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Creation vs Construction by Amy Andrews

So, those of you who popped into the Harlequin open house this week may already have seen this picture. It’s the wreath on my front door that I lovingly create each Christmas out of other “stuff”.

I love this thing. Mainly because it’s a different twist on a traditional wreath (which really aren’t big here in Oz) and it looks kind of country which suits the rural acerage block where we live. But  mostly I love it because, not being a crafty person in any way shape or form,  the fact that I can make this and it looks good is ALWAYS a thing of wonder to me 🙂 It’s just some rustic wall art that hangs on the wall near my BBQ for 11 months of the year awaiting its seasonal transformation and some strings of Christmas tree beads put to an alternate use.

But I think it looks really Christmassy, don’t you? Really “outback” Christmassy.

And its kind of the way I roll these days in the midst of a busy life and lack of the craft gene. I “construct” rather than create using things I already have and mashing them together. I also tend to cook that way as well. Taking a few already “prepared” things and putting them together to create a wholly different dish.

What about you guys out there – are you creators or contructors? Do you do things from scratch or do you cheat like I do?? Not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂Wreath


20 thoughts on “Creation vs Construction by Amy Andrews”

  1. Beautiful wreath, and it is creative whether you want to call it that or not. 🙂 I think I would fall more into your category as far as creating vs constructing. And I know exactly what you mean about cooking, too. I love to throw stuff together. Fortunately, hubby’s not to particular.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Amy!

  2. It’s gorgeous! I’m neither a creator nor a constructor- but I’m a damned fine shopper! LOL- I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I’ve tried- sewing, cross stitch, drawing, knitting…and I have lots of unfinished woefully bad projects in various cupboards around the house.

    1. Thanks Louisa. You know I really really wish I was one if those naturally crafty people, I’d love to be able to sew and knit and cross stitch or quilt. I truly take my hat off to those people. Alas, for me, it wasn’t to be 😦

      1. Oh shoot, yes, I’d forgotten about the quilting- ahem, spent a lot of money on fabric, made a dog’s dinner of the sewing. Time to say quits to all that I think!

        Still, I do have some talents, I’m good at drinking wine. I can even do all the colours!

  3. Brilliant, Amy! And because it has a non-Christmas function as well, you don’t have the problem of storing it from December to December!

    Creator vs constructor? – I think I’m a bit of both. I do love taking something that’s outlived it’s normal ‘life’ and turning it into a useful something else. So I guess I’m a ‘recycler’!

  4. Hi Amy ~ I love the way you decorated your wreath for Christmas. I used to make quite a lot of things so I guess you could call me a once-was crafts person.

    I think you have “crafted” a lot of wonderful stories. They have been seen by a lot of people and we really appreciate them.

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