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Foreign Covers are the Tops! by Lynne Marshall

I have to admit that I get more excited about receiving copies of my foreign book covers than I do about my actual books sometimes.  Odd, right?  I can’t explain it, but there is something about seeing my stories translated into other languages—going out to stores in other countries—that sends me over the moon.

I guess that makes me feel like I’ve got fingers around the globe without leaving my office computer chair.  I don’t have a clue if the foreign editors have done my books justice with their translations or not, but the thing that strikes me the most is the fact they found something about my story they felt was worth sharing.  Wow.  This is the blessing above all blessings in the writer’s world.  Not to sound like the actress Sally Fields at the Academy Awards when she won best actress for Norma Jean, but – they must like my story, really like my story to go to the trouble of translating it into French, Finnish, Italian, Polish, etc.  It’s funny, but sometimes the only way I can identify my foreign editions is when I see the character’s names in the back cover blurb.Scan0004

Recently I receive two beautiful book covers of foreign releases.  This first one is for the Finnish Laakariromaani line. It is a story near and dear to my heart, but the topic is such a delicate one—a young woman gives up a child for adoption in her teens, only to confront the real father thirteen years later—that I feared it wouldn’t go over well with a lot of readers.  The original title was, Temporary Doctor, Surprise Father, and it came out in 2009.  (I’m also lucky enough to share this “Tupla” book with Joanna Neil.  >waves to Joanna<

This book never made it to the North American audience, and I keep hoping it will find a way across the pond in e-book form at least.

The Finnish editor re-titled this book:  Erikoismies.  The Google translator calls it:   Special Male, which I think is cute and that is exactly the kind of guy Beck Braxton is.


The second gorgeous book cover is the French version of my debut Harlequin Special Edition – original title – Courting His Favorite Nurse – the new title for the Passions line is: Soupirs interdits.  Translations: (which really stumps me) Sighs Prohibited.


Most recently, I discovered this Australian (or is it the New Zealand version?  Do they have separate covers too?) book cover for my soon-to-be-released book #7 in the NYC Angels continuity – Making the Surgeon Smile.  What do you think about my silver fox?  (Amy Andrews, any thoughts?)




If you or anyone you know can speak Finnish, French, Italian or Danish, I have a book for you!  Leave a comment – that’s all you have to do.  I’ll choose a name and you send a book in whichever language you or your friend speaks.


For the rest of you – Do too many book covers confuse or delight you?

I’m thrilled to say that Making the Surgeon Smile has gone live on the Mills&Boon website, and is also available for preorder at Amazon.com.

All the best, Lynne www.lynnemarshall.com 71Df2-EMNfL__SL1500_978-0-263-89896-5


22 thoughts on “Foreign Covers are the Tops! by Lynne Marshall”

  1. Your silver fox bats mine right out of the park, Lynne! He’s also about 10 years younger than my silver fox and isn’t wearing a stupid knitted vest!
    Your silver fox is hawt!
    And the baby isn’t too bad either…… 🙂

  2. I’m the same as you, Lynne. The only way I can work out which of my books the translation is of, is by looking at the names in the blurb. I wish I could speak more than two languages. I keep thinking I should do an evening class, either to brush up on my terrible French (I’m envious of you FF) or to learn another one. The foreign title that made me smile was Innan Filmen Ar Slut (A Finnish, I think, translation of Doctor on the Red Carpet) and you can guess why!
    Speaking of covers I have serious cover envy for the NYC angels series you guys have written and Tina Beckett’s cover with the man on the motorbike is fabulous. (The US edition of NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger.)

    1. LOL Anne – sometimes the title translations (from cyber translators) are odd. I wonder what Slut means in Finnish? LOL.
      I know! Those NYC Angels covers are superb. I’m thrilled with the brand, and I agree that Tina’s motorcycle man is very sexy.

  3. Those are some really nice covers, Lynne! Love the baby, and I think your silver fox is yummy (I agree with Amy in celebrating the lack of a sweater vest). It’s fun to try to decipher the titles on the covers. I speak Portuguese fluently, so I can kind of figure out the Italian and French ones (do medicals come out in Spanish?), but anything outside of the romance languages stumps me.

    My author copies all go to our house in the States, so when my daughter called a while back to say I’d gotten a couple of books in the mail in another language with my name on the cover, I was kind of stumped (newbie thing). But when she took a picture of the cover and emailed it to me, it brought tears to my eyes when I realized what it was my book in French. It really is cool.

    Congratulations on your release this month!

    1. Hi Tina of the sexy guy on the motorcycle cover. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do with all of this series book covers next year when they come out in the Scandinavian countries. The only way I can tell which is which is on the back of the book, after Harlequin, there is either an Fi, DK, Si, etc.
      It’s all great fun, isn’t it? Loved hearing you got tears in your eyes. Like I said – there’s just something so special about those foreign books.

  4. Fab covers, Lynne! I know what you mean about the thrill of seeing the book in a foreign language – even if I don’t understand a word it’s still a buzz! And sometimes the names have interesting changes or “additions” like Gardiner to Gardinerista and I then I have to Google to see if I can find out what that means! Not always successful but lots of fun! LOL

    Love those NYC covers!

    1. OH! You know, I think my character name was only changed once, but it does throw me off if I can’t recognize the names in the foreign blurbs. Funny about Gardinerista. 🙂

  5. I swear I posted last night, but apparently my tablet didn’t see fit to complete the transaction!

    I love the covers. I love the books in other languages. And part of being a newbie in 2013: I got a thrill the other week when I saw on the author network doodad that MountainMan is going to France in December. I told everyone, and just that way too. MOUNTAIN MAN GOIN TO FRANCE WHEEE… And since then I’ve been trying to figure out where else the Medicals go. Adding to the list now…. (very timely post :D)

    1. Hi Amalie – yes, ALL of the medicals go to France. After that, our books are up for grabs by the foreign editors. I haven’t had as much foreign traction as many of the other Medical authors, but for a while there my books were going to South Africa in Afrikaans. The Scandinavian countries have only picked up a few of my books, and Italy (they make my favorite book covers – really capture the essence of my books IMHO) is now picking up a few more. I’ve gone to Poland but never got a copy. And the weirdest one of all is not for a Medical, but for my first SPecial Edition. It went to some Russian dialect, and I’m called Lorna Marshall in the online book stores. Last royalty statement, I’d sold one book there. LOL.
      So basically, what I’m saying is that its a crap shoot which countries pick up our books. I was very happy to see I’d finally broken into the German market recently. Yay.

      I’m so excited for you about your first French edition!

  6. Lynne,
    I love your covers also. I rip the book package open to see what surprise is in it when they come. I never know what country I will get. I had to use a translater on the computer to come up with my book was in Iceland. I got one from Italy too–hot guy on the cover! It is so much fun to get the unexpected copies.

  7. Hi Lynne! I’ve been wanting to read your work – and what a great chance to practice my French at the same time. I’d love a French copy. Are you coming to the next LARA meeting?

  8. Hi Lynne! Great post, those covers are gorgeous. (But yes- so far Tina has definitely had my fave one ever!).

    Like you I get such a thrill when my books arrive all foreign and fancy (so far I’ve only been translated into italian and French)- I have no idea how accurate a translation they are, but they sound so much better in those romantic languages!! My personal fave cover of one of my books was a French one that I found on amazon.fr – I haven’t received a hard copy of it yet though.

    1. Hi Louisa – France and Italy have wonderful covers for our Medicals. Once I was contacted by an Australian lady who said she was taking French lessons and they were using one of my books – I think it was In His Angel’s Arms – as a reading project. I loved that idea, and couldn’t be happier about it!

      There is something about a man on a motorcycle, isn’t there, Louise? (ref: Tina’s Book cover)

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