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The old or the new?

Today I'm going to be frivalous and talk about heart throbs.

But I’m not going to pull out my usual pictures of George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, Andy Whitfield, David Gandy, or my secret sweaty crush Sawyer from Lost.

Oh no.  I want to take you back.  Way…………back.  

No, not to the teenage years of sticking posters of pop bands on the wall.  (Iliked Spandau Ballet with their dodgy outfits and hairdos). 

I’m going to look at a few popular heroes from years gone by.

Let’s start with Sunday morning television. 

Who remembers this?

michael landon/
Doesn’t everyone?  Let’s not talk about his hair.  How many women at the time saw this man and their heart fluttered?  How many thought of him as a hero? How many loved the family values of the show? The way he would defend his family and friends? Maybe our old fashioned hero isn’t so different from the modern day heroes we try and capture in our books?

Anyone want to admit who their childhood hero was?


19 thoughts on “The old or the new?”

  1. Yes, my heart fluttered – especially when he was Little Joe. He wasn’t MY hero, but he had potential. DID enjoy the family values. A lot. Watched every week.

    MY hero was Burt Reynolds. Had his Smokey-and-the-Bandit poster on my wall for years. Broke my heart when the edges curled and I had to cut the bottom of the poster. (He was sitting on a stool in the picture, so the bottom edge was in a precarious place….)

    1. Whoops, posted a day early! Also had other pictures but try as I might they wouldn’t upload. Never mind. A young Steve McQueen and Lee Majors will have to wait!
      Burt Reynolds. Hmmm. Moustache aside. A definite worthy crush!

  2. Michael Landon never really did it for me. But I think he died when I was in high school. But as a teenager, I did totally get the woowoo-hairs for Kiefer Sutherland(yay LOST BOYS!).

    And I’m ashamed to admit, during my actual childhood, I was into the animated anthropomorphic heroes. Justin, the heroic rat from The Secret of Nihm… he was so dashing, and his beady little eyes, so warm and… charming… and possibly rabid… Lovable rabid.

    1. Kiefer I get. Totally. The rat? Not so much.
      If I have to pick an animated hero it’s got to be Hong Kong Phooey – number one super guy!

  3. Scarlet, what fun! I’m going way way waaaaay back to Clint Eastward as Rowdy Yates in Rawhide! Ah, that fabulous sneer! LOL

    I was a firm Little Joe fan, too! And I hankered after Jess in Laramie – wasn’t allowed to watch the show but there was a picture of him in The Listener (NZ TV guide way back when!) I seem to remember that it had greenish newsprint pages so the picture was probably pretty dodgy!

  4. Clint? Oh yes! Haven’t some of our crushes aged well? Burt Reynolds above,
    Sean Connery, Harrison ford….. And some dearly departed – Paul Newman still had a gorgeous twinkle in his eye!

  5. Yes! Loved him and the show 🙂 What’s not to love about a man who loves his family and works hard for them? I didn’t even care the TV programme wasn’t much like the books!

    My secret years ago crush? Tom Selleck. I thought he was wonderful in Magnum!!

    1. Oh, oh, I had a picture of magnum to post as well, complete with Hawaiian shirt! Loved Magnum, loved the attitude!

  6. Having never grown up with commercial TV in my younger years, I didn’t see Little House on the Prarie. But I do think that Michael Langdon was a nice looking guy and played the man-agasint-the-elements really well.
    So I’ll put in my vote for Magnum 😉 We got commercial TV when I was a teenager, just in time for Magnum 🙂
    I think the interesting thing about him was that men liked him too. He was the kind of hero who always got a big banged up and dinged each episode and it made a change from the guys who didn’t get a scratch on them and came out of a fight looking like they’d just stepped out of the salon. I think that’s why the guys liked him too – he was a man’s man.
    Or maybe it was just that Ferrari…..
    And I’ve always had a crush on the fab duo Newman and Redford. Saw Butch Cassdidy and the Sundance Kid in grade 8 as part of the English cirriculum – hubba hubba!

    1. Wow amy, I wish I’d had your English teacher! Loved magnum too, and he certainly seems to be ageing well in Blue Bloods. Not so sure about him as Monica’s boyfriend in Friends. Just didn’t work for me x

  7. I love Michael Landon all the way back to Bonanza. I still have a “Little Joe” doll. Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck were heart throbs. I’ve just been to Hawaii and I was still looking for Magnum after all these years.

  8. I remember seeing The Magnificent Seven on the Sunday evening TV movie show when I was a pre-teen. Everyone was supposed to fall head over heels for handsome and charming Horst Buchholz, but I had a crush on Charles Bronson. I know! Odd, huh? I dug his rugged, almost ugly looks, but what I really noticed were his muscular arms. LOL. I also fell for Steve McQueen after that movie. Great film!

    1. You say the names Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen and I instantly think The Great Escape, one of my all time favourite films. Swoon!

  9. What fun!! Oh yes, I loved Michael Landon as well! I was so sad when he passed away.
    One of my favorites was Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver. Something about that man’s bottom lip was just…yummy. *sigh* I also had a crush on Randolph Mantooth (sp?) from the show Emergency.

  10. Oh, oh macGyver!!! Then Colonel Jack O’Neil in Stargate. I LOVED the Stargate series when he was in it – major draw!

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