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The Drive-In

411 Dive-in Centre, AL
411 Dive-in Centre, AL

By Susan Carlisle

In the smFAST AND FURIOUSall town  where  my mother’s  lake house is located there is one of those old timey movie drive –ins. The charge is per car. So if your family is circus clowns that can pack a car with ten people you can get in for a great price. IF you fill a SUV or a pick-up truck the price isn’t ad either.

We carry our yard chairs to sit in or sleeping bags to lay out on the ground. The sound comes in by tuning into a radio station. Customs are free  to bring  their own eats but there’s also a concession stand. It’s a great place to take small children because if you get there early enough  you can park up front. The kids can run,  play ball or tag under the large screen without fear of them being hit.

We went to the drive-in this past weekend to see Fast and Furious 6. I’m a huge fan of the movie series. Got to love Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Paul’s eyes are really blue on the big, big screen.  But I digress. My daughter, a friend of hers and her husband, my son and my six month old grandchildren all went. The babies slept through the movie. One in the front seat of the car and the other in her mother’s  arms. It was a great three generation family outing.

When the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out we all dressed-up (including my mother) as pirates and sang the pirates song—Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for me—before the movie started. Can you say fun, fun, fun. We received a lot of looks.  The outdoors is freeing because it wasn’t something I would do in a theater.

I invited a group of ladies out to the lake for a writing weekend and I took them to the drive-in. It was a nice break from writing all the time. They seem to really enjoy eating the popcorn, drinking the drinks we brought and a good romance movie to boot. All this for under twenty dollars.

I know summer time has truly arrived when I go to the drive-in.

What does your family do to signal the beginning of a season?


12 thoughts on “The Drive-In”

  1. Susan, you brought back memories of my childhood at the drive-in! Sadly, there are few left here and my kids haven’t had the experience although we have taken them to movies in the park…sort of the same but not! It is winter here now and today is our coldest morning since 2006 so I am making soup! Can I please come to writing retreat at the lake? I wrote a trilogy set on a lake so I qualify, right?

  2. Fiona,
    I thought about you when I wrote this warm weather post. You and your family are welcome at the lake anytime. The movies are shown in the winter but only on weekends. Not the same as watching in the outdoors but still fun. We are already thinking 4th of July and Bar-B-Q here.

  3. Susan! I was heartbroken when our only remaining drive in closed down. I used to do the same thing with my kids. My husband often worked the pm shift, so I was alone with the kids on weekends, and the drive in was a fun, and special, thing to do on a Saturday night – if they played a children’s movie. We had a GMC Van at that time so each kid took a captain’s seat and watched the movie in total comfort. If they got tired they could go to sleep.

    I truly miss those days, and wish that drive ins were still a part of our culture.

    The beach is always the trip that marks the beginning of summer for us.

  4. Lynn,
    It sounds like your kids had fun. My mom’s van has a bench seat the will flip over. We have opened the back door and flipped the seat. The kids lined up on it. Best seat in the house. A trip to the beach is the perfect way to celebrate summer’s arrival.

  5. Oh I used to love the Drive-In! I can’t tell you the number of movies I didn’t see at the Drive-In when my hubby and I were first going out 😉 Great memories. I saw Grease for the first time at the Drive-In!
    Alas there are NO more Drive-Ins where I live anymore 😦 although there was up until about 10 years ago and we used to take the kids occasionally to see a movie there but I doubt they remember which makes me sad, its such a great way to see a movie…..just something special and kind of retro about it!

  6. Amy,
    There are fewer and fewer around here. The one we go to is very busy during the summer. So much so that they added a second screen a number of years back. I hope to see the Lone Ranger at the Dive-In next week. It will make it extra exciting to watch.

  7. Love the Drive-In. We have a local one. I took the kids to see Shrek the Third there. It was fun. My first Drive-In movie was Ghostbusters and I remember it vividly.

  8. I loved Drive-In theaters when I was a kid. There’s still one not too far from our home in Ohio that we keep saying we’re going to check out when we’re back in the States (at least I hope it’s still there). So many good memories! There’s something about watching a movie on that huge screen outside in the dark that makes it extra special, kind of like going on a picnic as a family–you’re cocooned in your own private little world.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Susan!

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