Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

New York City Angels Continuity

By Susan Carlisle

Today I’m doing to do a little horn tooting and tell ya’ll about the NYC Angels Medical continuity that is out now.  I think you will want to read them all.


An eight book Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance continuity

The Angel Mendez Children’s Hospital (aka NYC Angels) set in New York City

***Available in March, April, May and June 2013

Looking out over Central Park, NY Children’s Hospital is famed throughout the US for its talented staff and its welcoming, supportive environment – with everyone dedicated to making hospital visits as fun as possible, their little patients often don’t want to leave! And in the city that never sleeps these life-saving docs also find the time for some sizzling after-hours romance too…

NYC Angels Children’s doctors who work hard and love even harder…

Lynne Marshall's bookNYC angels two




NYC Angels 3

Authors include: Carol Maninelli, Janice Lynn, Laura Iding, Wendy S. Marcus, Lynne Marshall and Alison Roberts, and me.

My own book in the continuity is out this month.

The Wallflower’s Secret Wallflowers Secret 2

Some secrets are best shared…
Since making the ultimate emotional sacrifice for her
sister, counselor Lucy Edwards has kept her feelings
buried and her heart on lockdown. Enter neurosurgeon
Ryan O’Doherty, complete with piercing blue eyes and
roguish charm. Working with him on an emotive case
brings all of Lucy’s painful memories to the surface…
and even closer to Ryan. Lucy’s finally tempted to let
someone in—but will their fragile relationship survive
her most difficult revelation?


8 thoughts on “New York City Angels Continuity”

  1. I also have cover envy, Sharon. They look fresh and modern. Lucky you Susan! I’m hearing lots of great things about the series. I think covers can either make people pick up a book or stop them from even reading the blurb and these covers are definitely in the former category. What does everyone else think? How much does the cover influence your decision to buy a book?

  2. I couldn’t be prouder than to be a part of this Medical Romance series. I agree with Sharon and Anne – these covers are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen on any Harelquin series. I particularly love your book title and the face on your US cover is so lovely.

    Reading the blog made me smile. Thanks!

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