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Cheeky Birds!

by Sharon Archer

Sometimes a trip develops an unexpected “theme”.  Among other things, our last big trip was about bold Australian native birds!  Today, I thought I’d share some photos of our feathered visitors.

You’ve probably heard the term “dove” grey – I think “brolga” grey is rather special, too!  At the Longreach caravan park there was a family group of brolgas which took a daily walk through the grounds, deigning to stop to sample the occasional tit-bit offered by the transients like us!  They were so elegant and I couldn’t help thinking there should have been a sound track as they strolled by.

Once I started to gather these together, it came as a bit of a surprise just how many bird snaps I’d taken on our travels!  But it was lovely to take a look through the pictures again.

I’ve saved the, er, funniest encounter for last…

So how about you, do you sometimes find an unexpected “theme” presents itself?


12 thoughts on “Cheeky Birds!”

  1. Fabulous photos, Sharon! No pelicans? My mother LOVES pelicans and we always have to take snaps of them for her. I do like your new family saying!
    I once wrote a book where mangoes became a theme! I had no idea…

    1. Fiona! You’re right! I forgot the pelican at Karumba! He might have to appear in another blog! And I got a rather lovely pelican at Monkey Mia on our last trip. So maybe a pelican-themed blog. LOL

      Mangoes! Now there’s a yummy theme!

  2. There’s something about birds…love them! We have a type of bird in Brazil called a Bem-Te-Vi (I think it’s a Great Kiskadee in English) that hangs out in our backyard. It gets its name from its call (sounds like it’s saying “bem te vi”–or “I see you well”). They call back and forth to one another almost all day–so much so that they’ve become background noise at our house. Here’s a link on You Tube of its call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neEgnHpv2FI&feature=related

    Love the picture of the kookaburra, Sharon! They’re much bigger than I imagined.

    1. Me too, Tina… as you can see! LOL
      I have a very soft spot for kookaburras and you’re right, they are quite large. They have the most amazing laugh – it always makes me smile.
      I’m zipping over to have a look at you Bem-Te-Vi You-tube now, while I have Internet connection!

  3. Such wonderful pictures, Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing them. I spent the last weekend at a writer’s conference in Washington state – Bellevue to be exact, and evidently there was also a Steampumk conference going on somewhere nearby. I felt like I’d time-traveled a bit here and there with these lovely full-costume sightings. I must say, as pretty as the women were, the guys were so darn rakish in their period suits with spats and hats and gadgets like monicals with bifocal extentions. And the hats. Oh those hats. So, I guess that was my theme recently. 🙂

  4. Sharon,
    What great pictures. What about the pengiuns at Phillips Island? My mother and I really enjoyed the parade. We think the pengiums are the best kept secret of Australia. We love them and I just happen to read about them some where.

    I enjoy going on your adventures. I found that I have pine cones and rocks from all over the world. Makes for great memories.

    1. Oh, yes, Susan! Those little fairy penguins are seriously cute, aren’t they! I have to confess that I haven’t been to Phillip Island to see them yet (only seen them on TV and in pictures) – must rectify that!

      Hey, I came across someone else who has a rock collection. – she was telling me about the one she has from her honeymoon. Her and her dh recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!

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