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Stress-less Days!

by Lucy Clark

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could each find one simple, cost-less, calorie free way to immediately de-stress ourselves?  Do you ever find there are some days when you’re running around, doing twenty million jobs at once and you feel there is no end in sight?  The day seems to be going from bad to worse, you can predict, almost the minute, what will happen and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it?

My tactic – and the only one I’ve found works in a way which helps to keep me relatively sane – is to barrel head-long into the day and survive it as best I can, safe in the knowledge that hopefully tomorrow will be better.

We all have days like these and I was thinking, if we were able to share some of our own tactics for getting through such days, what works for someone might work for another.  Your ideas may not be simple, may not be cost-less and may be filled with mounds of delicious and juicy calories but somedays, you’ve just go to go there.

On my writing desk, I have several ornaments – two of which are from the “Willow Tree” collection.

Lucy’s Treasures

These two little “angels” were given to me by my sisters.  The one holding the book signifies “The Love of Learning” and the other one with the lamp is “The Angel of Hope”.  My sisters gave these figurines to me individually (they hadn’t planned it that way) and at different times in my life – not for my birthday or Christmas but when I needed a reminder of their love the most.  These figurines sit on my desk as I write and help me to remember that I do have a love of learning and to always have hope in my life.  When I’m stressed – usually when I’m under a deadline – my gaze drifts to them and I am instantly relaxed, reminded that I am loved by my sisters.

I also have a miniature statue of Little Miss Forgetful – because I’m extremely forgetful.  I have a miniature statue of “Guido” from the movie Cars because I thought he was cute and funny.  I have two statues of “Mike” from Monsters Inc. because I am blind in one eye and Mike knows exactly how I feel.  I have a set of Chinese Baoding Balls – which are hand exercises balls to keep the muscles in your wrists nice and strong (good for typists) and they also make a lovely chiming sound which is rather soothing.  I also have a miniature “Snoopy” on my desk because I have loved him since I was a little girl. (how can you not love Snoopy?)

I have specifically placed these things on my desk because not only are they cute and fun to look at, especially amongst the paper and dictionaries and teacups but because they’re all very personal and sentimental to me.  I’m reminded of the people who gave them to me, of what these silly little statues signify in my life and they do help me to stop, take a breath and de-stress – even if it’s only for a moment.

Yet for those days when you get a speeding ticket, followed by a parking ticket, get bawled out at work for doing something wrong and spill coffee on your favourite top – and it’s your birthday – well on those types of days… calories are a MUST!

So what are some of the ways you manage your day to day little stress – or your big stresses?  The therapy session is open!



13 thoughts on “Stress-less Days!”

      1. *you’re
        (honestly, I can never get these right. I have at least one wrong “your/you’re” found in EVERY manuscript I write. My mum says it’s the way I was taught in grades 1-3 because at that school, they said the two were interchangable. I don’t remember that (because I was young and more interested in sweets/lollies and running around with my friends) but still, it’s one of those things that I never seem to get write… er, I mean right) (did I also mention, I’m a shocking proof reader?)

  1. Fun blog, Lucy. I love your desk cuties! I’m a definite Snoopy fan – after all he’s a fellow author!
    I’ve recently taken up yoga again and there’s nothing like a session to help me get things back into perspective. Makes me wonder why I ever stopped going… especially since the intervening years haven’t been so kind to the flexibility of joints!

    1. I’d completely forgotten that Snoopy was an author, too. Duh! Where’s my brain? (Off with Little Miss Forgetful, no doubt)
      Yoga is so incredibly hard. I’m hopeless at the bird pose. Mine looks more like a frog trying to fly. Not graceful at all! I do a Body Balance class once a week which is a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Get those down-dog’s happening!

  2. Hi Lucy – I have one of the willow tree collections – the angel of health – on my bedside table. I’d originally given to my mother a while back, and I gave another one to a friend fighting breast cancer. My mother has since passed away, and I took possession of her angel of health.

    When totally stressed, no calories – meditative prayer is good!

    1. Lynn, I admire your dedication with the meditative prayer. I was in my body balance class this morning and when we entered meditation (last thing) I actually fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the room. Never happened before. And yes – the angel of health – I imagine it means even more to you given your mother held it for a while. Connections are good. 🙂

  3. I’m a great believer in exercise for de-stressing- and I never thought I would EVER say that! But I always feel better after getting out in the fresh air, or my (Yeah, I know, I bore you all to death with it) zumba classes- but they truly keep me sane. Try not smiling when you’re in a room with thirty other middle-aged women doing Gangnam style dancing!

    Something else I came across recently and helped me through a difficult few days: http://www.getsomeheadspace.com Ten minutes a day of clearing your head. (Hey, I found out about it in Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter GOOP- if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me! LOL)

    1. Louisa, I’m totally jealous that you’re doing a Gangnam style dance in your Zumba class. Our instructor loves the burlesque dances so we do a few of them. I’m a Zumba fan, too but I have to say, it does depend on the instructor.

      And… Gwyneth has a newsletter called GOOP. 😀 Awesome. I’ll check it out!

  4. Argh! Have been soo busy with an overdue book lately – own fault but I feel like I haven;t hung out here in ages!

    I’m a bit like yuo Lucy – just surrender to the day, get through it best you can and hope tomorrow will be better.
    Reading and sleeping are two of my great ways to unwind.
    Alcohol also helps 🙂 but y’all knew I was going to be the totally un healthy one and say that right?

    1. I, too, am a fan of the reading and sleeping. Watching a ‘hang out’ tv comedy like Big Bang Theory or Cougar Town or HIMYM are also good ways I like to unwind.
      Thanks for coming to hang out. Good to see you… and speaking of overdue books… (tee hee – that’s me)

    1. Good heavens, Susan. I’m exhausted after going to the pool, even with the floating part. I’m not a huge swimmer though so that’s probably why I’m exhausted afterwards. The nap thing is interesting because it all depends on how long you nap for. Research has shown that 20mins is better than any other shorter/longer time frame, if you’re wanting to recharge the synapses. Problem is for me, it takes me 20 mins just to get comfortable so I *can* fall asleep.

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