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I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!!!

Agh! I’m late getting this posted!

Why, you may ask?

Because I’ve been working on a new book and lost track of days….

Which is the topic of my blog post today.

Writing is work.  Yes, writing is also my bliss–although I’ve had to remind myself of that during the last week, but it’s also sacrifice and hours sitting on my butt wrestling my very ADHD attention span into cooperating.  Because you, dear readers, expect the best from us.

(BTW, I would show you a photo of the ocean, but I didn’t bring my download cord with me when I packed, so I can’t get it off my phone.  Just imagine lots of breaking waves and beautiful sand dune sunsets.)

And I honor that expectation as I honor your time and money investment in my stories.

Return of the Rebel SurgeonWhich is why I’m sitting her in a vacation house on the beach, typing away while the world plays outside my door. The story isn’t quite right.  It almost says what it wants to say, but a turn of phrase, a unique perspective, a verb makes all the difference.  As I revise, I am determined to make that  difference, for both of us.

I love my job.  I’m really proud of the work Harlequin/Mills and Boon publishes and I want to always hit that expected level of expertise.

So, here I am, while my husband strolls the beach alone (did I mention this is a group effort to get this book right).

And you know what?  The story is worth the sacrifice.  And so are you.

So, back to making sure the right word creates the right nuance.  Wish me luck!

Click for more info on Return of the Rebel SurgeonOh—-Return of the Rebel Surgeon, my Aug/Sept/Oct release (yes, it has 3 release dates) is now available for Kindle and Nook.  If you want it in paperback, you better hurry and order it straight from Harlequin or Mills and Boon because they don’t keep the paperbacks in stock forever. (Available in the US, UK, AUS and France so far.)

Here’s an excerpt of Return of the Rebel Surgeon to see if it’s your cup of tea.

Connie Cox–who did take a nice long walk along the shore while holding hands with her hubby this morning before I hit the edits.


17 thoughts on “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!!!”

      1. Pretty in one thing–I like a gorgeous face, too. Yes, I am that shallow, but the US cover looks like a kid and it makes me feel like an old lady. Not what I want when I read a romance. So, sorry, from this US reader he just seems too young to lust over. Too sweet and too pretty does not spell “rebel”. It spells “pretty boy Floyd” and that’s not sexy. (IMHO)

        1. Hi Nan,
          He certainly doesn’t look the same age as the hero in the book. A practice like Cole has established takes many years of dedication, right?
          What do you think of the UK cover?

          1. Meh…he doesn’t do it for me either, but for a different reason. Most important is the story itself and that was good. I’m guessing you will have some readers that love either or both of the covers.

  1. Hi Connie! I’m glad you got a walk along the beach with your hubby this morning. Thank you for doing the hard work, edits, revisions etc. for the sake of these stories that we all love.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. The upside is hubby is getting to see my actually work. He has always thought it happens by magic while I watch TV and eat Reeses Peanut Butter cups since I usually work while he is away at work.
      And he got to spend some quality daddy time with our daughter, so that’s an upside, too.

  2. Hi Connie! I’m glad you got that walk in with your hubby this morning too! Just think of all those beneficial negative ions you’ve breathed in while you were out there on the beach. They’ll mean that your mind is even more creative! Life-work balance – such a trendy term and a challenging but important thing to achieve, isn’t it!

    I love both of your covers – I think the cover fairy did an excellent job for you!

    1. I did sucked down some negative ions! The book is turning out great, probably in large part to the creativity in the sea air.
      And those cover fairies really have gifted me with great covers. I’ve been SO lucky! Such hot guys!

  3. HI Connie. I’m sure all the blood, sweat and tears you’re pouring into this book will be totally worth it! Your books always have such a great emotional impact and that doesn’t just happen by accident. Here’s hoping the gorgeous setting keeps your creative juices flowing!!

    1. Thanks, Winnie! Giving a good book to the universe is what this is all about. And yes, the setting is really enriching my creativity. We’ll have to come down as a writers’ group and hang for a week or two soon!

  4. Hi Connie,
    I’ve been in your situations more often than I care to think. I once spent a couple of days while on a cruise in my cabin doing revisions and the voyage was only seven days! I also spent a few days of my US holiday writing. But on many ways, being in a different environment helps stimulate the imagination. I have pics of all the different places I’ve written while on holiday. The last one was when I was visiting my daughter in Greece. She was sunning herself by the pool while I was hidden in the shadows (sunlight and computer screens do not work !)

    Ps In case you’re wondering, the book I was writing on the cruise wasn’t set on a cruise ship. It might have helped if it was- but I might have a Greek setting for my next book. I adored everything about Greece.

    Anne x

    1. I swear on my copy of Jonathon Livingston Seagull that I will NEVER get behind again! (Actually, it’s not as bad as all that. I always write, no matter where I am. But I would be writing poetry instead of story if I had already turned this one in.)

  5. Connie,
    I do love the beach this time of the year. Last year it was warm enough in October for me to get a tan. I find that when I go to the beach or the lake house I get a lot more writing done. Love the book covers.

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