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No More Fat Author by Amy Andrews

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Do you have a job like me, where you sit at a desk all day? Do you snack while you work?

I know some authors who nibble away on things like M&M’s while they write. Me? I usually nibble on things like cherry tomatoes or these sweet little baby capsicums in the pic. Nuts are a good one too (the non-chocolate covered ones) Healthy, right? Sure, but I’d rather eat the M&M’s!

I just know that they’ll end up on my arse for eternity and those fat cells do not need company!

Some of you may have read my FB post last Wednesday about it being time to lose weight. If you didn’t, the link is here or you can just go to my FB page (oh and you could like it too while you’re there if you haven’t already 🙂 or not :-() http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Andrews/382936461720040?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?fbid=687945181219165&set=a.383412041672482.105804.382936461720040&type=1&theater

This is THE best thing I’ve ever done. I have had so many amazingly supportive comments and messages both publically and privately and, I’m telling you, this level of public accountability is awesome for my willpower!

I’ve been in ketosis (fat burning – yeh baby!) for a week now and my work pants were looser on Sunday night which is all great but tomorrow I have to post another pic of me – not great. Shudder. Of course, there won’t be any appreciable difference between last weeks and this week’s pic because when you need to lose as much as I do, it takes a long time to “look” like you’re losing….

But I shall plug on with my low carb regime. And avoid the M&M’s!

So, back to the original question. Do you snack while you work? And what’s your poison?


22 thoughts on “No More Fat Author by Amy Andrews”

  1. I snack when I read. Actually I read when I snack, or eat or anything. This means of course that I probably snack or eat 8 hours a day. Carbs are my downfall. I actually try to eat a little chocolate rather than a large bowl of spaghetti or mashed potato. I’m a savoury person and can stop with sweet.

    1. Hi Fi!
      I dont usually snack when I read so I guess that’s one blessing!
      I’m a sweet person but dont have a thing – not an obsessive thing anyway – for chocolate. I’ve discovered Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate which is low in carbs and very bitter which ensures you dont want a lot. Psychologically my body’s had chocolate but I’ve not paid for it physically and so much about weight loss is mental I reckon!

  2. I snack endlessly when I’m writing. It’s an excuse to get up from the desk and wander around the kitchen aimlessly poking in cupboards and coming up with something that’s usually bad. Chocolate, biscuits, chocolate biscuits – sometimes fruit, but that just needs a little sweetie to follow it. LOL. I have a sweet tooth. Actually a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet tooth! But right now I’m snookered because I’m trying grain free and dairy free, and that pretty much leaves those lovely chocolate coated coconut macaroons from Mrs Crimble’s! Uber calories, like 185, but not nearly as bad as a muffin or half a packet of choc bics. So maybe on reflection it’s not so bad.
    I also snack when I’m watching TV, reading, doing puzzles – basically anything where I’m sat on my backside with idle hands. I need to take up knitting!!!!
    Good luck with the diet. You can do it, you will get there, and you’ll be so proud of yourself!

    1. Lol, Caroline, I almost spat my cupppa all over the screen reading this 🙂 So, you like to snack, huh? 🙂 All I have to say is that if it is snacking that has you producing your amazing books then please dont stop!
      The world needs more Caroline Anderson books!

  3. Good on you Amy for laying it out there! I tend to snack when I’m drinking wine. Given I’m in holiday mode at the moment I thought I’d shares favourite quote with you. I might not have it exactly correct but you’ll get the gist.

    “Inside me is a thin woman screaming to get out…
    But I usually manage to shut the B***** Up with a cookie.”

    Anne Fraser x

  4. Amy,
    I’m proud of you! I so need to lose weight. I’m trying but it is hard. I don’t snack much when I work. I mostly overeat at meals. Popcorn is my snack of choice.

    1. Thanks Susan!
      Yes I think portion control is one of those things that’s easy to overlook – especially when you’re starving! 🙂

  5. Good for you! I’m doing low carb and doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home work out just before I go to bed. I’m noticing a difference, but it’ll take time. I’m also pushing myself to eat breakfast, something I’ve skipped for years.

  6. Hi Amy! This job is a killer right? Since I quit being an RN and started writing more, I’ve gained weight. I don’t snack at my desk (other than morning coffee) but I do take frequent breaks and grab stuff that way. They say for your back, neck and shoulder health, and for circulation, we should get up every fifteen minutes to do a little stretching etc. Well, those fifteen minutes usually turn into 2 hours when I realize I REALLY need to get out of that chair and move.
    I’m very excited for you. I love the guts it takes to go public with your endeavor. Kate Hardy is a good inspiration, too, if you feel like you need support. I get exhausted just reading her daily updates at the gym! LOL. Now, off to read your FB page.

    1. Yes, it is Lynne! And you’re right, hours can go by before you realise you’ve been sitting on your butt for way too long!
      Kate’s journey has been inspiring too and she and I have chatted via email about the whole struggle.
      But can I just say how terrific you look? You’re my role model!

  7. Amy, I’m super impressed with the very public challenge you’ve set yourself. You’re an inspiration!!

    I try really hard not to snack (unless it’s part of my new ‘5 small meals a day’ regime- no carbs after 3pm, no food after 8pm and a whole host of other things I’m struggling with- like no added salt. Man, I love salt. No alcohol- HAH!!!!!!!!!! I fail on that one most days.) – I just know that if I took a bowl of M&Ms into my study it would not end nicely. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wander into the kitchen every now and then looking for….something. Currently I’m trying to stick to healthy things…but that doesn’t always work.

    1. Oh yeh, Louisa! A bowl of M&M’s = diet diaster for me! Best not to even have them in the house! 🙂

  8. I loved your Facebook post, Amy 🙂

    It reminded me of the deal I made with myself last year. I wasn’t going to be fat and 40. I was going to be fit (and fab) and 40. Hmm well there’s 58 days to go and I’m still using the cross trainer/exercise bike as someone to shove my clothes and although I eat fairly healthily I do have a horrendous addiction to Haagen Dazs ice cream. I blame the people at HD for ALL my fat. I can never decide which diet to do so I lounge around reading about them but don’t actually do any of them.

    So thank you for your posts, I’m going to join you and raise myself off up from my sofa and desk chair and get with it!

    Snacks? Biscuits. Can’t buy them because I’d sit and eat a whole packet. Which, apparently, is not a good thing :/

    1. Thanks Catherine!
      You and I can do it together!
      Biscuits are yummy, aren’t they but not low-carb friendly at all :-/ nor is HD. Why are all the good things so bad?? Why?

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