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Once in a Blue Moon

Gah!!! I’m late. Massive apologies to everyone. I’m on retreat so it slipped my mind plus the internet access here….lets just say I already know this is going to be an exercise in sheer frustration.

So I’m going to keep it short and sweet!

It was a blue moon last night and watching it shimmer on the water here at Rottness Island was truly magnificent. In fact Rottness Is. is breathtakingly magnificent full stop.

I have a lot of pics and I’ll share them next time but hopefully I can figure out how to load my night shot from my iPad!

I love the old saying, once in a blue moon. Does anyone else have favourite old sayings?



15 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon”

  1. Incredibly beautiful picture of that blue moon. I’ve always loved the phrase – On cloud nine. Don’t have a picture to share, but apparently it is a real thing, not just a state of being. here’s the explanation:
    ‘Cloud nine’ is the cumulo-nimbus cloud that you often see building up in the sky in a hot summer afternoon. It may reach 30,000 to 40,000 feet, so if one is up on ‘cloud nine,’ one is high indeed.

    I love those huge white clouds that often form in the afternoons in our big blue Californian skies.

  2. Okay I had to look up Rottnest ? island. It sounds like a fabulous place to visit. Are you biking around or walking?

    I like the saying ~ tomorrow is another day.

    1. Hey Kaelee. I wish I could tell you I was biking or walking but its actually been sitting on the deck and soaking up the ambience more than anything. Not to mention the afternoon drinkies.

      And the writing of course 😉

  3. Hi Amy

    I’m on retreat too! In Skye with my two sisters so I might have the same problem when it comes to my turn to post tomorrow. I cant think of a favourite saying off the top of my head (now where did that come from?) but I learned something about the song Loch Lomond when I was at a Runrig concert two weekends ago. You know the lines you take the high road and I’ll take the low road? Apparently you took the low road if you were dead!

    Love the pic by the way.
    Anne Fraser x

    1. Hi Anne – how is the moon on your retreat?
      I didn’t know that about the high/low road but looks like I’ll definitely be wanting to take the high! 🙂

      1. I had no idea Amy, but I couldn’t resist looking it up 🙂 It’s such an old saying that no-one really knows for sure where it first originated, some say that it’s a seafaring term (a reference to Nelson’s body being ‘pickled’ for the journey home), but I’m not so convinced about that, as there are much earlier examples.

        In 1573, Thomas Tussler’s advice on good husbandry, was to ‘Reape barlie with sickle, that lies in ill pickle.’ (the barley in an ill pickle being stems that were broken or lying flat). Then in 1610, Shakespeare used ‘in such a pickle’ in The Tempest to mean drunk (and perhaps a tad disorderly). In 1660, Pepys uses it to describe the disorder in his house ‘At home with the workmen all the afternoon, our house being in a most sad pickle.’ (For those from the US, the analogy probably makes a bit more sense if I mention that in the UK pickle is the mixture of sliced and spiced vegetables that Americans call relish.)

        So take your pick (sorry, no pun intended). One of my favourite modern examples is in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ when Shaun’s Mum insists on calling him ‘Pickle’ 🙂

        1. Wow, thanks for that, Annie! I think I like the Shakespeare explanation best. Afterall he’s responsible for a lot of our modern sayings!

  4. Wow, awesome pic, Amy! Very moody and atmospheric with those clouds!
    Argh, now that I’m trying to think of a favourite saying nothing at all is coming to mind… except “in my mind’s eye”! Probably because in my mind’s eye, I’m going to be late to work if i don’t shift myself right now! LOL
    Look forward to seeing more of your pics when you get back from you wonderful retreat!

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