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I have just come back from a lovely holiday in the Italian lakes. I stayed at Garda and it was the perfect spot for sightseeing. My friend and I did a lake tour and visited Sirmione and Limone, Riva del Garda and Malcesine. I know that at some point in the not-too-distant future I shall go back but not next year. After all there are so many other places to explore, so many other places that will provide a setting for a book.

A perfect day

That’s the thing about holidays, I have discovered. Although I always claim that, no, I never work when I’m holiday, I always come home with piles of notes which will provide the background for a book. As I unloaded the envelope stuffed full of maps and menus, clippings from local newspapers and postcards which I’d collected during my trip, it hit me that writing is always on my mind but in a pleasant way.

I have already planned out the book I will write next year and the gorgeous Italian hero (based on the equally gorgeous guide who showed us round Verona!) who will feature in it. The story is humming away nicely inside my head, waiting its turn to be written. It gives me a real buzz to know that once I have finished my current project, I shall be able to immerse myself in the story and mentally, at least, re-visit this beautiful area.

Last year I spent a week in Devon. Amazingly the weather was perfect and everywhere looked so gorgeous. The hotel we’d chosen was excellent too and filled with lots of interesting people. I got chatting to a young couple with a seven year-old boy one night. The child had cut his foot on a rock while playing on the beach so the parents had taken him to the local GP’s surgery. As his mother told me, it must be so much easier being a doctor when you work in a holiday town.
That comment was the trigger for my new Bride’s Bay series, three books about three single mums who all work at Bride’s Bay Surgery and have to balance the demands of their work with looking after their children. Is it easier for them because they work in such a lovely place? It would be nice to think so but I doubt it! They still have to work their way through an awful lot of problems before they find happiness.

Do you have a favourite holiday place? Or have you visited a place that has greatly influenced you? I would love to hear all about it if you have.


The Family Who Made Him Whole: Bride’s Bay -Bk 1. Available October 2012.


9 thoughts on “Holidays.”

  1. If you mean the gorgeous George Clooney then sadly no. However, I have to confess that our guide in Verona came a close second! I knew there was a reason that I love going on holiday….

  2. Susan, I suspect we writers are all alike – we use our experiences as backgrounds for our books. There’s nothing like actually visiting a place to give a story an authentic feel – and to get the juices flowing! I love travelling too and am looking forward to a trip to Nice next month. More info for a story? Probably!

  3. Hi Jennifer, what a lovely photo, I’m looking forward to that beautiful place popping up in one of your books soon.

    I’m just getting used to the idea that writing is the perfect excuse to indulge my curiosity about things and places – not that anyone should ever need an excuse for that! It’s become something of a joke with my friends, though, that if I’m gone for half an hour when I’m just popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk, that I must have been waylaid by something and that I’m ‘researching’.

    My favourite holiday place? I think that’s usually the one I have in mind for next time. Hope you enjoy Nice!

    1. Hi Annie, I understand how easy it is to go “missing” while popping to the shops. You have to do your research whenever and however you can!
      My family and friends are used to me drifting off when we are out for a meal etc. I usually hear a snippet of conversation, get hooked and need to hear the end. It’s a symptom of the infamous “what happened” next disease we writers suffer from, as I keep telling them!

  4. Your Italian holiday sounds wonderful! I don’t have a favourite place because I seem to love everywhere I visit! However, we do always spend one week a year camping with friends at the same camping spot. It now feels like home and we always have so much fun (there are 7 families in our group)- and that place is where I always think of when I write a beach setting (which has been books 1-3 so far!).

  5. Jennifer, it sounds like you’ve had a fabulous holiday!

    Like Louisa, we camp with friends every year at the same place for several days over Easter. We go to a river and it’s a lovely relaxed time. It used to be technology free – very poor mobile phone coverage (sometimes you could get a signal if you stood on top of the car and held your tongue the right way!), no electricity. The mobile phone network stretched in the last couple of years so the signal is very good now – which I think is a mixed blessing!

    Interesting comment about it being a doctor in a holiday town… I can see that in some ways it would be easier but in others more difficult with that very transient patient base. Mmm, off to ponder this some more! 🙂

  6. Hi Sharon and Louisa. Great that you both enjoy camping so much. I haven’t done much camping, just been once when we took a group of scouts to Sherwood Forest. It was fun in every sense of the word! Keeping track of a dozen 11-14 year old boys certainly kept us on our toes….
    It’s great that you meet up with all your friends in such a relaxed atmosphere each year. No wonder you enjoy it so much.

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