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Time of the season by Kate Hardy



This week, the new school year starts in England. It’s going to be a big change for us, because my children will both be at the same school for the first time ever (there are four academic years between them). My littlest is starting a new (and much larger) school, with a different uniform, different teachers, and a lot of people there she doesn’t know. My eldest has his last ‘first day’ in uniform (meaning exams next summer and then sixth form). And our routines are changing totally.

This time of year always feels more like ‘new year’ for me than January does. Last week was warm and summery; this week feels like the beginning of autumn, and it was even misty this morning on the way home from the gym (yup, early start for me today). It’s a time of new stationery (and, even though they don’t actually use chalk any more at school, the air still smells like chalk dust to me). A time of promise. A time filled with a little bit of nervous anticipation as well as excitement. 

I think this is why autumn’s my favourite season. Even though it’s heralding the end of the year, it still feels like a beginning. Misty mornings turning spider webs into a network of diamonds, leaves turning all shades of ruby and bronze and gold, and shiny conkers and bright red toadstools ready to be found in the verges.

What’s your favourite season and why? And do you have a new beginning, this year?


13 thoughts on “Time of the season by Kate Hardy”

  1. Hi Kate, my favourite season is winter, I love the warmth of the fire (even more so now that we have a woodburner) I love snuggling on the dark nights.

    We also have a big change this year (starting tomorrow actually) for the first time my children will not be going to the same school (and never will again) as my eldest starts high school tomorrow. She is so ready, raring to go! I am probably much more nervous than she is, which I think is as it usually is, lol.

    I so hope she manages to tie her tie, she really needed to practice over the summer but keeps putting it off, she’s a typical acadmic and finds more practical things mundane and can’t be bothered, maybe I should get her sister to do it for her as she is very practical but struggles with most things academic, chalk and cheese, lol.

    Anyway good luck to your kids Kate hope they both enjoy the new school year 🙂

  2. Hi Kate
    Well done on having been to the gym already. I keep promising myself I’ll start going in the mornings before starting my writing day but somehow that ‘new beginning’ hasn’t started yet! I am going to yoga this afternoon (and that can be a workout) so at least I’m doing something.

    I’m a summer fan. I love the long days that we have at this time of year and always feel regret when the days start to get noticeably shorter as they are now. I prefer summer because I can write the whole day and still go out on my bike or for a walk in the evening. (The fact that it gets dark earlier is one of the reasons I should start going to the gym first thing.)

    I love the feel of the sun on my face and the way sunshine makes everything look. I also like how a bright, sunny day makes everyone happier. People seem to smile more.

    Autumn does have its consolations- log fires- excuses to stay in with a book – but I always feel a little sad that another year is drawing to a close.

    Oh and hugs on the children moving to a new period in their lives- its wonderful but it does make you realise how quickly they are growing up. My eldest has already started her new year at uni (she’s doing clinical attachments this year ) and the youngest will be going back in a week and our house will be empty again soon. Sob.

    Anne x

  3. FF here. I am a fan of autumn! Summer is too hot; winter is too cold; and spring is too rainy, at least in north of France.

  4. Oh, FF, I’m so with you! I love the autumn. Beautiful colours, and glorious weather. I love the cold, crisp mornings, the warmth of the sun, the slight chill in the wind, the promise of snuggling up warm by the fire and not yet needing to. I can’t bear being cold, I can’t bear being hot, and I certainly hate being wet! I remember walking through the autumn leaves on my way to my interview at Westminster Hospital, hearing them crunch like cornflakes under my feet. I remember bonfires and hot dogs when I was a child and we’d just returned to the UK from the Far East where autumn simply didn’t exist – magical smells, of wood smoke and leaf mould and piping hot sausages. Yum. Bring it on!

    And Kate, I remember the one year when my girls were at different schools – nightmare! You’ll love the extra time you get not having to do two school runs. Well, maybe you won’t love it. You’ll be spending it in the gym LOL! But well done, you. Self-discipline is a wonderful thing. Sigh…

  5. There is something about the first day of school that means “fall” (autumn) has rolled around again and it is the start of a new year. Certainly it is the start of a new school year, but I have always ‘globalized’ the feeling. My dad was a teacher, so even before I started school we would set aside the lazy days of summer and start up all the various routines of the school year. All my years in school reinforced the heralding of the new year that summer sales for school goods proclaimed. Once I completed school the rhythm of the seasons shifted a bit, but still every September, like Pavlov’s dogs, I would start salivating for the new beginning marked by end of summer sales. Once we had children the summer into fall merry-go-round started spinning. Each year it would spin a bit faster and by now it twirls at a hopeless pace and my youngest has started her senior year of college. College!

    But I work in a preschool so I will manage to keep the carousel spinning around and around for a few more years. At least as long as we have all those college loans paid off. And yes, fall does feel like the beginning of a new year, much more than January 1st! Is fall my favorite season? In many ways, yes. And every fall I will tell you it is my favorite season. But I also love the spring and the summer. There have been springs and summers that challenge fall for my favorite season, and if you asked the question then I would tell you that one of those other seasons are the best. But I would be wrong, since right now fall is knocking on the door and I am ushering in this favored season.

  6. Summer for me. Even with the heat I love the long days. And I can’t bear being cold. We don’t really get Autumn where I live but I did love spring when I lived in the UK and the first daffodils appeared. Very pretty.
    Our school year isn’t really marked by the seasons so I don’t really have that sense of nostalgia but me eldest only has about 10 weeks left (2 of which are holidays) and then he’s finished school for good. On to uni and the next chapter of hs life.
    Boy did that roll around quickly!

  7. Hi Kate! Oh, I remember well those first days of the new semester with my kids. Today in the US is Labor Day and that always heralded the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year, so even though my kids are through with school, I always think of the kids heading off to school tomorrow. Though this year they started school early in 20th August!
    My favorite season is autumn, but living in Southern California autumn is only theoretical. We don’t have changing seasons here, so I romanticize what autumn is like. I’d love a reason to wear a warm sweater and boots! I’d love to see changing colors and that special golden hue that accompanies autumn. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to keep dreaming about it. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your family.

  8. Kate,
    Today is Labor Day in America. It is the end of summer for us and the beginning of fall. I no longer have children in regular school. I still have one in college but it is still a time of change for us. I substitute teach so I’m still on a school calendar. Now is the time of football, making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the list goes on.

  9. Hi Kate, I like the ‘changing’ seasons, there’s always so much happening and so much to look forward to. I think Spring’s my favourite – all the flowers and the new growth, and the days beginning to lengthen. But Autumn comes a very close second!

  10. I love the colors of Autumn, they’re so warm and inviting. The drinking of hot apple cider and the scent of pies cooling on the counter begin about now as well. Yum. Hmmm…maybe it’s the food I like and not just the colors of the season!

  11. Hi, Kate. I’m another lover of autumn. It’s so welcome after the heat of summer and usually it means a decrease in the bushfire threat in southern Australia. But spring runs a close second with all the leaf and flower buds bursting with new life.

    Your babies are growing up fast!

  12. Um – can I change my mind? It’s about 5.30 in the morning and I’m up. Don’t ask. Maybe the deadline pressure (cue hysterical laughter) is getting to me, but whatever, I’m up, and it’s COLD in the house! And colder still outside. Sooooo – just maybe – spring is nicer? All that bursting promise? Because by the end of the winter I’ve usually forgotten how much I hate the heat, and anyway, let’s face it, we don’t usually get so much of that in this country! And the winter for us means cutting and stacking logs constantly, because our core heat is from the woodburner (mainly because we have lots of trees on our property and we’re too cheap to pay for the heating oil!). It’s so true what they say about firewood warming you twice, once when you cut it, again when you burn it. And then there’s the flickering flames, the lovely glow, snuggling down inside a thick jumper and feeling the warmth coming off the fire with the curtains closed and a good book – hmm. Maybe it’s not so bad…!

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