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Thirty and counting…

by Susan Carlisle


Most of my time this past weekend was devoted to a daughter of a friend’s wedding. I gave the Bridesmaid’s Luncheon on Friday, but spent most of the day Thursday cooking and setting tables. On Saturday evening, my husband and I attended the wedding – lovely bride, handsome groom and beautiful setting.


I remember being in that same spot thirty years ago. On October 30th, my husband and I will celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary. I’ve lived with my husband a lot longer than I lived with my parents. Neither of us is as young and attractive as we once were. In fact, age has taken its toll but we’ve grown older together so it doesn’t seem so traumatic.

All those years ago, marrying my husband seemed like a good idea. Numerous years later, I’m glad I can say that it turned out to be a great idea. When you’re young you have zero understanding of the happiness and heartbreak that you will share with the person you marry. I had no idea of what I was getting into but still I wouldn’t have wanted to spend those years of ups and downs with anyone else but my husband. In this day and age where the average marriage lasts three to five years, I have to be impressed that my husband has kept me around so long.

We had a nice trip planned to celebrate our anniversary that we’ve had to cancel due to my husband’s work schedule. When my husband’s boss told him he couldn’t have the time off my husband asked if the company was going to pay for divorce care.

His boss replied, “If she hasn’t divorce you by now she isn’t going to.”

There’s a lot of truth in that.

For our twenty-fifth anniversary I wrote out a list of all the things my husband and I had done and experienced through our years together and gave it to him, stating I would do them all over again as long as I was with him. It was a pretty amazing list of events. We now have five more years to add to the list but I’d like to do a little more.

I could use some good gift ideas. Share please.


19 thoughts on “Thirty and counting…”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Susan! We don’t do anniversary gifts but we always go away for one night to a lovely B&B or hotel and we eat well and do some touring around. JUST the two of us. I always look forward to that.

  2. Fiona,
    I hope that maybe we can get away for one night. If not, we have a big trip planned soon–just the two of us.

    1. Sharon,
      Twenty two is a big number also. By the time the next comes around he will be retired. Grandchildren will be the only thinkg getting in the way then!

  3. Happy Anniversary, congratulations,wow 30 years is an achievement in this day and age, we have managed 22 so far hoping to celebrate with something special when we make it 25. Hope when you get to your next mile stone that work wont get in the way 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 22nd in September and we were together for four years before we married. What words of wisdom would you have for couples just setting out on married life? Mine would be to ride out the lows, because the highs will come back.(And there are always lows….)
    I have a difficult enough time thinking of presents for my husband for birthdays and christmas so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. Although if anyone does come up with an idea, I’m going to pinch it!
    Enjoy your day.

    Anne x

    1. Anne,
      Some my advice is be determined to make it work. Don’t think there is an easy out or that the grass is greener somewhere else. Marrried is work.

  5. You did such a romantic thing with that list. I love it. Well, as someone who celebrated her 30th on September 24th this year, I know how you feel. Hubby and I have a good life list to share. It always helps when you marry the right person, you know?

    1. Lynne, congradulations on 30 years also. I thought the list was an interesting idea too. It made me realize I couldn’t have gone through all those things with out my husband and remain sain and that there had been as much happiness as heartache.

  6. I remember that day! I love, admire and treasure both of you! Congratulations on 30 years! The next 30 will bring wonderful new adventures I’m sure!!!

  7. Gorgeous, Susan! I loved reading about your married journey and I feel very much the same about my hubby. We’ve been married for 26 years at the end of November.

    Hey, how lovely that your bridesmaid popped in to say hello! And a lovely sentiment about your next 30 years!

    Happy anniversary!

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