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Random Monday by Amy Andrews

So, I’ve just come off three nights and have nothing prepared and my brain is mush so, reflecting that, I give you some random wanderings from my tired brain with absolutely no connection or cohesiveness, just…random.

I have developed a thing for lighthouses. This one is one of the three that are on Rottness Is (and one of the three we visited while we were in the West) where I stayed on for 4 days after my Perth trek last month to attend a writers retreat – how gorgeous is the weather???

How cute is this kid?? He’s my Godson’s baby – yes, my Godson is old enough to have a baby!!! How time flies!!

Doncha just love this German cover for one of my books? I have no idea which one it is or even if it’s a medical but I think this couple are hawt!

Speaking of covers – the Gold Coast City Angels series is out now with book one from Marion Lennox. It’s the spin off from the fab NYC Angels series and stars the wonderful talents of Marion as well as Fiona Lowe and Fiona McArthur and I am writing the last book (again) where Cade and Callie finally get their HEA. I like this cover too! The cover fairies are really shining on me these days!

Went and saw Blue Jasmine today with the fabulous Anna Cleary who lives about 15 mins away. Let me state for the record that I am NOT a Woody Allen fan but Cate Blanchett is breathtaking in this film – you need to see it just for her amazing performance!

I have a romcom coming out on 1st October with Momentum Publishing – Holding Out For A Hero. The link is here http://momentummoonlight.com/books/holding-out-for-a-hero/ I was hoping there would be a cover to show but alas, I think it will be a few days yet. But it’s only going to be 3.99 and any pre-orders when it goes up shortly or buys on release day would be much appreciated. I may be biased but I think y’all going to love Jake, Ella and the whole crazy gang 🙂

Okay, rambling over. I’m heading back to bed. Feel free to leave a comment about any of the things I’ve just thrown against the wall or none…or got a totally random comment?? I’d love to hear that too 🙂


12 thoughts on “Random Monday by Amy Andrews”

  1. I used http://www.freetranslation.com. It means “with you the goal of my dreams”. When I Googled THAT, it had a hit, but I couldn’t open it because I’m not on FB. What I could read in Google was translated to say, “Julia ‘with you the goal of my dreams’ is displayed on the 10.29.2013. A tender touch and a kiss on the lips … Take me to the goal of my….” So … I hope that helps.
    BTW, I love the lighthouse picture – especially the reflection lines!

  2. Loved the pictures and all the random information. Hubby saw Blue Jasmine and I want to see it for sure. Baby’s adorable, of course, and light houses are amazing, aren’t they?
    Love all the book covers and sorry we didn’t get to see your new e-book. I hope it will be available up my way?
    Also – I hope you got a good sleep and feel refreshed now.

    1. I am well rested now Lynne and ready to start a new day 🙂
      Holding Out For A Hero will be available on Amazon so you should definitely be able to purchase it and many thanks in advance xxx

  3. Hope you’re feeling rested , blossom. It was lovely seeing Blue Jas with you. I keep replaying of scenes in my head. What about that one where she spilled her guts to the kids in that cafe? All this adult stuff she spewed out, and their totally bemused little faces. Fantastic! I love the way Jasmine’s tale unfolded. Masterfully done, you have to admit!

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