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Inspector Gadget

Just so you know, my house is in chaos. After ten years of living here we decided to renovate the kitchen. It’s been a little crazy and as I’m in the middle of revisions right now I haven’t been able to give it my full attention. But this weekend I decided I had to focus. Here’s a before picture: (please see past the mess- as I said, in revision hell at the mo).




Here’s a couple more photos of my current state of play. Thinking of getting a burgundy glass splash back so I painted to see how it would look- what do you think? We still have a long way to go – painting, new lighting, finishing off etc.











In order to keep my new shiny cupboards in some semblance of order I thought it would be a good idea to go through all those odd kitchen gadgets you accumulate over the years and have a sort out. And what an assortment of ‘labour saving’ devices we had there! I have a juicer (hardly used), a bread maker (used infrequently), quite a collection of chopper/whizzy/blender things/ a pasta maker (lovely if you have all the time in the world. I haven’t), a slow cooker (which I use a lot), a sandwich maker and rice cooker, things that are supposed to make perfect scrambled eggs in the microwave (they don’t)…and more. So much more.

I can see the point of most of these things, even if I don’t use them a lot. But what on earth was I thinking when I bought the onion chopper? I have two hands and a knife- what easier way to chop an onion? But I paid (a lot) of good money for something that takes twice as long and uses 4 different parts that all need washing! (And you still need a knife and two hands).

onion chopper

Same with the slicer/shredder thing I got from a home expo- you know the kind of thing- a guy does a demo and you’re convinced you can’t live without his amazing product. Believe me, you can. Apart from ripping the skin from most of my fingertips I never could work out how to put it together properly, and anyway the veggies still came out looking as if I’d used two hands and a knife! I really must curb my enthusiasm for buying things that make life harder not easier.

my favourite kitchen gadget
my favourite kitchen gadget- a man who cooks!








Is it just me? Do you have any pointless gadgets in your kitchen? Any that you couldn’t live without?

And please bear with me as I show off the gorgeous cover for my new release, available from millsandboon.co.uk  In this story there’s not a lot of cooking going on, but there is a lot of steam!

The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date
The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date


19 thoughts on “Inspector Gadget”

  1. It’s official. I am your twin. I am the queen of useless gadgets and Tupperware – all with mismatched lids! I would like a man that can cook though, can I borrow yours??

    1. LOL- you can borrow mine any time, so long as you pay the freight! Don’t even go there with the lids! I now have two large drawers full of plastic boxes (one for round shapes, one for square-ish ones) and it’s still not enough storage for them all and none of the lids seem to fit!

  2. Hi Louisa!
    I have a slicer with ridges in it to make veggies look prettier in a salad. (very rarely use it) and a “slice and hold” which lookes like an Afro pick (for the hair) – the purpose is to hold whatever you’re slicing in place, then you can make perfectly sized slices by cutting inbetween each prong. (Used it once).
    Do you have corn on the cob handles? I do!
    I have given away more kitchen devices than I can remember. Things I couldn’t live without, until I realized that I was essentially living without them by not using them. 🙂

    YOur kitchen looked adorable before, but the after is gorgeous, and I think that backsplash will add some real pop!

    Once it’s all over, you’ll be glad you put yourself through all of the misery.

    1. Lynne- it sounds like your slicer is my slicer’s log lost cousin. I threw my corn cob handles out; I have fingers, they work just as well. I did love my old kitchen but the stuffing was coming out of the doors. I keep telling myself it’ll be worth the chaos! 🙂

  3. Kitchen looking nice and sparkly new, Louisa!
    I too have many must-have gadgets that have never-been used….. but as I too have a man who can/will cook then the rest is all moot 🙂

    1. Amy, we’re lucky to have kitchen friendly men, I think! Mine taught me how to cook. He just doesn’t spend enough time in there for my liking!

      Oh, and major congrats on your ARRA award this weekend, well deserved!

  4. Ooo, Louisa, I feel your renovation pain! I’m about to write about our bathroom…

    I’m loving what I can see of your kitchen – so nice big drawers either side of the stove by the looks of it? I must say your experimental burgundy splash back looks smart but will it have a darkening effect – ooo, and have you got under-bench lighting? Mmmm, taking notes for when we do our kitchen… which might next century since I need to recover from what’s going on here at the moment!

    I especially like your favourite kitchen gadget! And I did laugh at your list of other gadgets … did I tell you about my gadget that made curly chips… one chip per potato. The little curly vegie things looked so awesome when the man did the demo at the kitchen show… I just hadn’t thought through to the wastefulness of it!

    1. Hi Sharon- gosh the choices are endless when you’re renovating, aren’t they? I agree with you about the burgundy- it does darken things a little. But the room is very light so I think it can take it. But then again….maybe something with more blue….or green…..

      Lol re the chip maker! Who comes up with these ideas?

  5. Louise,
    I so need to redo my house. That is the next major event in my life. You inspire me .Heavens yes, I have all kinds of little stuff in my kitchen I don’t use and takes up space. I look forward to seeing your new kitchen.

    1. Susan- make sure you are stress free before you start renovating! I’m surrounded by mess and dust. Oh, and somehow we managed to spill olive oil all over the lounge carpet as we were juggling things back and forth- not a good look! I, too, look forward to seeing my new kitchen- can we just fast forward through the messy bits?

  6. Hi Louisa, I confess to one of those same chip thingys that Sharon talks about 🙂 but I’m sure my mst useless purchase for the kitchen were weights for blind baking pastry. Not sure what i was thinking when a) rice works just as well and b) i never make pastry, i hate that job, LOL! Maybe i thought the weights would miraculously make pastry making enjoyable. I like to cook, not bake.
    (I like your new cover too.)

    1. Emily! I found the blind baking weights were pretty useless- they didn’t fill my pastry cases so I had bubbles anyway! I went back to using rice- and I don’t make pastry, but I do bake and fill the frozen stuff!

  7. We cleaned out the gadgets and now have about three boxes full of them in our basement. I don’t know how they ever fit in our cupboards in the first place. I like what you have done with your new look Kitchen. I think the burgundy will work as it’s not too big of a space. It was a great idea to just paint it that color to see if you could live with it though.

    1. LOL Kaelee- what are we meant to do with all our unwanted gadgets? Is there a special place we can send them (that isn’t your basement or my garage gathering dust!).

      It wasn’t my idea to paint the wall, but I’m glad I did. Still undecided.
      Thanks for popping by.

  8. Louisa, your new kitchen looks very smart. It’s been worth all the stress, hasn’t it? And I love that dark burgundy shade for a splashback.
    I’m in the process of smartening up my own kitchen – not a full renovation, just some new appliances and re-decorating etc. I’ve been through all the cupboards and the amount of junk…ehem, useful gadgets I’ve unearthed would keep a small shop in business for several months. They are in the garage, packed and ready to go to one of the charity shops.
    My painter should finish on Thursday and then I can reclaim my home (he’s also redecorated the hall, stairs, landing and bathroom!) Or at least temporarily. The problem with decorating is that when you do one room all the rest look so shabby. I am booking him again to do my sitting room and dining room!

    1. Jennifer- I wasn’t overly stressed until the olive oil spill on the lounge carpet. Now I’m definitely frazzled! Sounds like you’re going through the same thing, though. I know what you mean about walls of shiny new paint putting everything else to shame- I’m contemplating doing the stairs/landing etc next…owning a house is a never ending project!

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