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Having fun and working together

I’m just back from the RNA conference in Penrith with fellow medical authors Anne Fraser and Jennifer Taylor.  The conference is always so much fun.  A chance to learn something new, eat, drink and be merry.  It’s always a bit sad to come back home and have to go back to the day job.

But when I got home my Mills and Boon Medical book subscription had arrived and with it my new duet with Anne Fraser.  Our book is actually a September release in the UK but subscribers always get their books early – I’ve not even had my author copies yet!   Image

Working with another author on one hand is fun and on the other a little tricky.  We were paired by our editors and asked to put forward a joint book proposal.  Our stories are around an IVF mix up and set in San Francisco.

Anne writes the story from the perspective of the potential mother, the woman carrying the baby which isn’t in fact hers.  My story features the genetic father.  Carter and his wife had created embryos with an egg donor for use during their marriage.  But the marriage has long since fallen apart and his wife has disappeared.  Imagine how he feels when he gets a letter from the IVF clinic expecting it to say his remaining embryos have been destroyed, and instead it tells him another woman in carrying his baby!

If you google the words IVF mix ups you’ll find an alarming amount of cases of something that’s supposed to be virtually “impossible”.  The outcomes are varied, and in all cases there is heartache involved.

One of the tricky things about writing a linked story with another author is making sure the books flow together well and are consistent.  It was even trickier for us as we wrote the stories out of synch due to contractual issues.  I wrote my story first, even though it is the second in the sequence.  We just hope we’ve managed to give you two stories that will be enjoyed!

So how do you feel about linked stories?  Do you enjoy them?  Or do you prefer single stand alone tales?

I’m working all day Monday, so will answer any comments at night.


30 thoughts on “Having fun and working together”

  1. Sounds like you had fun at the conference!
    Linked books–I never gave it any thought before that linked books might, in fact, be written ‘out of order’. I’ve found most linked books are okay read as stand alones. So I can only imagine there might be more issues for the author than the reader. I do enjoy linked books–either series written by one author or continuities written by several authors. I can only suspect the continuities present more challenges for the authors, but there might be more rewards in some ways, too.

    1. Hi nan, I’m glad you like linked stories. I love the bigger linked stories too. Still recovering from the conference and going back to work. Need another holiday that includes some time to sit down!

  2. What a fascinating, heartrending plot. I love the fact that the story is told from 2 different perspectives. Linked stories work well in one book, like yours. I struggle a bit with them as single stand-alones and continuities because if you somehow miss out on one or other story it can be confusing and even frustrating.
    I bet that was an awesome conference. You maybe even learned something too 🙂

    1. Hi Clare
      I hate it if I miss a book in a series too! I end up searching bookshelves in shops or searching the Internet to fing the missing story. Conference was fab! Thanks for your comments

  3. Scarlet, you’ve really whetted my appetite for yours and Anne’s new linked stories. I enjoy linked stories too, it’s always nice to see one writer passing a story on to the next, and watching it grow.

  4. Hi folks,
    You’ll notice the obvious blunder that this post was supposed to appear on Monday and not on Sunday! Apologies, WordPress doesn’t seem to like me these days, but better to appear early than not at all!

  5. Hi Susan

    Better a day early than a day late! It was really fun to work with you on this although as I was just starting to write mine when you were almost finished – it could have been potentially a disaster. But thanks to your patience it worked out fine! I really hope readers are going to respond to this story especially as I needed to go into quite a bit of medical detail in mine to explain a) how it could happen and b) how it came to my heroine’s notice!

  6. Love the sound of ths story. Very intriguing.
    I’ve been involved in quite a few continuities and linked books now and always had a blast working with other authors! Writing is so solitary it’s nice to have others you can talk about your book with and feel like you’re part of something bigger.

    1. You’re right Amy writing can be a solitary business and sometimes it’s nice to do something different!

    1. Hi Eli, you’re absolutely right. At the end of the day it all comes down to the book. hoping readers will enjoy it. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Scarlet, your linked book with Anne sounds fantastic! What a challenge it must have been! I’ll look for it when it arrives Downunder!

    I enjoy linked books as long as they stand alone in their own right as well. It can be fun “meeting” characters that have starred in their own stories and to see what they’ve been up to. Or to get interested in a particular secondary character and be able to follow up by reading their specific story.

    Anyway, congratulations to you and Anne!

      1. Aargh! The hazards of online spelling mistakes FF! Incidentally mistakes was nearly a very naughty word starting with a p there!

    1. Hi Tina, might need to send you one in brazil since I don’t think they are getting a US release date. Of course, I need to receive my author copies first….

  8. I like linked books. Series are even better. I know that it was a challenge to write them out of order. I look forward to reading them.

  9. Hi Scarlet ~ I love linked books or series as long as I can find all the books.

    Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed West Wing to Maternity Wing! I know it was your second book based in Pelican Cove but it worked well as a stand alone. I’ve recently read a few books with heroines who have had breast cancer. They all have been great reads. Amy Carson sure had a lot of hard luck to overcome. I loved how Linc succombed to “Junior’s” charm. What a wonderful hero.

    1. Just wanted to add that I hope more of your stories come out in North America. I hate that so many books I read about don’t get released here.

      1. Kaelee once i get my author copies will be doing give aways for the book on here, pink heart and tote bags and blogs. Also on kate hardy’s blog to celebrate her 50th book!

  10. Hi Scarlet! What an interesting concept for your September book. I love Anne Fraser and suspect the two of you did a smashing job. How did San Francisco come about?
    Curious in California.

    P. S. I second what Kaelee said! 🙂

    1. San Francisco came about because of the egg donor situation. Much more information is available in the US about donors, I logged on to a site to find out and guess which state it was in? Both Anne and myself have been to San Francisco and both loved it!

  11. Hi Scarlet!
    The conference was great fun, wasn’t it. it was lovely to see you again and to meet Anne. Even though we all meet in cyber space, it’s even better making contact in the “real” world.

    Love the premise of your linked books and can’t wait to read them. I always enjoy linked books and series whether they are by one author or several. I think you get a better feel for the characters when they appear in several stories. I know I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Penhally Bay series several years ago with a whole bunch of other authors. We had great fun, thrashing out the storylines (and gossiping!) I’m sure the readers are going to love your mini series.


    1. I loved reading the Penhally bay series ad it sounds as if you had fun writing it. It was lovely to see you too Jennifer!

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