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Late Again!

First of all – my apologies to those of you for whom it’s now Tuesday.  I’d love to be able to say that my glamorous, busy life has made me late for this blog, but the truth is that I forgot that it was my turn this month.

And secondly, I’d like to ask for a huge round of applause (cheering encouraged, and those of you with hats may throw them in the air) for the lovely and outrageously talented Scarlet Wilson. Last month, Scarlet announced on her blog post that she’s been nominated twice for the RoNA Rose Award, and she’ll be attending the Awards Ceremony tomorrow. Her two nominations are for ‘West Wing to Maternity Wing’ and ‘Her Christmas Eve Diamond’. Have a wonderful time, Scarlet!

But on to my topic for this blog.  Why, oh why, can’t I be early for once in my life?  I hate keeping people waiting, and so I try really hard not to be late, which means I usually turn up bang on time.  But if there’s a train to be caught, I often find myself hurrying for it, instead of ambling along the platform, with plenty of time to choose my seat.  If I’m expected for a meal at seven, then I’ll turn up at seven.  On the dot.  Not one moment earlier.

And in truth, I’d like to be early for things.  Spend a little time waiting around, instead of arriving just in time.  But somehow, however early I start out, I never quite manage it.

Sometimes it’s the grand transport conspiracy.  Trains which stop before they’re meant to. Buses which decide to hang around for a while at the stop to ‘regulate the service’.  Sometimes it’s entirely my own fault – getting off the bus / train at the wrong stop, or parking in the wrong car park will do it every time.  Getting lost, which I do quite a lot because I have very little sense of direction, is a regular culprit.  Or even finding that I’m so early that I can just nip into the coffee shop on the way, and then taking longer than I’d thought to work my way through one of those blueberry muffins that look so nice.

I’m the same with my deadlines.  I’m never late, but I’m never early either.  If I try to send a manuscript off a few days before my deadline, I’m sure to find something that can be changed or improved.  There just seems to be something about the eleventh hour which concentrates my mind.

But I get there in the end.  Sometimes a little breathless and flustered, and always grateful to anyone who arrives after I do.  And I am working on it.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to Be Early.  As this blog testifies, it hasn’t been an unqualified success, but it’s a work in progress.  And there’s something so nice about not deciding that I can fit just one more little job in before I leave home, and sauntering in somewhere ten minutes early.

So what about you?  Are you an early bird, a just-on-timer or fashionably late?  And do you think that early or late are sometimes not so much a matter of how difficult it’s been to get somewhere, but just a state of mind?  And you early birds – any tips for me?

Annie x

P.S.   I’m thrilled to say that my fourth book ‘The Rebel and Miss Jones’ is available this month as an e-book in the US. And they’ve given me such a lovely cover!







14 thoughts on “Late Again!”

  1. Love the US cover version of your book, Annie.
    I used to be an on-timer (or a bit early) but now that I’ve left nursing and write at home, my punctuality skills has flown out the window! Now I come rushing in, barely making the appt or whatever, at the scheduled hour.
    As for turning in books early – the editors schedule us in to their reading calendar, so sending early only makes that ms sit and wait until they’ve earmarked the time to open the document. So, no point in sending it in early – at least that has been my experience. 🙂

  2. Great blog, Annie- although you’ve raised the one issue that causes the most arguments in my house! I’m a serial earlybird. I hate being late- for anything. I’d gladly get somewhere and then hang around for hours than be a minute late. I don’t know why I’m like that. Mainly, I think, I hate rushing. I hate arriving somewhere breathless and flustered and in a panic.

    It drives everyone in my house mad. So why the heck I married a serial in-your-face-just-to-make-me-cross late-bird heaven only knows. He is late for everything. He seriously underestimates how long it takes to get anywhere and never factors in delays/distractions/problems. He was even late for our wedding! When I pointed out that it was supposed to be MY perogative he said- yeah right, that would never happen. Ever. And he reckons he was ON TIME, not late. But even ON TIME is late in my book. (LOL! Do you see the OCD tendencies here?)

    We now have a way of dealing with it- we agree on a time to leave to get somewhere and both try to stick to it. (But I always tell him we need to be somewhere at least 15 minutes before we should be, just so as we’re on time;-).)

    And now you know way too much about me. xx

    1. Must be true love, Louisa! You’re absolutely right that it’s all about factoring in the delays and disruptions. I like to think that it’s optimism which leads me to believe I won’t lose my way or be delayed on the train, but nine times out of ten it’s just plain failure to face the facts 🙂

  3. Annie,
    I’m an on timer. I don’t want to be a minute early or a minute late. If I’m early I could have been doing something else that needed to be done. I hate wasting time standing around because I’m early. I can be late sometimes which drives my have to be there early husband crazy. I’m never late to anything I consider super important– deadlines, workshops, weddings.

    1. That’s the thing, isn’t it Susan. At the moment when I do manage to keep my resolution, I’ll sit and wait in a relaxed, golden haze of success, but the sneaking suspicion that I could have dropped in somewhere on the way to do something useful is never too far from my mind 🙂

  4. Late. I am always late. Or exactly on time. But very very rarely am I ever early. Sound familiar, Annie?!

    I could blame the six kids or the dogs. Or even the cat. But the truth is I’m a great one for thinking I have “5 more mins” before we have to leave. Or read one more chapter, stick one more load in the washing machine. And I’m wrong. Every single time. I don’t have 5 more mins or time to do another job. Those things make me late.

    And knowing this *should* change my habits. But it doesn’t. In fact my mother calls me “last minute Annie”. Not sure why!!

    1. Very familiar, Catherine! It’s that little word ‘just’ that seems to cause all the trouble. I’ll just do…. 🙂

      Mind you, with six kids, dogs and a cat, it’s not surprising you’re a ‘last minute Annie’ My mother used to call me that too! x

  5. I hate being late, it stresses me out so i used to always be early until i had kids :). Not that i’m blaming them ( I’m with Catherine on this one) it’s just that there’s so much more to do now!

    5 minutes spare – that’s another bed made, a phone call to book a dentist appointment or a quick email check or, best of all, another chapter read. Luckliy I’m still getting away with it but now, instead of being early, i’m just on time, LOL.

  6. I was rasied by a serial early bird so there was no hope for me….
    I do much prefer to be early to things then late but over the years I’ve curbed the habit so I mainly arrive just a minute or so early.
    I do like to get to flights early though. I hate to be cutting it too fine and worry about missing the plane and also, as a people watcher, airports are my crack cocaine! I’d rather get there an hour earlier than I need to, get me a coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time) and just watch the comings and goings!

    1. Amy, I’m starting to wonder whether we’re all just hard wired to be early birds or (ahem) slightly later birds. And by a triumph of curbing our different habits, we somehow manage to arrive at the same place, at more or less the same time 🙂

      I’m with you all the way on airports! Uncharacteristically, I’m usually the first one out of the door when there’s a flight to catch, and more than happy to sit around and people-watch for a few hours.

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