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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie + Giveaway

Cartoon mouse baker.By Lynne Marshall

The other day I took my puppy to the pet store where he’d gone through obedience training to buy more food.  We ran into his trainer, and it was like a puppy love reunion.  Milo!  Dustin said, bending down for some puppy lovin’.  Milo’s tail wagged like it might fly off his bottom.  Before we left, Dustin gave Milo a cookie—a dog cookie that looked like a real cookie to me, like an Oreo with cream filling but pink outer cookie wafers instead of chocolate.  Dustin promised it was indeed for dogs, that it had peanut butter filling and practically zero sugar.

I wondered why a dog needed a cookie when they had biscuits, but maybe I’m old school.  It’s part of my aversion to anthropomorphism of our pets.  Though our beloved pets have distinct personalities, they are not human.  But I digress…bigstock-Let-S-See-What-Aisle-Is-It-On--920167

The way Milo went after that cookie, I had to smile and enjoy it along with him.  No, I didn’t try it, but Dustin swore he’d eaten one to see how it tasted.

A side note:  We have discovered that Milo loves small bits of apple, carrot, and cantaloupe.  I’d rather reward him with stuff like that, but I’m not one to be rude and refuse a gift obviously given with affection for my dog.

I let Milo have about half of the cookie and put the other half in a plastic bag on the counter for another treat time.

Flash forward to eight o’clock that night.  I took Milo out back for a potty break and left the sliding door on our patio open.  Later, while my husband and I were watching TV, we heard some scurrying.  Bill followed the sound into the kitchen and discovered mouse droppings on our counter and a mouse hiding behind our microwave.

EEEEK a mouse!  I cannot participate in such events and covered my eyes. Lalalalala.

The mouse—let’s call him Merlin—had his disappearing act down to perfection, and as we cleaned our counters with disinfectant I noticed that Merlin had eaten through the plastic bag with Milo’s future treat, and had gotten the top wafer of the cookie halfway across our counter before dropping it on the windowsill once the chase was on.

Hmm, for a dog cookie that wasn’t supposed to be sugary, it sure got the attention of a backyard mouse in record time.

At the time of writing this blog post, the ongoing saga of man versus mouse continues.  Droppings, droppings everywhere, but ne’er a mouse to find.

*update at publishing date:  Husband – 1:Merlin – RIP.

The moral of this story is – Never leave the back sliding door open when peeing your dog at night, especially when you’ve left dog cookies on the counter.

How about you, do you give your dog treats that look like human cookies?  Do you have any fun mice stories to share?41ZG+0yBhmL__SS500_

I’d like to give a copy of Dr. Tall, Dark…and Dangerous? My last Medical Romance, and which recently received the Cataromance Reviewer’s Choice Award, to one commenter.


41 thoughts on “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie + Giveaway”

  1. We get mice regularly in the winter when they try and move into the warm. I don’t have any cute stories. They are more….desperate prisoner desperately trying to leap up wall cavity to escape…growing weaker day by day….scritching noise finally stops….lowers head in prayer of thanksgiving. We can sleep easy at last.

    1. I know, Fiona – it is very hard to not think about their side of the situation. Let me just say that Merlin gave an honorable challenge to hubby.

      The last time we had a mouse in the house was at least fifteen years ago!

  2. Oh, God, yes, we’ve had mice, and more. We called the pest-masters, who strategically placed the poison boxes that supposedly guarantee the critters will stumble outside like pub-crawl stragglers to bid farewell-cruel-world, but after one or two said their final goodbye’s in the inaccessible crawl space over the kitchen, we got a cat. Haven’t seen any trace of our extra pets since. Sometimes the “organic” solution works best!

    I’ve already read and loved “Dr. Tall, Dark… and Dangerous?” so no need to put me in the drawing!

    1. Sam – I know! We used to have a cat. Poor thing had to go looking in the neighborhood to bring me the special prize of a mouse head (she’d eaten the rest) and the carefully removed intestines. I don’t know what I’d do without my Bill to handle these things because I’m a total weenie.

      Thank you for reading my book (and writing a fabulous review!) 🙂

  3. We have two cats- the only mice we ever get are ‘presents’. Not gifts I am particularly grateful for, as they’re usually in a state of disrepair. We once had a cat ‘n man ‘n mouse game that went until the early hours- very entertaining (but not for the poor mouse!).

    1. OH, I know what you mean, Louisa – Hubby and mouse had a staring contest from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and my husband developed respect for that mouse’s intelligence.

      I really do hate this topic, because I’m all for the underdog in most things. Just not outside critters in my house!

  4. After the Northridge earthquake I’d had some damage to the house. I lived in a rural canyon, lots of wildlife. A mouse got in my walk-in closet and I freaked out. I managed to slam the door shut and got control of myself. My son was just a small boy and he figured he’d catch it. No problem. When he saw the size of the thing and how fast it moved, he let out a cuss word. First time I’d heard him swear, but I had to agree. ; ) Ended up catching it by inverting a wastepaper basket over it and then sliding paper between wall and basket. I set it free way down the canyon, and I told it not to come back. ; )

  5. Ya know I had this whole man against mouse story prepared as I was reading your blog and then I got to your cover pic at the bottom and it all just went flying out of my head.
    That is one sexy hawt guy, Lynne! You must be thrilled with a cover like that!
    He’s the kind of man I’d want killing my mice (and spiders) 😉

    1. LOL Amy – I was thrilled with that book cover. But you won’t believe the gorgeous man gracing my upcoming book #7 in the NYC Angels continuity. Oh, my, hand me the fan…check out Facebook for a preview. I found it snooping around Amazon UK – because sometimes us authors don’t get the breaking news, as it were. 😉

    1. Hi Veronica!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I had a good laugh naming it after a popular children’s book. I’m sure the ending in that book is quite different from the one that went on at my house.

  6. Lynne I remember fall in Wisconsin. It got cold fast and suddenly the mice wanted shelter. I’ll never forget the weekend the traps went off hourly. By the time the pest control guy arrived Monday morning, I think we’d got them all!

  7. I live out in the woods–rural setting and we have mice and flying squirrels invade our home every fall. Fortunately a cat adopted us and he loves to chase down the mice and squirrels. However, my not terribly exciting, more a rather gruesome mouse tale has to do with a mouse and a nordic track treadmill. One day I started walking on it and felt a funny bump up comes a decapitated mouse. No hubby home to deal with it–so I had to put on my big girl panties and deal with the mess myself. Eeeeeuuuuuuw!

    1. Oh, Nancy, Eeeeuuw is right. A decapitated mouse on your treadmill. Yikes. I’d have run for the woods and possibly would have never come back. Good for you for sliding on those BG spanks and taking care of business. 🙂

  8. Lynne, I really laughed at your story of man versus mouse. I have to confess that I was hoping Merlin might magically evade capture (and the subsequent consequences.) It would have been great to read a follow-up tale, a sort of on going mouse-serial.

    I have mice but only in the garage. I have a dog and they don’t seem keen to invade his space. Wait till your Milo gets a bit older. He will soon get rid of them!

    Love the cover of your book!

    1. Hi Jennifer – I’ll confess and admit I was hoping there was a way out for Merlin, too. The funny thing about Milo, when Bill and I heard the scurrying in the kitchen, Milo was fast asleep between us on the couch. His big ears perked up and he lifted his head like – “Hmm, something is going on” but that was that. And he is a terrier mix with the closest we can tell a Rat Terrier. LOL. Go figure.

      I hope you’re right about his territory being respected by critters, because if you could have seen the back bedroom where the final showdown occured, dresser drawers were pulled out, a chair was on it’s side. My husband looked exhausted!

      I suppose I could re-write the ending – Merlin magically disappeared…

  9. Hi Lynne
    Your story made me laugh- as did Nancy’s. I don’t know if i could have put my big girls pants on like Nancy. Why do these small, essentially cute things give us the creeps? Probably because they usually end up in the kitchen. When we had mice we tried the humane mouse traps- no joy. So we went back to the traditional ones and I’m ashamed to admit I sent my seven year old daughter down the stairs in front of me so that she could check the trap and dispose of the corpse. I couldn’t even bear to look. (Husband, as he always seems to be when I need him, was at the hospital.) Before we caught it, I wouldn’t even go into the room where I knew he was hanging out- the mouse not the husband. And this is a person who can cope with snakes, scorpions and spiders! Anyway, since then- about fifteen years ago- we have been mouse free.

    1. Hi Anne – thank you for admitting your shame – LOL sending your daughter down first. Very funny, and probably something I would have done, too, if DH hadn’t been around.
      They are actually quite cute, and it bothers me to get rid of them in unpleasant ways, but they’ve invaded my territory when they enter my house, and that won’t do. Also, here in the west of US there is a disease called hunta virus that some mice carry. I’ve been even more freaked out by them since I found that out.

  10. My main mouse story involves a swimming pool (ours) and a mouse (a visitor who ‘dropped in’…)
    There it was, swimming as though its life depended on it – because it did -when we discovered it. What a conundrum! With the bush backing onto our section, we really didn’t like mice, but this little one was clearly exhausted and had earned its freedom – it had obviously been doing mousestroke for hours – so we scooped it out, left it to recover, and watched as it scurried away, thinking to our(stupid)selves – ‘SUCKERS!’ Yep, that about sums up us and this story. :-/
    PS – Resident antique mouse dispatcher was herself dispatched (sob!) at the end of last year. We miss her – and the mice celebrate!

    1. Oh, Clare – I know I would have done the same thing! Great story. Made me smile. MIce have adorable faces and they are the stars of so many children’s books.
      Condolences on your resident mouse catcher – time for another?

  11. Ah, Lynne. You never fail to entertain! LOL When we lived in SoCal (not so long ago) my problem was lizards coming in the house. I. Hate. Lizards. I would rather see a mouse in the house. Back in NJ, we have the occasional critter in the attic, but the worst is the summer when the pool is open. It’s a daily thing to find mice, squirrels, frogs and sometimes baby bunnies that have drowned in the pool. I wish I could put a sign up directing them to the river just a short distance away. Too bad I don’t speak critter!

    1. OH, I know what you mean about lizards in SoCal, Dolores. Fortunately, I think they’re cute, especially when they do that push-up thing. So funny. However, they don’t make it into our house. If they did, it would be war.

      I remember renting a house in Hawaii that had geckos roaming the walls. We had to get used to them, and they do eat mosquitos etc. Well, one night Bill and I were dressed for dinner and as we waited for the sitter for the kids, a gecko was on the ceiling and let go (as they say) and pooped on my nice new sandal. Still better than having a wasp in the house – which we also did at one point.

      Sad, sad, sad, about your pool. You’d think the critters would get the word out about DON’T DRINK THAT WATER!

  12. Oh, Lynne, you make me laugh! I have no personal mouse tales (tails?!) but a friend has 6 cats and they’re ALWAYS bringing them in and losing them in the house. Alive and well. Drives them nuts! Our cat is better trained. He leaves the heads and tails, and the dog ‘tidies’ them up. Yuck.

    And pet treats – cookies? REALLY? Totally agree with you. Dogs is dogs. My dog gets dog biscuits, haunts me while I eat an apple or pear for the core, adores cheese and hangs around hopefully if I’m grating it in case I ‘drop’ any, and absolutely never gets human biscuits or anything resembling them. No way am I giving up my own cookies and she doesn’t need anything that looks like them. Or to wear a cute coat or sparkly nail varnish or a jewelled collar. She’d only go and roll in fox mess and then where would we be? LOL.

    And LURVE your cover! Yum-yum. Now that’s one hot cookie!!!!


    1. Hi Caroline – Finally someone willing to address the “dog cookie” issue. Yeah, really, huh? Giving them cookies that look like human cookies would only encourage them to “counter surf” (as we call it) and steal real cookies. The last thing a pet owner wants is for their dog to eat real Oreo cookies, as chocolate isn’t good for dogs, and neither is sugar.
      I do admit I have a nice velcro-on blanket/jacket for our dog on cold nights. It’s made out of red fleece and has a cute colar. I tell my husband Milo looks like Elvis when he runs around in that thing. 🙂 (but it’s functional, right?)

  13. We had a mouse in our house. One morning my DH was on the phone with his sister and I came downstairs with an old glass of water. I tossed the water into the sink, stunning the mouse that was hiding in there and causing me to shriek. The DH dropped the phone and the mouse is pushing up daisies. It scared me. Needless to say that kitchen got REALLY clean that day.

    1. Hi Amy – first off, welcome to the Medical Romance authors team! I do wonder if loud noises might be enough to scare off a mouse. The problem is herding them in the right direction – which is out the door. You probably gave your husband a heart attack that day. 🙂

  14. Lynne, great story–I could just see that battle of the wits between man and mouse.

    Is it bad that I feel bad for Milo for being cheated out of the rest of his treat? Luckily we have no mice, because our pug is not a hunt and capture type dog. He’d simply stare at the critter with a bewildered look on his face.

    I have to go check out your continuity cover!

    1. Hi Tina – I have a bad feeling Milo is going to be like your pug and not care a whit about small critters. Though his favorite toy is a non-stuffed squirrel with squeakers at the head and tail. He plays with it every morning and night, yet doesn’t make the leap that those things running up our pine trees are the real version. LOL Gotta love our useless domesticated pets.

  15. Well we had a mouse in the house this past week. Our 16 year old cat brought it home and let it loose. Our five year old cat chased it around the house for hours. Finally my husband managed to catch it in a wastepaper basket and put it outside. Hopefully it has gone to the great cheese place in the sky.

  16. Argh, Lynne! Mice! We had a Great Mousing here when we went to England for 5 weeks many years ago. The mice moved into every room in the house. We came home, with jetlag, and had to clear up the mess when all we really wanted to do was fall into bed! We worked and worked to clear the pantry and wash all the pots and pans and plates and then we claimed the only mattress in the house that hadn’t been a mouse nursery. And when we got up after 5 hours sleep, we had to do the whole lot again because the mice had been busy while we snoozed.

    1. Oh my gosh, Sharon, what a horribly frustrating thing. Literally giving new meaning to the saying, when the cat’s away the mice will play. I bet you wanted to cry and cry.

  17. Realized this week that something had eaten into the paper bag and plastic tray holding store-bought chocolate chip cookies (leaving a 1″ in diameter hole in each). Cleaned up mess in drawer of table. No other thin paper bags holding cookies left in there. Cleaned up cookie mess, as well as droppings.
    The next morning, something had eaten into two cardboard boxes of cookies (and the cellophane covering the chocolate cookies) in the same drawer. More 1″ holes.
    Finally figured out it was probably a mouse or rat that somehow climbed up inside our side table via a 13/16″ slat opening at the bottom of the table. But how did it get there? My daughter, with her young eyes that don’t require bifocals, detected a tiny hole in our carpeting – coming up from our crawl space. Neighbours said they too had this problem – figuring they got in via our dryer vents.
    Bought rat traps. Two are reusable that look like chip clips where they stay open with peanut butter inside, then snap down to kill the rodent.
    The next morning there was OUR Merlin. After I “eeked”, my husband picked up the clip/trap, dropped the dead rodent (we now knew it was a mouse) into our outside garbage can, I restocked it with peanut butter, and we left it overnight again last night.
    This morning? No mouse! We’ll wait a week without new houseguests before I remove the traps (I put one near the hole in the rug, which is where our Merlin met his demise), one inside the drawer with the opened bag of cookies, and then my husband had a different kind that conceals the rodent inside and then you dispose of the entire unit without seeing it, so he put it in the crawl space, but it is still empty.
    Tomorrow’s another day….

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