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Make Them Laugh by Amy Andrews

For those who read my books, you might have guessed I like I bit of humour amidst the hectic gore of hospital life. I know from personal experience that sometimes an off colour, in-poor-taste, joke is the only way to get through a truly heinous shift. In fact I think nurses have a knack of cracking jokes of the blackest humour at the most inappropriate times because it’s a coping mechanism and other nurses… well they just get it.

I know this isn’t the way the public view nurses. They like to think we’re “angels” and somehow sacred and pure – but let me tell you, every time a patient dies or something awful happens to a really nice person, it takes a little piece of you and any nurse that sticks around for a while has developed some way of deflecting the moments that cut them to the core. We can be a cynical bunch beneath our halo and wings.

So it’s probably no surprise then that I’m a huge romcom movie fan. I love them all, even the bad ones and believe me, there are sooo many bad ones which is frustrating as hell for me when a tweak here and a polish there could have made all the difference. A lot of them seem to rely on the big star names rather than the content which is just such a crying shame!

So it’s a thing of beauty when they get it right. I thought I’d list my fav romcoms and see what yours are so I can go watch then too if I haven’t already. Strictly speaking they’re not all romcoms but any movie that makes me laugh and sigh I’m willing to label romcom and it’s my blog so I’m setting the rules  🙂

For many years I’ve had five staples. And I would have watched each of these films easily 20 times each!

Notting Hill – best ending ever!!!

Love Actually – laughed, cried, held my breath, got turned on and just loved, loved, loved.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – best last line ever!

Four Weddings and A Funeral – some of you are now saying, hold on, she has a thing for Hugh Grant. And I have to say – not necessarily. But he has chosen his films wisely and I love the English “fop” he plays so well. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – just love this film. In many ways it was an “old fashioned” romance because of the heroine’s inexperience – love the pashing in the car scenes, love how great the hero is with her, love how sweet her brother is with her.

And then the last few years I’ve added some more to my regular go-to’s.

PS I love you – what’s not to love about an Irish Gerard Butler and a love-cut-short-by-death story?

The Holiday – never got the Jude Law thing until this movie! Now totally get it!

Raising Helen – another John Corbett film. Have loved him since Northern Exposure and he does not disappoint in this romcom as a priest!

Dan in Real Life – you can cut the yearning and heartbreak of the hero in this film with a knife. I never ever thought of Steve Carrel as a sexy man until this film. Now I have a very unnatural crush….

Stranger Than Fiction – another “out there” addition but I defy anyone to watch this film and witness the growing relationship between Will Ferrel and Maggie Gyllenhaal and not be sucked in. Will has never crossed my radar as a romantic lead but in this film I could have easily done him on the couch after that guitar solo – hubba hubba!

So, please share – what are your fav romantic films? Anybody seen Ruby Sparks? It looks like it’s going to be next on my list!


20 thoughts on “Make Them Laugh by Amy Andrews”

  1. Oh, Amy, you’ve noted all of my favs, but recently I’ve added Five Year Engagement. Wonderful movie. A must see in my opinion.

    P.S. I am currently reading your book – Sister Pact – where you and your sister Ros, have infused humor in all the most important parts. Love it!

    1. Great rec, Lynne! I meant to see five year engagement when it was on at the movie but was buried under deadlines – I must get it out on DVD!
      Thanks so much for your kind words re Sister Pact. Ros and I laughed often and hard while writing Joni and Frankie’s adventures 🙂

  2. Grossed out humour at inappropriate times. Been there done that. Still haven’t recovered from the night I was senior nurse with another nurse who’d never seen a dead person and we had to lay out an elderly gentlemen (the good old days in a rural hospital) Cracking jokes was about the only way to stop my assistant from fainting. And then I forgot to put in the old guys teeth (he hadn’t been able to wear them for years.) Got a rap over the knuckles for that omission.
    Agree with all the above. Romcoms. I also love and watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas and for soppy HEA gotta love Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen Comedy and yeah, Hugh Grant again but also Alan Rickman again) and from the US When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail. (A Meg Ryan theme happening)

  3. Oh yes, been there and done that too, Fiona. We nursed have a pretty warped sense of humour methinks….
    OMG I can’t believe I forgot When Harry Met Sally! It’s one of my staples too! I knew I should have gotten off my butt and gone and looked at my DVD’s rather than relying on my sieve-like memory. Aplogies to the late great Nora Ephron – WHMS is a shining example of brilliant romcom!

  4. Oh I LOVED Dan in Real Life and can’t understand why my mother HATED it. Seriously. Hated it.
    I also love While you Were Sleeping…some VERY funny lines in that one with a straight-faced Bill Pullman and a Jewish character. I love Jewish humour…also very black probably due to years of persecution. You have to survive somehow!

  5. Amy, between you and Fiona you hit most of my favorites–but I would add:
    Truth about Cats and Dogs
    The Matchmaker — both of these have the unlikely, but brilliant Janeane Garogalo
    I don’t know that Strictly Ballroom would be considered a ROM COM, but I adore that movie and watch it at least only a year.
    Kate and Leopold — OMG favorite
    27 Dresses
    The Runaway Bride (brings Julia Roberts and Richard Gere together again because their chemistry was so great in Pretty Woman)
    We have DOZENS of rom coms — living out in the middle of nowhere with a daughter that doesn’t handle theaters well meant that we had to find some way to bring the movies to our house, so we have been collecting favorite howler/weepers for years.
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    The Wedding Date
    I get ready to sign off and think of another–so I am stopping now before a open one of the storage bins and start listing them all.

    1. Oh Yes, Nan, another one I forgot. I loved The Truth About Cats and Dogs and have been a huge Jeaneane fan ever since – loved her role in the final season of West Wing too! Dont think I’ve ever seen the Matchmaker so will definitely be checking it out!
      27 Dresses was on that fell flat for me. So much potential…

  6. You’ve mentioned most of my faves- definitely Love Actually and Notting Hill. Bridget Jones- I just love Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting…sigh. I’ve never even heard of Dan in Real Life or Raising Helen- so thanks for the tips! I just watched New years Eve thinking it would be like Love Actually but was quite unimpressed.

    I liked Valentines Day. LOVED Pretty Woman- that is a movie I never tire of watching. I just recently saw 10 Things I Hate About You which was pretty good (Heath Ledger- *weep*).

    1. Oh yes, Louisa, the fight scene in Bridget Jones is soo funny! In fact, imho, its the only good thing about the second Bridget Jones film.
      New Years Eve and Valentines Day were okay but definitely poor man’s versions of Love Actually.
      I like Pretty Woman but I love 10 Things I Hate About You. Weep indeed!

  7. YES, YES! Love those first few movies you’ve listed, Amy! And now I have some others to add to my “must-get” list!

    I second The Wedding Date!
    And I’ll add:
    Romancing the Stone (an oldie but a goodie!)
    True Lies (not strictly a romance, but romantic elements and humour)
    ummmm, and
    Kindergarten Cop too! Now it’s looking like I have a “thing” for Arnold Schwartzenegger! LOL

    hugs on the nurse’s black humour – totally understand why you need it. You job is awfully tough at times.

    1. Oh Sharon some great ones there! I freaking love Romancing the Stone and the next , the Jewel of the Nile as well – I have them both on DVD.
      True Lies also. I reckon its def a romcom with a bit of thriller on the side 🙂

  8. Amy,
    You picked most of my choices. Bridget Jones Diary is a staple for me. I so feel for the girl. How about Leap Year, the Proposal, or While you were sleeping? I watch them all regualrly. They are on my CD shelf.

  9. Oh, I thought of another we like to watch and that’s Sweet Home Alabama. Oh and then there is Bride and Prejudice — a Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. Someone toss another name out and I’ll think of some more. LOL

  10. You’ve got some great ones there, Amy! Putting my vote in with others for While You were Sleeping and When Harry Met Sally. Pretty Woman is on my list as well. I also loved Stranger than Fiction. Oh and I see Sharon mentioned True Lies. I laughed so hard during that movie…loved it!

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