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Is your Fate in the Stars?

December is the best stargazing month where I live, in Louisiana, USA.  It’s finally cool enough that the mosquitoes don’t carry us off and the skies are generally clear. What is more romantic than holding hands with the one you love under a dark, twinkling sky?

scorpioSo, yes–I’m all for astronomy.  But is our fate really pre-written in the universe’s celestial beings?  As in astrology?

Yes? No?  Kinda?

I’m in the Kinda bordering on Yes category.  I’ve always thought the predictions were broad enough to cover everything, so, sure, I believe that ‘a stranger may present certain challenges to you today.  Take them in stride.’ (from a recent horoscope)

But then, well, here’s a true confession.  I’ve got a major crush on this rock star (the man can sing  over 4 1/2 octaves and hold his high notes strongly for over 23 seconds–yes, I’m impressed! But I digress.)  Anyway, this rock star just got a tattoo of his sun, moon and ascent sign.  Which made me wonder…

cancerI understand the Sun sign.  But what’s a moon and ascent sign? –Which led me to research my own signs. (Did I mention that, sometimes, I procrastinate when I should be writing<G>?)

(Here’s the link if you want to see what your signs are.  http://www.alabe.com/freechart/  )

According to my research, Rising signs are how we appear to others.  Moon signs are our emotional personalities, our subconscious that drives what we do.  And Sun signs are our basic personalities, who we are when not surrounded by other people.

It turns out my Sun sign is Cancer (which I knew), Moon sign Gemini with Scorpio Rising (which I didn’t know).  These are pretty diverse signs.  Scorpio Rising is quiet and reserved. Moon Gemini can be a nonstop talker.  Hmmmm.

But each one of my signs says I’m a homebody.  I need a quiet place to be myself.  I’m reflective.  No wonder I was so exhausted after all those years in the corporate world, climbing that steep and noisy ladder.  Sounds like being a writer (and an avid reader) creates the perfect environment for me, doesn’t it?

So, looking for a reason (excuse) for your behavior?  Check out your signs!

Oh, and if this post seems to be all over the boards, skittering here and there, that would be because of my moon sign.  According to Astrolabe “Restlessness in the extreme…because of your short attention span.”  Wonder what I should research now?  Tattoos?  Or maybe I should check out my rock star’s new video instead?  Or I could cook something–something chocolate maybe….




10 thoughts on “Is your Fate in the Stars?”

  1. I don’t put much faith in astrology but sometimes read the prognostications just for fun. And the old Linda Goodmans Sun Signs book is a great tool to use for characterizations.

    1. But Winnie, they fit you!!!! I think I had the Linda Goodman book once. I’ll have to find it and see what is says about my signs…..

  2. Well accoding to the chart I’m a Sag with a Pieces rising and a Taurus moon.
    Yada yada 🙂
    Dont really believe in any of it and the Sag description is about 90% not me so….
    But like Winnie I often use astrology for characterisation!

  3. What fun, Connie, I couldn’t resist visiting! I’m a Sag with Scorpio rising … which almost gives me a push-me-pull-you personality because the Sag is gregarious and outgoing while Scorpio is quiet, reserved and secretive!

    Horoscopes are fun but I don’t take them seriously… OTOH, I do know that my dh and I are Sun Sign compatible and that certainly seems to be true! So I guess I’m happy to take from them what I want and ignore the rest! 😉

    1. Push me-pull you psersonality–I like that! By the way, according to several sources online, Scorpios rising have sexy walks…..

  4. Connie,
    You are too funny. My sign is Pisces. Two fish. They make me think of cold and I don’t want to be a cold person. I’d draw mine as the sun if I could.

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