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Writing and Biking

Writing and biking pretty much sums up my life at the moment. Mind you, if you  add in the fact I’m a mother of a Year 12 Student, I guess I am also a counsellor.  As the mother of a frantically busy Year 8 student who is in a play, then  taxi driver is another hat I’m currently wearing.


In ten days time, The Lad starts his International Baccalaureate exams and come November 22nd , they are all over. He is done with his secondary schooling. How I feel about that is probably another blog post entirely! Here he is as Zoro, heading out to school today for the ‘last day’ celebrations. Ironically, it isn’t actually the last day…

At the boys’s school, the Year 8’s have the choice of doing a  9 day bike ride (591km/367 miles) or a combined hiking/paddling trip. Boy Wonder, my 14 year old, chose the bike ride. Now we’ve done a similar thing in the past when I was A. Insane B Younger  and C he was 6 and his brother was 10. Yes you read that right! It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, both physically and emotionally as camp life can be challenging when you are exhausted, have little kids and after riding 110km, you have to turn around and  pitch a tent!

So yeah, I was never doing that sucker again!

Fast forward eight years and in a moment of wine-induced nostalgia , I realised The Lad’s exams finish two days before the ride starts and I said, ‘Oh, I’ll come on the ride and be a parent helper!’   (Obviously the pain of the ride is like the pain of labour and you conveniently forget!)

For some reason, Boy Wonder didn’t say no and now, six months later, here I am and needing to train for ‘the big ride.’ When I died on the first hill training ride with BW and his father three weeks ago, I said,  ‘I don’t think I want to do this.’ I thought it the perfect out for a 14 year-old boy who should be embarrassed that his mother was coming on the ride. No such luck. That darling, cute little boy from that photo above is is now a masochist. He says I have to come. (BTW, he is the tall one in grey on the right in the photo below).

So  I’m doing that sucker of a bike ride (different route) again, only this time with 75 teenagers,(sadly the insanity hasn’t faded)  a heap of other parents including my husband and a big bunch of staff. 110 people in total.

This ride goes through east Gippsland and there are a LOT of hills so I am concentrating on miles in the new whizz-bang saddle which doesn’t hurt the butt AND hills. I hate hills. On cool days I am fine.I can’t say I sail up them but I can find my rhythm and “sort of quote” Dory from Finding Nemo, ‘Just keep spinning’, and the legs go round and round.

On the hotter days my heart rate peaks at around 176…not good. That’s getting close to fainting level,…another 40 beats and it’s SVT and when you have your feet in cleats on a bike, that’s not a good option.   I have a month to get heat-ready. Hmm, all my life I have never been heat ready…  No, I will be fine. Pray for cool weather but no rain please 😉

For those of you interested in the sorts of things I might see through my sweat-filled, oxygen-deprived, out of focus eyes, here is a quick video. Ah marketing! It can make anything tantalisingly sexy and convince us to do crazy things.

Have you ever trained for something that put you out of your comfort zone?


FYI, I have a Christmas story out on November 1st in the UK and USA. Newborn Baby For Christmas is a modern take, a very 2012 take,  on the Christmas story. See how many things you can spot in the book! I hope you have fun reading it. I sure had fun writing it!


22 thoughts on “Writing and Biking”

  1. You’ll be fine, Fiona! Just keep believing! And what an accomplishment! (I did a four day bike ride a few years ago- by day 4 my bum was so numb it was way past hurting- just saying…)

    BTW I LOVE the cover- so gorgeous!

  2. Fiona,
    I so love to hear about what you’re doing downunder. I love riding a bike but days of it sounds like work. I did the Avon 3-day Breast Walk for Cancer once. Sixty miles in 3 days. It took my feet weeks to recover. I trained for months ahead of time. Walking 15 miles a day became routine. Still your ride sounds like fun. Okay, maybe not the hills.

  3. That’s great, Susan. I sometimes think that if you commit to something you create the time for it and for the training. I know that is what I am doing at the moment and the change of routine is actually invigorating.

  4. Fiona, GOOD LUCK! Though… surely as a parent helper you should be chauffeured from place to place so you’re readily available to deal with any crisis as it arises. :-p

    I love that cover, too!

  5. I’m late I know but I have my reasons…. I couldn’t let this post past without telling you that I am in awe! 48 miles was hard enough – I could hardly walk the evening I did the Glasgow to Edinburgh cycle but what you’re doing is amazing! I’m jealous though…I’d love to be cycling it with you.( Not least cos I’d expect to lose half my body weight in the process!)

    Anne x

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