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The R*BY Awards – the Glamour in Romance

Post-party1  Two weeks ago I was busily packing my suitcase to attend the annual Romance Writers of Australia conference. As I was choosing a dress for the Friday night cocktail party and another for the Awards gala plus heels, jewellery AND make-up I knew I was going to enjoy the chance to get out of my winter writer’s uniform of track pants!

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vision of a glamorous writer, a neat tidy desk, no dust and no ring marks from my tea cup and perfectly manicured nails tapping away at the keyboard, but sadly that is not reality. But, for a couple of evenings at the annual conference, my alter-ego can come out to play.

Awards Gala dessert buffetThe ballroom looked fabulous for the Awards Gala. We were served Champagne and dessert (lots and lots of delicious bites) and everyone looked gorgeous.

SHH Bella's Wishlist Aust I was among the final four in contention for the R*BY (Romantic Book of the Year) in the short sweet category for my Medical Romance Sydney Harbour Hospital: Bella’s Wishlist so that was all the excuse i needed to wear my new blue dress (I can never resist the colour ).

RWA 2013 conference (11)I’ve been nominated before so I was just excited to be in the running again and so surprised and honoured to win! Being at the conference is always fun but winning the R*BY was amazing and I was so pleased to be able to share it with fellow Medical Authors Fiona McArthur and Amy Andrews and Sheila Hodgson, Senior Editor HM&B London (pic below).

RWA 2013 conference (21)

I know that everytime I wear my blue dress I’ll remember this night. Do you have a favourite colour or outfit that makes you feel great or is asscoiated with happy memories? I’d love to hear about it, but wedding dresses don’t count – too easy:)

With thanks to all the romance readers out there

Emily xx

Daring to Date Dr Celebrity, UK Daring to Date Dr Celebrity, out now

The Best Love Stories of 2013The Best Love Stories of 2013, Australia, Sept 13

P.S. A huge thank you to Amy Andrews’ husband, Mark, for th photos!


31 thoughts on “The R*BY Awards – the Glamour in Romance”

  1. Congratulations! It was so awesome to be at the table with you when you won.
    My happy colour is purple (all shades – doesn’t matter). There’s just something about it that makes me feel better.

    1. Thanks, Roslyn, it was a fun night, wasn’t it!? You must have some Royal blood – isn’t purple their colour? Although the shade of my dress was probably called Royal Blue too.

  2. Congratulations. You look gorgeous in that dress! I have a silver dress a dear friend helped me pick out for my 40th which always makes me feel good, and I love wearing pink. Must do it more often!

    1. I remember that dress! I always think of you in silver but I have plenty of pink things you’re welcome to borrow 🙂

  3. The dress looked absolutely fab on you, Emily – you just sparkled!! I’m grinning thinking of that moment right now when you’re name was read out as the Ruby winner, it was soooo exciting!
    I’m with Roz, I quite like purple and particularly the purple I was wearing to the Awards Gala. I too will always remember your Ruby win whenever I wear it!

    1. I almost mentioned you in my reply to Roz, I thought you would say purple too 🙂 It suits you! I wonder whether we end up liking the colours that suit us because of people’s compliments or if we instinctively choose them. Not sure, but colours do have a way of triggering emotions.

  4. Everyone knows I love pink. It’s my signature colour.
    So happy for you, Emily. You deserved that so much. You looked fabulous in that blue. Can’t believe I didn’t get to catch up with you. You were like a will-o-the-wisp flying in and out so quickly!

    1. …and pink loves you. I’m sorry I didn’t see you too, your absence in our Medical Authors pic on Awards night is noted!

  5. I’m a red girl – always! I’ve got a lovely glittery red dress for the mills and boon author lunch next month that I can’t wait to wear!

    1. Can tell your favourite colour from your top AND your chair! Don’t forget to post some pics from the AMBA lunch 🙂

  6. Yay, Emily! You look absolutely smashing and I think that RuBY Award is the perfect accessory! Congratulations!

    I love anything in peach or apricot or pastel pink – always makes me feel good!

    1. Thank you, the R*BY does make a good accessory – she goes with everything 🙂 and you’re not alone in your love of pink in particular, that’s another of my “can’t resist” colours.

  7. So glad to get to see all of these pictures and to hear more about your story. Sheila never changes!

    I have a favorite color (red) but I don’t have a red dress – I think I’d need to lose about thirty pounds to pull that one off. Can’t say I have a lucky item of clothing or anything either.

    You look beautiful in blue, and I hope you get to wear that gorgeous dress again!

    1. Sheila doesn’t age, does she – it must be that gorgeous English skin that Aussies will always envy but by the time we realise we should have listened to all those sunscreen messages it’s too late! On that note, it’s not too late for a red dress either,maybe you could wear one at the next conference 🙂

    1. Hi Alisha, So glad to see you visiting here and especially glad to hear that you love our stories! The R*BY award is voted on by readers – none of us would be here without you! Enjoy the last couple of days of summer, we are just heading out of a long, cold winter in Australia – yay, can’t wait to be warm again.

    2. Alisha, I forgot to tell you to keep an eye out for my February 2014 release, “The Honourable Army Doc”, as my heroine’s name is Alisha!

  8. Congratulations on the R*BY award. I really enjoyed the SHH series. Your dress is beautiful. I hope you have more happy events to wear it at.

    I’m not a dress person but I have a favorite light orange pullover sweater that always gives me a boost when I wear it.

    1. Thanks, Kaelee, we all enjoyed working together on the SHH series and are really proud of those stories. Orange is such a cheery colour, isn’t it, I’m sure your sweater lifts everyone’s spirits!

  9. So excited for you, Emily! I am very fond of my green lace dress I bought in Vietnam. It always gets comments because it is different and I have very fond memories off it as I won a prize when I was wearing it too.

    1. Hi Fiona, I’ve seen photos of you in your green lace and you look gorgeous. Those moments in time that create such happy memories are wonderful.

  10. You look divine, Emily, and that kind of happy is the perfect accessory for the sapphire gown!

    I’m a purple chick too. I wear it everyday and every night, all the time! (My hair, I went lavender this Spring and just can’t stop!)

    1. Thanks, Amalie, I had no idea how much i was smiling until i saw the photos! Lavender hair!! My next heroine is constantly changing her image and I was going to dye her strawberry blonde hair pink but now I might try lavender – or maybe one after the other 🙂

      1. Pink would probably work for strawberry blonde(at least a darker pink), but if you want lavender, you have to go platinum first or it just doesn’t look lavender. It’s terribly high maintenance, but I love it so I just keep submitting to that torture 😀

        Might have to do blue next. Baby blue! Or stick with the lavender/lilac…

        1. Great info thanks! And I was thinking of giving her platinum hair at some stage so maybe pink, then platinum then lavender 🙂

  11. Emily, you look fabulous! Such a lovely picture of you, Fiona, Amy and Sheila.

    My favourite colour to wear is blue, and I love lavender and purple too. And pink, when I’m feeling brave 🙂

    1. Hi Annie, are you a Gemini by any chance? So many colours, so little time 🙂 and Amy’s husband took a great photo , didn’t he. I love catching up with everyone at the conference.

  12. Emily, huge congratulations on the win and on that gorgeous dress! You look beautiful and oh so happy.

    I love the color green–most of my dresses have been that color. I think it makes me think of new beginnings and the start of Spring after a long winter. Oh, and I also wear a lot of black. I have no explanation for that one other than perhaps there’s a goth girl inside of me trying to break free. 😉

    1. Hi Tina, Black is so easy, I think that’s part of the appeal, but I agree with you, I love to see a burst of colour – far more uplifting – and it’s funny how we keep coming back to the same colour be it green or blue or in Annie’s case just about every colour of the rainbow:)

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