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December is upon us.

Hello there and happy December. My word it’s close to 2013.

The Christmas parties have started. This is me, our doctor’s surgery party, on the Junk at Port Macquarie. Such fun.


The exciting news is I’m on long service leave from my other job and normally I’m trying to fit ten things in at once. I’ve four weeks off and go back on the afternoon of Christmas Day. With luck I might even get to catch a Christmas baby as well, but for now, I’m only getting out of bed when I want to for the next wee while. That’s pretty cool.


Apparently I have three hundred (300!) long service days owing to me – so – wow! I guess that means I’ve been in this little country hospital a long time.


So this year, in the lead up to Christmas, once this last bit of my 28th book falls into place, (I’m just at that smiley, Oh my goodness, I love this, point J) then I’ll be on holidays from writing too.

I’ll be really able do all those things I keep meaning to do every year before the end of the year but never get to. So excited about that.


What do you wish you could get done at this time of the year? Like Christmas cards, where did they go? I love Christmas cards (and the Christmas missive with all the family goss) yet the last two years I haven’t managed the satisfaction of achieving that goal. There’s something really cool about sending a card. All I managed last year was a quick return for those who sent to me – I mean you can’t miss those.


Then there’s the massive spring clean. With my youngest child officially an adult (in Australia that’s eighteen) there is a lot of sorting of accumulated unnecessary items. My husband has put his hand up to help make that happen before the end of December. I’m seriously excited about that.


But most of all I’ve got a to-be-read pile a mile high.


So it’s an exciting month, what have you got planned for December? I’d love to hear


Keep well and keep happy





9 thoughts on “December is upon us.”

  1. Yep, I’m with you Fi. I’ve read 4 books in the last 5 days and it feels D E C A D E N T!!!
    Whats more, I have a whole pile, including digital that I fully intend to get through before the start of school next year. That’s my goal!
    And I’m lovin’ it!

  2. Hi Fiona!
    What a lovely picture, and you deserve all the time off you can get. Use it wisely, even if that means squandering it on doing absolutely nothing!
    We’re kicking off our Christmas season by attending a Christmas music concert by a college with a fantastic music department, in a huge and gorgeous church in Pasadena, CA, Dec 2nd. then we’ll be seeing the Manhattan Transfer (I’ve always wanted to see them) on December 4th. We hope to sneak in at the nearby university concert the following weekend. That should put us in the mood for Dec 25. Our son will be home for Christmas and our daughter and s-i-l will also be nearby so it will be special.

    1. That sounds like a gorgeous lead up, Lynne. So glad your son and family are coming. I will have four out of five here. Love the sound of the orchestra’s. i had tears in my eyes listening to Lady Atebellum’s Christmas album. Lovely time of the year. Wishing you joy xx Fi

  3. Rubbing my hands in glee for you at the thought of your TBR list, Fi! Enjoy your time off!

    Gosh, you’ve accumulated an AMAZING amount of long service leave! What a holiday you must be planning! I could come and carry your bags for you! LOL

    Just the usual gatherings of friends and family for us leading up to Xmas and New Year. I’m working through – we had our awesome holiday in the middle of the year so I’m not complaining! In fact after the heat of yesterday, I think I might be very glad of the air conditioning in the office!

  4. Sorry to be so late. Enjoy your service days, Fi! That time off is always so lovely. You get to decide what to do and when you want to do it. I’ve been on a reading jag this past week (just finished National Novel Writing Month and I’m taking a break). It feels wonderful to get lost in other people’s books and not have a deadline looming!

    Have fun!

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