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Those Lazy Days between Christmas & New Year

IMG_4549Many years ago, before I had children, both my husband and I used to work between Christmas and New Year. I enjoyed it as things at the Community Health Centre, although frantic at the run-up to Christmas were generally very quiet from Dec 27-31. I used to clean up my desk and the filing cabinet!

Back in 2000, my husband took a job at a university and our lives changed. Universities close between Christmas and New Year and you have no choice but to take the leave. For the last 12 years, we’ve had this ‘gift’ of time. We use it to relax and to catch up with friends and family.  Many people take vacation time and head to their beach holiday where there is a lot of relaxing!

On Dec 26th we kick back and recover from the food-fest of Christmas day. I usually read a book although yesterday I actually worked, editing my Gold Coast Hospital continuity, coming to you sometime in 2013 😉 Tomorrow we are hosting the Lowe Family annual gathering. There will be a BBQ, badminton, swimming, eating and talking. So I guess you have worked out what I am doing today! On Saturday, I am DEFINITELY reading a book!

Newborn Baby for ChristmasUSA

The evenings are spent watching movies and we will be taking Boy Wonder to see The Hobbit, which opened yesterday down here. The Lad and his GF went to see it last night. With him now being 18 and having a part-time job over the summer, our life is changing again. New stages and new experiences!

So do you get to have a lazy time between Christmas and New Year or is  that just an ‘Aussie summer’ thing? What do you get up to between Dec 26-Dec 31?


12 thoughts on “Those Lazy Days between Christmas & New Year”

  1. Hi Fiona! I know what you mean about the lovely ‘catch-up’ time when you work between Christmas and New Year. In the histology lab we used to use it to cut control slides and clear up the fridges and freezers, make sure there were plenty of reagents made up, all sorts of things to make the new year start off smoothly!

    A trip to the movies sounds like an excellent way to spend some holiday time. I’m rather keen to see Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables.

  2. Ooh, yes I’m keen on Les Mis too! But having just returned from 10 days away domestic chores will take over and I’ll be seeing the New Year in looking after a sick child or two so not a lot of down time for me now.
    But I did read 5 books while I was away – 5!!!! A blissful record and I plan on getting through quite a few more before end of Jan!

  3. Hi Fiona, it’s catch-up time here too, although there’s not a lot of basking in the sun going on. I always used to go into work in between Christmas and New Year, because it was about the only time I got to see the surface of my desk 🙂

    For the last few years it’s been films, books and plans for the New Year, though. Oh, and just a short spell at the keyboard with the new book!

  4. Hey Fiona. Your plans sound like fun and work! I usually catch up on stuff I’ve not finished for the year, spend a few days away with writing friends get some work done but I make it a point to read more during this time, especially holiday related books. And most years I try to sleep a lot.

  5. I would say there is certainly a let down from the Christmas hustle and bustle, but depending when Christmas falls (day of the week) the hustle may continue. Last night we met with my sister and most of her family (so hard to herd adults together, isn’t it?) for dinner. My SIL couldn’t be there due to working night shift in ER, but my daughter and son (who is in for a short time from out of town) were there, my hubby and I, and we had a great Italian meal in a very busy Ma and Pa restaurant somewhere halfway between most of us. The main thing I like to take a break from after Christmas is cooking! I hope you had a fabulous BBQ and swim party. As for me, the heater is on in the house. 🙂

  6. Yesterday was Boxing Day so we went to my sister’s farm for her annual Boxing Day celebration. Today, I’ve spent a bit of time reading, a bit of time shoveling snow, and a bit of time visiting some web sites. In general just a lazy day. Tomorrow we may brave the crowds and do a bit of shopping.

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