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The gift of girlfriends

Sometimes life drifts along and everything is rosy and then BAM! you’re thrown a curveball (or two…or three). But it’s always good to know there are people who have got your back, who will support you no matter what, and will bring humour and love and sometimes a much needed ‘pull yourself together’- namely, your girlfriends.

When I emigrated to the other side of the world 11 years ago I left my friends behind- and while it’s great to still be in touch with them electronically I was faced with building a new life in a strange country. Then, too, when I decided to change professions I was in the same boat, leaving behind the safety of a job I knew well, and, more importantly, colleagues who I could turn to whenever things got rough – walking away from a 22 year nursing career was like jumping ship without a lifeboat- and I’m a terrible swimmer.

friends meme

Luckily I have managed to find new people in my personal and working life (and many who cross over both) who I can laugh with and cry with and who I can talk to about the good, the bad and the ugly times. The common link between these amazing people? They’re all women. Talented, clever, funny and loyal. Sassy, bright and, above all, strong. Girl friends are honest and reliable – they’ll hold your hair when you’re throwing up, will tell you when something really does make your bum look big, they’ll bring food you love, they’ll listen to you ranting at 4 in the morning. Most importantly, they listen. Get between a woman and her BFF and there’ll be hell to pay!

And while often I decry the technology of today as a time-suck  I’m pretty damned grateful because, without it, I wouldn’t have got to know half of them.  Very grateful indeed.

I’ve had an ‘interesting’ week both professionally and personally and I’ve been overwhelmed by support. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with a couple of my girlfriends and learnt a new thing while watching Magic Mike (actually, I learnt quite a few new things while watching Magic Mike)…

I learnt that nothing says friendship more than letting the fed-up girlfriend have first dibs on Channing Tatum (if only…)

So, treasure your girlfriends- talk to them, laugh with them, cry with them- take what they offer and give the love right back. And to all my amazing girlfriends, some say that family are everything- you may not be blood, but you’re my family now. And I’ve got your back too.

Do you manage to catch up with your girlfriends? What’s the favourite thing you do with them? Movies? Talking? Weekends away? 


7 thoughts on “The gift of girlfriends”

  1. Well hell, Louisa – why’d you have to go and make me bawl all over my keyboard??
    Hugs to you. And you’re absolutely right, girlriends rock!

  2. It’s interesting, over the years I’ve worked in many different settings as an RN. In each clinic or hospital etc, I’d latch onto one person and when I left that particular job, I’d keep in touch. I have two friends I met way back before I became a nurse. Went on family vacations together with one of them as we raised our families around the same time, and the other stood up for me at my wedding. We still get together (not as often as we’d like) and when we do – it’s lunch! And we talk our heads off!
    I also feel blessed having met women all over the world through my writing. You’re one of them. 🙂

    1. Lunch with the girls! What better way to while away a few hours- you’re always guaranteed some laughs, some fun and most of all, support. I think there is something very special about the way women are able to support each other. Friendships that have stood the test of time and experience are to be treasured- there’s nothing like talking to someone who knows you well. Lucky you to have so many friends from different parts of your life- but then, I’m not surprised- you’re pretty darned special too!

  3. Girlfriends are so important. I’m still super close to my college friends. I have about six or eight girlfriends spread over different states that I see regularly. Girlfriends are so important. Writing ones are the tops. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    1. It’s great that you’ve kept in touch with your college friends- especially as some of them have moved. Just shows you the strength of your friendships – so good that you see them regularly too… all those shared memories!!

  4. Lovely blog, Louisa! I think women have a very special talent for friendship and I love that it’s always the same when I meet up with my girlfriends, whether it’s been a year or a day since I last saw them. One of the great pleasures of my new writing career is that I’ve met so many amazing women – yourself included!

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