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The Christmas Tat Awards

Yes, I do know what the date is.

But, in my defence I’ve been buying Christmas decorations for the last few months. My other half labels it all Christmas tat. It’s got to the stage I have to hide my purchases as I come into the house. Because it’s like a disease – an addiction.

The Mills and Boon Author lunch was in September this year. And it really didn’t help matters that both Harrods and Fortnum and Mason had their Christmas departments open already. I felt as if they were calling my name.

Buckingham Palace didn’t help matters either. They had lots of Christmas tat for sale too. As a result, I’ve ended up with a green Harrods bauble, two Buckingham Palace crowns, a horse and queen, and a Fortnum and Mason horse and spectacular peacock.

And thereby lies a tale. I also had a spectacular red Christmassy bauble from Fortnum and Mason, all beautifully wrapped. It lasted approximately 30 mins. In my rush to get back to my room at the Charing Cross Hotel my bags got trapped in one of the swinging doors and I heard the tinkle of a shattering bauble.

Never mind, I’ve found a light- up bauble that will probably be too heavy to hang from any Christmas tree!

So, does anyone else buy Christmas tat??


18 thoughts on “The Christmas Tat Awards”

  1. I have just set up my Christmas villages–yes, plural. I twelve different spots in the house where these villages are “housed”. Next weekend the tree goes up. I have enough ornaments to decorate 5 trees, but no they will not all be displayed, neither will there be five trees, but there will be two. Christmas tat? I have plenty of that.

    1. Oh, oh…Christmas villages..the thing that I look at longingly every year but down own yet. I would love one. I’ve seen some really pretty ones that light up….

  2. FF here. I like Christmas, but I don’t decorate until December 1st. The French celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They don’t celebrate the season of Christmas.

    1. Fake Frenchie, believe it or not I try and hold off putting my decorations up and (shock, horror) I always take them down before 31 dec, but while up – they are spectacular – in my mind, anyway!

  3. Scarlet, you are a woman after my own heart! I always pop into Fortnum and Masons after the AMBA meeting in September to stock up on Christmas tat…ehem, tasteful objects for Christmas, please. I missed out this year as I was away on holiday and unable to make it to the lunch but I have been buying the odd artistic item locally. I even treated myself to a gorgeous Alpine church scene made from balsa wood which has tiny lights in it. Not sure where I shall put it. Well away from my 2 yr-old grandson is a priority! But it is just beautiful.

    Like Frenchie I shall start decorating on December 1st. I can’t wait!

  4. When I first read the title, I thought you’d gone and gotten a Christmas tattoo! 😉 I was anxious to see what kind of ink you’d gotten (my daughter has been pestering me for ages to get one…so that’s my excuse). But the items you got are adorable. Your tree is going to be very festive.

    Our tree is up and I love decorating, but by the end of the year, I’m more than ready for it all to come back down–but no one lets me touch it until January 1st.

    1. Tree up already?? Wow, and no, I’m so not going for a tattoo. Still have nightmares about the old woman who had one on her breast when I was a student nurse in the geriatric ward – once seen, never forgotten!

  5. Hi Scarlet,
    I used to buy a lot of Christmas “tat” especially when the kids were young. Now they’ve grown and live on their own, and, well, it’s hard to get excited about decorating for Christmas each year. However, I usually find at least one new ornament or do-dad I can’t live without during the season. i like the pretty stuff like all of the baubles in your picture.
    You’ll have to buy a very sturdy tree if you keep this up!

  6. I try to control my need to buy more. I have so many now. At one time I used to put up five trees. Now I’m in more control. My ornments tend to be the ones we have used for years. They mean something to us and particularly to the kids. I do love to look at the ornments in the store though. You have some great new ones.

  7. Aww, those decorations are gorgeous! We’re going to be away for Christmas and New Year this year so I’m not sure I’ll put up a tree…but usually I love taking out all the baubles and decorations that we’ve amassed over the years. Each one has a special memory, and I even put out the sad old falling apart ones the kids made years and years ago because christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. I think I’m pretty much the only one in my male dominated house who actually enjoys decorating the tree, but I make sure they’re all involved somehow- grumps or not!

    1. I have several homemade things too, the glitter as long since fell off and they are bashed and crumpled, but who cares? Away for Christmas? Is that good, or bad??

  8. I freaking love Christmas decorations! 🙂 We have quite a collection from around the world now and I love getting them out each year and thinking – oh yeh, that’s from the Vienna Christmas markets or yeh, got that in Oberammergau etc etc. Three years ago the kids and I spent hours in the Harrods Christmas shop in the post Christmas sales and our tree now boasts many decs from Harrods and many happy memories!
    I just love love love Xmas!

    1. Oh, oh Vienna Christmas markets! Amy you are a very bad influence! I felt myself go into a spasm and start googling the prospect! I’d like a photo of those!

  9. I love your new Xmas tat – in fact I have a really bad case of Xmas-tat envy, Scarlet! I wouldn’t have been able to resist buying any of these but most especially the Harrod’s ball and the little horses!

    I buy the occasional ornament in the run up to Xmas (this year it was a Mickey Mouse in Xmas colours – something I really really need, ya know!) And then when the sales are on… well, I’m sure you can picture it!!

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