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Home sweet home…

P1000252I have just come back from a really lovely holiday in the Canary Islands. My friend and I visited Meloneras in Gran Canaria and I have to say that it was the perfect break.

The hotel was spectacular – there was no other word for it. Built to resemble an African village (the Canaries are off the coast of Africa so it’s not as crazy an idea as you might think!) it was truly amazing.

We had to walk along a glass walkway to reach Reception and it felt as though we were actually walking through the tops of the trees in the jungle. There were walls of waterfalls, the most beautiful plants in the grounds, and a stunning and very inviting lazy river where you could just drift along. Add to that delicious food and wine to go with it, beautiful sea views and coastal walks and you can imagine how much we enjoyed ourselves. However, despite all the luxury and everything it was good to get home again.

That’s the thing I always find whenever I travel. I love seeing new places and enjoying new experiences but I love returning home. There’s something so comforting about being in your own home with all the familiar items around you, isn’t there? Even though the weather has been dire in England (no change there!) it’s good to be back and see the countryside around where I live looking so green and lush.

The blossom trees in my garden are heavily laden with flowers, the hedgerows are thick with fresh new green leaves. There is nowhere as beautiful as England in the Spring, or at least that’s my opinion.

I love to travel and I also love to return home but what about you? Do you hate leaving your home to go on holiday or do you hate returning to it? And where is the one place you would
want to live if you had to choose? Home or abroad?

I’d opt for home but maybe you’re more adventurous than me!



14 thoughts on “Home sweet home…”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Lucky you getting some sunshine, although we had some sun here in Scotland yesterday. (Note how we Scots count our summers in days not weeks!)
    I love to travel, but like you, I also feel a sense of joy and gratitude when I home. Ideally I would have a wee house in the country- the Borders perhaps- and keep my home in the city. Having said that, we have a house in South Africa and eventually when my husband retires, we plan to live there over the Scottish winter (from my comment about the sun earlier I’m sure you can appreciate why and South Africa has always felt like a second home to me) but we will continue to live in Scotland during the summer. I won’t mind then if the sun doesn’t shine. I could never live permanently away from Scotland, despite the weather I love it here. I like listening to the rain and the wind when I’m curled up in doors and on a sunny day the scenery is second to none. So, in brief, I will always want to come home.

    Anne x

    1. It sounds like you will have the best of both worlds, Anne. Some much-welcome sun and the joy of the beautiful Scottish countryside too. I have never been to South Africa but I would love to visit it.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    I think you’ve just described paradise. Wow – it can’t get better than that.
    I’m of the “Dorothy” frame of mind when it comes to travel, too – there’s no place like home.
    I find right around the two week mark, I cannot wait to get back home, and the last day of flights and shuttles etc, is miserable. But, finally, I’m back in my own bed and smile about all the lovely places I’ve just been.

    1. Lynne, we could be twins! I love travelling but there is nothing as good as being in your own home, is there? I too get twitchy when I’m nearing the end of that second week, then nostaligic when I’m home and recalling all the lovely things I’ve seen. Hmm, no pleasing me, obviously!

  3. Jennifer,
    It sounds like you had the perfect vacation. I love to travel. I almost always have a bag packed ready to go. I’ve just returned from the South Pacific and I’m ready to go again. One of these days I’m going to get to the Great Wall of China.

    1. Susan, China looks and sounds fascinating, one of those places you long to visit. I would love to go there too but I don’t do so much long-haul flying nowadays. Still, maybe I shall make it one day. And when you go, we shall expect a full report!

  4. Sue, I live to travel! But I am also a true Cancerian and I love home. Your sentence about coming home to the familiar made me think about the trauma those who lose everything in a fire or tornado. I love living in different places and I have lived for three years without my things which I didn’t miss too much and I collected new things but I knew all my stuff was in storage. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have it vanish in a heartbeat.

    1. Fiona, my heart goes out to all those poor people who’ve been affected by that tornado in the USA. Terrible for them to lose everything like that. I cannot imagine how awful it must be, and so much worse for those poor people who have lost loved ones too.

  5. I’m a weirdo. Sometimes I think I like living away from home so much out of sheer stubbornness. There’s always somewhere I want to go and see. I don’t want to miss out on anything!

    That said, the longest stretch I lived away(I’m home right now)… I could never listen to this one particular song without turning into a quivering weepy snot-bubble. It generated the most intense homesickness in me.

    So either stubbornness, or I’m schizophrenic…

    1. Amalie, I think we are all torn when it comes to being home or away. Just because you enjoy living in new places doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss your home as well, though. And music can have the most poignant effect, can’t it?

  6. It’s true, there is no place like home. And I would always want to live here and have Australia as my base but I think I could easily spend several months a year travelling. One day (hopefully not the too distant future) I’d like to live in a Tuscan villa for a few months.
    Italy always appeals to me as a home away from home 🙂

    1. Amy, I love Italy and could happily spend a month or so there each year, although maybe I’d have to pop home a few times just to check that everything was all right. After all there’s the grandchildren to see and my dog and…

  7. Hi Jennifer, your holiday sounds fab – and what a lovely picture to come back to, my vote’s for England in the springtime, too. I’m pretty firmly in the ‘no place like home’ camp, I get almost as excited about coming home as I do about going away 🙂 But there’s nothing like the lovely memories of a trip away to really make me appreciate what’s around me every day.

  8. Jennifer your vacation sounds like paradise! Love your description of the hotel. There are so many places I’d like to visit. I’ve actually lived outside of my home country for more of my married life than I’ve lived in it, but there’s something special about the times I’ve shown my passport to the immigration official and heard him/her say, “Welcome home.” There’s nothing like that feeling in the world! We do have a house in the States, and we’ll eventually retire there, but for now, I’m having fun!

    Maybe part of the reason I’m okay with living in a variety of places is that I grew up in a military (Navy) household, and we did our share of moving from place to place. You’re in one spot just long enough to put down roots only to have them yanked up again. So I’ve learned to appreciate trees with shallow root systems. Not quite as painful when it comes time to say goodbye. 😉

    Oh, and I’m adding the Canary Islands to my must-see list. They sound fabulous!

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