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Duelling Covers by Amy Andrews


So, if y’all haven’t guessed by now I’m slightly obsessed by covers. I don’t think that makes me unusual amongst my peers. And anyone who hangs around author blogs knows that covers can make the difference between a good day and a bad day for an author.

Those of you who are regular visitors to this blog will be able to, I’m sure, recall my Grandpa-Lit cover that inspired this blog – https://loveisthebestmedicine.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/would-you-buy-a-book-from-this-man-by-amy-andrews/

But, I’ve had a good run lately and with my latest medical – One Night She Would Never Forget (out next month) – I have been gifted an absolute beauty. A little ripper as we say here in Oz! I’ve tweeted about it and put it up on my FB page but I just can’t show this cover enough love so I made it the subject of this blog!

I think this is just about the sexiest damn cover I’ve ever had – possibly ever seen! I love it sooo much I want to have it made into wallpaper and cover my bedroom walls with it. This is the US cover. People from the UK get the same couple, the same picture, but just their faces. People in Oz – this is your cover –


Somewhat different huh?

The funny thing is – both of the covers are perfect for the story. Miranda is a single mother – has been since she was seventeen. Her days have been/are teddy bears and reading stories. Then, on a rare night out at a swanky hotel she meets Patrick, who also happens to be a single father, and they have one blistering night together.

So the covers are both right.

But you know which one I prefer right? 🙂

And it’s not really just about all that bare flesh and the sexy lingerie and the very clear message that these two people are about to get completely naked and do the wild thing. I love the way they look totally “in” to each other. I think there’s an intimacy about the pose – like they both know how precious this adult moment of togetherness is in their kid-orientated lives – which is difficult to achieve, IMHO, from two people who are essentially strangers.

It’s interesting though that both books, at least to me, convey a lot about the content. And I’m not talking about the plot. I’m talking about the sensuality and what each cover tells a reader without even having to read the back blurb.

US cover says – this book is sizzling hot.
OZ cover says – this book is rot-your-teeth sweet.

Which is a potential concern for me as an author because anyone who picks up this book thinking it’s going to be sweet is going to be kind of….surprised….. Which is fine if it ends up being a “nice” surprise but if the reader feels cheated or let down?? Especially if she’s taken a chance on me and this is her first Amy Andrews? What then? I lose a reader. And maybe quite a few more if this reader tells a whole bunch of her friends not to read me. Maybe more if she’s got a blog or takes it to FB or tweets about it.

And every reader – actual and potential – matters to me.

Sure, I know you can’t please every single person every single time but damn it, I’d like to try 🙂

So, some questions for those of you stopping by which I’d love to know the answer to and I’ll give away a copy of the book with that cover to one lucky randomly drawn commentor.

Which cover do you prefer?

Do covers make the difference to whether you buy or not or just whether you pick it up for a closer look?

Does it annoy you when a cover sets an expectation it doesn’t reach?

There…just a few q’s to be going on with 🙂

And because I’m feeling extra generous I’ll put any commenters into the draw twice if they also go and like (or already have) my FB page (and I will check ;-)) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Andrews/382936461720040?ref=tn_tnmn


48 thoughts on “Duelling Covers by Amy Andrews”

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve preferred a NA cover to the others. That cover is flipping fantastic. I was drooling over it in the ebook store yesterday.

    I don’t even really have anything else to say except: good God Almighty, I am reading that book as soon as I make this deadline. It’s totally my carrot.

  2. Well I really ain’t into the whole kiddy thing stories. I have seven kids…I’m really over it. I’d rather fantasize about virgins and hot men because it’s something I’ve never experienced. But seeing it’s you, and seeing I’ve see the sizzling cover…I’ll read it anyway.

  3. Lol, Fiona. In the interest of full disclosure I think you’ll baulk at it. No spoilers but let’s just say I’m getting to know your reading tastes and even though I think this book has very extenuating circumstances I think issues of ” technical” infidelity will not be a good fit for you :-/

    1. How wrong is it that I read Technical infidelity and auto think it means cheating on your iPad with your Android tablet?

      Running away for the day. Had to come drool over the cover once more first 🙂

  4. I agree in that I prefer the first cover. I do, however, recognize that both covers hold true to previous covers with other authors, so the publishers are consistent in their “formatting”. I too would have preferred something not quite so “sweet” in the second cover, plus including the hero would have improved it tremendously (but not in bed with her daughter, LOL).

    It annoys me when the author describes something (usually the heroine or her clothes) and the cover doesn’t even come close to that description. I step back and say to myself, “Really? Couldn’t the publisher have remained true to the story?”

    I used to look at books based on the genre/publisher first (i.e., Medical, Blaze, or Desire) and then read the back blurb. The cover really did nothing for me (except for determining the publishing division). Then I started blogging in 2009. Once I spoke with authors and other readers, my tastes became more defined. I now don’t read the blurbs at all. I buy based on the author’s name first and only buy new authors (to me) when recommended by others in the blogs/newsletters/web sites. I now carry a list of books I want to buy (but winning them is a bonus, especially when I sometimes miss buying books due to financial constraints). (Apparently there are only so many books I can read in a month. Who knew, LOL?)

    BTW, I’m not on FB and I don’t Tweet. My vice in life is Blogging. And I’m proud of it, LOL!

    1. Wow, Laney – that is soooo interesting! Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing. A savvy author can learn from that 🙂

      PS – maybe you’d like to share you blog address here?

  5. Amy,
    You are too funny. Covers do make a difference. I think men on the front sell, but that’s just me. I do love your “racy” cover. They do look totally into each other. I’ve been very pleased with my last few covers.

    1. Men on covers do sell very well apparently – I think I’ve only ever scored 1 (out of 30+!!!) with a single man on the cover…..
      But, I think this cover helps soothe that pain a lot 🙂

  6. I have never seen a Medical Cover that hot – I believe you’ve set the new gold standard. I know what you mean about the sweeter one misleading a reader. Once got a letter from an Australian reader (I believe she lived in a retirement home) scolding (in a gentle way) me for putting sex in her Medical Romance.

    As the Harlequin saying goes – These aren’t your mother’s romances anymore. LOL.

    I am amazed at the look the two cover models share. They must be fantastic actors.

    Oh, and covers can definitely Kill a book – your sweater man (I’d like to know the sales records on that one) and my The Boss and Nurse Albright (a perfectly lovely story with a horrible cover and sales records to prove it!) Eeesh.

    1. I know, right, Lynne – I was gobsmacked when I saw it!
      Re sales figures for my grandpa cover….dont think I want to know…. Its a damn shame because that book is really (IMHO) one of my best!

      1. But it’s also one of your toughest ones to read. Incidentally it wasn’t that he was grey that I didn’t like the cover. He just didn’t look HOT grey. *scurries off to write hot grey haired hero*

  7. That NA cover is drool-worthy, Amy!! I love the way the hero’s hair is slightly messed up, as if the heroine has had her fingers buried in it. Very, very sexy! And your “technical” infidelity has me very intrigued. Can’t wait to read it!

  8. The NA cover is fabulous. I have serious cover envy- again! I’m hoping to get one like that (or Tina’s latest which has to be the best cover ever for a Harlequin) for my next book. Seriously aren’t the covers a better way of indicating the heat level of a book? The second cover, although very cute, would imply they never get past a kiss!

    1. Well, if it makes you feel any better Anne – I hate my latest cover that popped into my inbox late last week. I think my run of luck has just ended and seriously with being gifted somethign this good, I think I’ve used up all my good cover juju!

      Is this Tina’s motor-bike man cover? Yeh – that’s pretty fabulous too!

  9. Hi Amy,
    Isnt’it funny how we all interpret a picture different?Having worked as a doctor for 20 odd years I interpreted the cute young girl picture in a quite medical way.The girl would develop epiglottitis or meningitis during the night and her life would be saved by a dishy doctor who then would fall in love with the girls mother (once the docotr- patient relationship was no longer a medico legal barrier ).
    Maybe this is a sign that I need to read more ?

    1. lol Malin! Maybe its a sign you should start writing?? 🙂
      I can assure everyone that little girl’s epiglottis and meninges do not develop inflammation 😉
      But for all the animal lovers out there, a goldfish dies ……

  10. I am generally not a fan of covers. Sounds funny when you think of their buying potential, but I have been disappointed more often than not by a cover that does not hold true to the author’s image of their characters.
    However that is not to say that I can’t be moved by a cover and the NA cover screams AMY ANDREWS latest HOT romance. So I would buy that book. And since I know you and your writing style I would buy the other book–but it would be because of your name, not because of the cover.
    That story screams SWEET Romance and I would expect an entirely different story. (But I wouldn’t expect a different story from you–LOL!)

    1. Aww, thanks, Nancy! So nice to see you around here.

      I dont think it sounds funny at all – knowing how little bearing a lot of my covers have had to the story, I totally understand regular readers not investing in the cover and really appreciate that they can and do look beyond!

  11. OMG!!! the US cover hands down… The little girl is cute, but please, what a passion killer. And I love the way the couple are looking at each other. Tender and sweet but sexy as hell… Yum. (plus I know your books, that cover fits MUCH better)

  12. LOL Hiedi! Maybe this could be a whole other blog about how society veiws motherhood and sexiness but yeh….I guess I just wish the two covers were more alligned….

  13. Sorry I’m late joining in! That NA cover is HAWT!!!!!! Serious cover envy going on here!! It’s interesting that the two HQN marketing depts portray the story from completely different angles – will be interesting to see how the cover is reflected in your sales. It sounds like an incredible book- can’t wait to read (FYI, I’d buy any book with your name on it, regardless of cover)

  14. Hands down, the first cover. Va Va Voom – that screams an Amy Andrews book to me. The little kiddy cover – nup, doesn’t do it for me. :p

    Do covers make the difference to whether you buy or not or just whether you pick it up for a closer look? Absolutely. If I’m looking at a book by an author I don’t know, the cover will play a massive part, even though I try not to judge a book by its cover (but when if a cover is soooo purty, you just have to sometimes!). These days alot of covers are going for that generic look in the wake of 50 shades, which I’m of two minds about as to whether I like them or not. When it’s an author I know and love, I’ll buy the book regardless of cover.

    Does it annoy you when a cover sets an expectation it doesn’t reach?
    Yup, it sure does. Some of the covers for some of the Sexy line have featured women on the front with completely different hair colour etc than the heroine the book is about. There are times the blurb on the back doesn’t do justice to the story either. If there is a racy, vivid purty cover & the book is lukewarm it bums me out, & I feel a bit ripped off 🙂

    Looooooooooooooove the first cover. Thats the copy I’m going to order lol!

    Oh, and the grandpa cover? Wow. All he needed was some bedazzling and a pair of knitting needles. That was a weird one! I can’t picture that cover matching up to anything you would write…just too ‘beige’ if that makes sense.

    PS Any fruit in this one? How about a cover with some fruit one day? :p

  15. When you are thinking “hot grey-haired hero” think Mark Harmon. I don’t care for NCIS, but I occasionally watch it with my girls just for my “hot grey-haired hero” fix. There is something about his eyes–there is an “eat-you-all-up” intensity about them.

    1. Nancy, Mark Harmon is the bees knees of silver foxes! He gets my motor running for sure! And yeh, its all in those intesne blue eyes!
      But even if they’d had Mark on the cover it still wouldn’t have been good for the book because my objection to it wasn’t that the man was “older” it was that he was a good *20* years older than the hero.
      Another misleading cover…..

      1. Nancy and Amy,
        “Mark Harmon is the bees knees of silver foxes!” Couldn’t agree more!
        I think his eyes twinkle and he has a beautiful smile (not often seen on NCIS).
        He works with wood, so he’s good with his hands too. Not a bad attribute (wink wink, nod nod)!

        1. Another big PLUS in Mark Harmon’s favor: He’s been married to the same woman forEVER. Gorgeous. Good with his hands. And when he said til death to us part, he meant it. Perfect romance hero 😀

    1. I dont usually bother entering my covers into the cover comp (because of the children and old men that seem to populate them…) at the RWAust conference but I think this one will definitely find its way onto that board, Kylie!!

  16. I agree with Kylie! Reality escape – definitely cover #1!! Every tired & stressed mother wants to be that sexy lady swept away in the arms of a hotty!!

  17. Wow Amy ~ The NA cover is hot but I like the Australian one also in a different way. I don’t have kids so kids do draw me into a book. As far as I’m concerned the important part of both covers is the name Amy Andrews.

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