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British weather – how we love it! by Jennifer Taylor

While friends in Australia have been sweltering in 45C heat, here in the UK we have had our first snow of the winter. It hasn’t been all that heavy compared to some countries but it has created the usual havoc.
Trains and planes have been cancelled, schools have closed and business have struggled to survive thanks to employees being stuck in traffic jams. For a country which can face several changes of weather in a single day, we seem very ill-prepared when it comes to dealing with our climate.
I have a theory that we actually prefer it this way. We Brits like nothing better than to complain about the vagaries of our weather. It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too foggy – you’re never stuck for something to talk about when you live here!
It also presents us with a challenge and there’s nothing we enjoy more than a bit of adversity. Yesterday I popped into the village for some milk, a trip that usually takes no more than ten minutes. An hour later I arrived home after having chatted to at least a dozen neighbours who had all struggled out through the snow. We complained bitterly about the cold, the slippery conditions, the fact that the roads hadn’t been cleared – and all came home feeling so much better for it. Our weather presents us with some wonderful social occasions.
The other lovely thing about the recent snow is watching my 2 year-old grandson’s delight when he encountered the freezing white stuff for the first time. I took him out into the garden last Friday and he had the most wonderful time, catching snowflakes on his tongue, eating handfuls of it, lying on the ground and making snow angels, and snowballing nana! I feel so lucky to be able to watch him enjoying all these new experiences.

That thought brings me on to my new book (Surprise, surprise!) The Son That Changed His Life tells the story of French doctor Benedict Legrange and his shock on discovering that he has a child. After being treated for cancer, Ben was informed that he would be unable to father a child so when Emily, his girlfriend, told him that she was pregnant with his baby, he didn’t believe her. Now he has returned to Bride’s Bay and seen Emily and little Theo he realises what a terrible mistake he has made. He is overwhelmed at the thought that he has a son. He wants nothing more than to spend his life with Emily and Theo, loving and caring for them but is it right when his cancer could come back? Surely it would be better for them if he left?
It’s a quandry for Ben to decide what he should do but what do you think? Are you the sort of person who would grab happiness with both hands? Or would you try to make a more measured decision? I’d love to hear your views!
love to you all,


14 thoughts on “British weather – how we love it! by Jennifer Taylor”

  1. Good morning from cold Georgia, Jennifer. No snow here but the weatherman is talking ice. This is a fire and a good read day.As for you question, ‘dI grab life. Some happiness is better than none at all. Any amount of time you can have with the people you love is special.

    1. Hi Susan!
      I hope you survive the ice. Having had two near-falls this morning taking my granddaughter to school, I am being extra cautious for the next few days!

      I agree with you that any time you can have with those you love is precious. However, I would hate to think of causing them a great deal of heartache too. It’s a difficult one, isn’t it?

      I shall now attempt to send this reply. The first effort disappeared so sorry if you get this twice.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    Here in the US we have many hardy folks who live in the NorthEast and MidWest who deal with extreme weather just about every winter. I, on the other hand, live in Sunny California and when it rains you’d think the world came to an end. I’m not proud of being a weather wuss, but I do love the climate in SoCal – it is very similar to Nice, France…which brings me to your French hero. Wow this sounds like an intense tear jerker.

    I’d like to think I’d grab life for the gusto if threatened by cancer, but I can see very clearly why he would hesitate to get involved with his new-found family. It’s better to have some time together than no time at all. Plus, love has a way of making people stay healthy.

    Lovely to “see” you here on LIBM, Jennifer.

    1. Hi Lynne,
      Licky you to live in a part of the world which enjoys such a heavenly climate. Mind you I rather like our quirky UK weather. I enjoy the seasons (when we get them – summer seems to have got lost the last couple of years!) and the “wonder what it will do tomorrow” factor. Let’s just say that the boot of my car holds an assortment of items ranging from sun cream to wellies!

      I found this book rather a tear-jerker to write actually. Ben’s predicament is so difficult to resolve but love does win through in the end. Although it’s about a serious subject, it isn’t a dark or gloomy book – far from it. You’re willing the Ben and Emily to find a solution to their problems.

      Lovely to be here although it took some help to get me to the right spot!


  3. Hi Jennifer, what a great question. As for weather, I’m from Florida, and my hubby is from Ohio (where we own a home). The first winter I experienced there was rather traumatic (there was a blizzard and snow was piled high for almost a week (the city came to a standstill). I’d like to think I’ve gotten tougher since then, but…probably not.

    As for your hero, I’m definitely a grab life type of person. There are never any guarantees in life, so we have to cherish each day we have. Saying that, I can see how your hero would want to protect those he loved from any heartache. A very difficult decision that will keep your readers turning those pages.

    1. Hi Tina!
      I can imagine the shock you had moving from sunny Florida to Ohio! It must have been love to convince you to trade in all that gorgeous sunshine for feet-high snow.

      It’s always hard to balance your needs against the needs of those you love, isn’t it? It’s a compromise most of us have to make at some stage in out lives and it’s so important we get it right. However, when we do it’s worth all the soul searching.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. You’re so right, Jennifer – we Brits love to hate our weather 🙂 And there’s nothing like a little snow to bring out our talkative side. I’m very fond of the different seasons too, even if it is a bit difficult to tell which one we’re in for on any given day.

    Your question’s a tough one! I’d like to think that I’d grab happiness with both hands, but faced with that situation, I’m not sure whether I might not be more cautious. Ben’s dilemma sounds like a real must-read!

    1. Hi Annie,
      Yep, our weather is one of our favourite talking points, isn’t it? Put a couple of Brits together anywhere in the world and we’ll end up discussing the weather back home. Still at least we’re never stuck for a topic when meeting new folk!

      Thanks for that kind comment about Ben’s dilemma. I’m really hoping my readers will enjoy the book as I loved writing it.
      Keep warm!

  5. This sounds like a great book.
    I’m thinking I’d like to grab what happiness I can while I can. I’d probably tell the other person about what has happened to me health wise first.

    1. Hi Kaelee,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree about honesty being vital in this situation. However, that naturally makes it hard for Emily. She loves Ben and wants to be with him no matter what but there’s little Theo to consider. She has to do a lot of soul-searching too.
      I don’t think I could have written tihs book if I didn’t believe in the power and value of love. It can help you overcome some terrible obstacles, can’t it?

  6. Hi Jennifer! Great fun to read about your weather-induced social life! And I must say it made me realise that we’re the same over here… It’s so hot at the moment so it’s “Wow, it’s a real stinker today.” and then when a cool change finally comes through “how fabulous is this after yesterday’s heat.”! LOL The weather is very important!

    Your hero’s dilemma sounds like a wrenching one… I’d love to think I’d be a grab the happiness person (after being honest about my situation with other person) but I also know I’m inclined to be a worry wart so it can really make that focus on enjoying the moment hard to maintain!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I think we should swop weather for a couple of days. We’ll swelter in your heat and you can chill out in our snow. I guess it’s a case of never being satisfied with what we’ve got, isn’t it?

      I’m a worry wart too so I would find it hard to make such a life-changing decision. Thankfully, my hero gets there in the end, though!

  7. Hi Jennifer. In a country that was burning a few days ago to now growing gills, snow seems quite magical indeed! Bu I’m sure we’d complain about it too – the “idea” of snow is always so much mor attractive!

    I’m a grab life by the hands kind of girl. Maybe that’s the nurse in me….maybe it’s just getting older and knowing how fast time flies. Blink and your 90!
    Btw, I do love a French hero 🙂

    1. Hi Amy,
      I just heard on the morning news that parts of Australia are suffering from severe flooding. You really are having it tough and I hope you aren’t too badly affected by the crazy climate.

      I understand the “blink and you’re 90!” scenario! No, I’m not that old but time really rushes past, doesn’t it? I try to enjoy every single day and make the most of it.

      Stay dry,

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