lasted for eight hours, with a break in the middle to eat lunch and by the time it was all over I could hardly walk, looked like one of those bow-legged cowboys you used to see in westerns. I vowed then and there, never, ever again. Horses are beautiful animals, they really are, but getting on to another one’s back??? No chance!

  4. Fiona, I’m a horse lover from way back! We don’t own any these days and would definitely ache ALL over if I went for a ride now. I’ve not seen a game of polo but I have watched polocrosse which I think has lots of similarities. Those ponies are gusty and seem to have as much hunger to get to the ball and control it as the riders! Great to watch!

    I’ll look forward to your book and that polo-playing hero!

    Have a fabulous trip – you’ll be on your way now if not there! Hope the weather is delightful for you!

  5. Fiona,
    I’ve never seen a polo match but I would love to. Horses and men make for intereting material. I had a horse as a kid and rode western style. I’ve riden as adult at a dude ranch and in the Montana moutains. Both were great fun.

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