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Great Endings by Amy Andrews

So I just finished my 32nd Harlequin. It’s not a medical, it’s a RIVA/KISS but there’s still nothing as satisfying as writing THE END! By the time I get to 50k I’m exhausted and frankly more than a little sick of the book, so I’m glad it’s over.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t loved my characters and that I’m a little sorry to see them go but in that immediate stage post typing THE END – it’s all about me! 🙂

But I guess it’s like that with ALL lengthy, challenging projects, right?

A sense of pride and completion. Wonder that you actually did it. That you stuck with it and kept going to the end.  

I think getting to the end of these things becomes even more important as the last days of the year approach.  A looming new year is always a good impetus to finish up those bits and pieces, isn’t it? Start a clean slate with a bright sparkly new year.

What about you? Have you got a project you’ve been attempting and finished or are about to finish? A book? Some DIY? Craft? A course?

You can see from the picture what my immediate project is – AMY CLEANS HER DESK!!

Before I go I wanted to share my latest release. It’s a novella in a Christmas anthology with 3 other fabulous authors including our own Kate Hardy. If you’re interested in checking it out you can go here.


Oh and as a special early pressie from me to you, anyone who leaves a comment to the above question will go into a draw to win a digital copy (Amazon) of the Baby, Its Cold Outside anthology!!


22 thoughts on “Great Endings by Amy Andrews”

  1. I’ve been cleaning my desk for years and I always get it nearly there. I’m left with pile of things that I don’t know what to do with and so I just start piling new stuff on the pile and I’m back where I started. Maybe I’ll make it my Christmas project. It will probably take a long time because I will have to read all the books sitting in the piles before I put them away. That’s how it works right?
    I already have my copy of the anthology. I can be nagged into submission. 🙂

    1. lol Fiona – I always start each project with a clean desk but it takes me about 2 days to have it looknig a mess again! My DH who is anally retentive clean and tidy just shakes his head…..
      Thank you for already buying the antho. MWAH!

  2. Hi Amy
    I love the spurt of energy I get when I finish a book! Co-incidentally I just handed my latest yesterday and I have to admit my desk looks worse than yours. I also have several coffee mugs lying around by the end of the day. So today I have been sorting papers while doing research for next book….
    The rest of my house could do with a good clear out too. Where does all the ‘stuff’ come from? Is it lonely and so walks off the street and into my house? Cos I certainly don’t recognise half of it.
    I’m off to South Africa in a couple of weeks and only come home a few days before Xmas, so I need to get organised now. That includes dealing with a leaking gutter that means we have to dodge a waterfall every time we leave the house and it’s raining. (Which is a lot of the time in Scotland.)

    Now off to check the link to your novella.


    1. Do you know Ann, that I know about 8 authors who’ve all handed their book in this week? It must be the looming threat of Christmas when we know everything will be shut down for 3 weeks in London! 🙂

      Once I’ve done the desk I have to attack the two-seater lounge in my bedroom which my hubby calls the lounge-robe…

      Hope you get some things done before your trip to SA!

  3. Congratulations on your 32nd Ending! Fantastic. I just finished a short story for Mammoth Books and bingo my AAs for my next Mills & Boon came across my computer this morning. So my desk will continue to look like yours for a bit longer.
    Oh, and no need to put me in the drawing. I clicked on the link, saw the fabu list of authors (I love each and every one of you) and bought it with one click. That dang buy with one click button will send into debt one day soon!

    1. lol Lynne! Do you know what landed in my inbox this morning? AA’s….. just when you think you have some breathing space 🙂

      And a big kiss for you too for already buying! I know what you mean about the one-click button! I think it’ll bankrupt me one day too!

  4. Wow–your 32nd book! That’s impressive! I’m great at starting projects–but then I get bored with it and start something new without finishing the last one. So I have all kinds of projects in various stages of completion. ;-0

    1. Hey Anon – thanks for laving a comment. I see you’re a starter 🙂
      Do you want to drop back and let me know your name so it can go in the draw other than Anon 😉 thanks!

    1. Hey Chey – thank you!
      Sewing is one project that will never be an issue for me! I do so admire people who can sew though. Good luck with it!

  5. Congrats on Finishing the book, Amy. I LOVE that feeling so much more than starting a book. I have had so many books back to back just recently thwt my desk will get tidied up next June!

  6. Yay, Amy, on finishing that book! I always feel the need to do something crafty after I hand in a book. I made a Christmas wreath out of Christmas balls with some friends a couple of days ago. Felt the same satisfaction hanging that wreath as I do finishing a book. I think being able to see something through to completion is what does it for me.

    Congrats again! (But hugs on getting those AA’s)!

    1. Would love to see that wreath, Tina! And I agree, seeing something through to the end is the best feeling!
      My biggets urge after I finish a book is to R E A D!! 🙂

  7. Hi Amy! Congrats on 32!! My desk looks like that all the time! I’m not at the end of anything, I’m just starting a new book, so full of anticipation and wondering where I’m going to end up.

    1. lol Louisa – I absolutely HAVE to start a book with a clean desk, like a clean new emty page I guess. But yeh, as with the book, it doesn;t take long for the rot to set in! 🙂
      Good luck with your fresh new book. That’s a good feeling too – it just doesn’t last that long 🙂

  8. Oh Amy, you make me feel normal. My desk looks like yours and whilst I try to organise and find some sort of structure, the kids keep dumping things all over my desk and then it’s all messy again (yep – I’m blaming the kids. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
    Mega congrats on book 32! What was your celebratory treat for yourself? Massage? Manicure? A day to just sit and read? (I love those).

    Lucy – closing her eyes so she can ignore the mess on her desk for a while longer…

    1. My kids contribute significanlty to the mess on my desk too, Lucy! Readng is always my treat although tomorrow am seeing the new James Bond film now that not only my desk but the lounge-robe and the chest-robe AND the fridge are all sparkling!

  9. Hi Amy, your post is so timely as yesterday I typed The End to a project that I’ve been editing on and off though I finished it last July. Absolutely agree about the year end wanting to make you tidy up the unravelled ends.
    Congrats on your new release. Would love to read the intriguingly titled story.
    Good luck with your 32nd!

  10. Yay, Amy! Congratulations on your 32nd book! That’s awesome!
    I identify with your desk… and with Princess Fi’s comment that she’s been cleaning her desk for years! SO have I! LOL

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