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Winter Wonderlands

Okay, I know it’s not quite winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I just left winter in Brazil, and over the last couple of days, there’s been a chill in the air where I live in the States. So I’m headed back into that whitest of seasons…going from one winter directly into another. Good thing it’s my favorite season! And I appreciate it even more, after living near the equator in Brazil for a period of eight months before moving further south to São Paulo. Teresina, where we lived, has one season: Blazing Furnace. What? You didn’t know that was a season? They have a rainy season and a dry season—both incredibly hot. It made such an impression that I put the couple from my January 2014 book (Her Hard to Resist Husband) smack dab in that region of Brazil.

The view from our front porch one snowy year
The view from our front porch one snowy year

Back to winter. Ah…the bliss. I know you think I’m crazy, but I’m a Florida girl (another warm zone) who married an Ohioan. We bought a home in his tiny hometown where we’re currently residing. And I’m a writer, so I can sit with a mug of steaming coffee and enjoy the beauty of the snow without having to actually venture out into it every day.

Tina and kids enjoying the snow
Tina and kids enjoying the snow

You know, thinking about it, even if I had to shovel my driveway every day, there are still things I would love about winter:

  • The shower of colorful leaves when a good stiff breeze hits and the way those same leaves blanket the ground. It’s as if the trees are preparing their very own beds, getting ready to hibernate.

    The agony of defeat
    The agony of defeat
  • Being able to blow-dry my hair straight and an hour later glancing in a mirror to see that it’s still semi-straight (in the summer, I don’t bother fighting the natural curl most of the time—it’s a lost cause). I love it!
  • Pumpkin pies, pumpkin pie lattes, pumpkin pie Blizzards, pumpkin pie-scented candles…okay, I’ll admit it, I even eat pumpkin pie mix straight out of the can (you laugh, but since I had to cook pumpkin pie totally from scratch in Brazil—a daunting undertaking—this is the ultimate luxury).
  • Sipping hot spiced cider without breaking out into a sweat.

    Hubby and son with an icicle rescued from our house.
    Hubby and son with an icicle rescued from our house.
  • Taking a steaming shower without breaking into a sweat.
  • Running a mile or two without breaking into a sweat (okay, that’s not true, I sweat no matter what, but I was on a roll).
  • Burrowing beneath piles of blankets and wanting to stay there the next morning.
  • Watching It’s a Wonderful Life tucked on the couch next to my hubby and having him laugh at me every single year when I cry.
  • Watching kids play in the snow and the snowmen that dot the landscape afterward.

So many things to love. At least for me. What about you? Are you a frosty kind of person, or do you prefer warm balmy temperatures? I’d love to hear what you love the most about your favorite season!


12 thoughts on “Winter Wonderlands”

  1. Ah, Tina, so many things to love about winter- and to be honest we don’t really get a proper one here. This year (and we’re just coming to the end of winter) the coldest we got during the day was about 9 degrees Centigrade. No where near snowing point! I think that’s the thing I miss most- no really cold bright days where you wrap up snug in a thick coat (I just don’t have one, no need).

    I love summer, though. I love the sun on my back, long days, flowers in the garden, the beach, the smell of the sea on your skin, eating outdoors, salads, cocktails.

    I kinda like autumn a lot too- the crisp days and the red leaves, the smell of smoke in the air.

    Currently we have spring and it’s lovely to see the buds and the new life and to look forward to longer hours of daylight.

    Oh, okay- I don’t have a favorite season, I just love that they all herald the end of something and the beginning of something new.

    1. I’d never really experienced a true winter until living in Ohio, Louisa, so I know where you’re coming from. My husband claims that once I live here long enough, I’ll come to hate them. 😉 Well, as long as I have him to clear the sidewalks and the driveways, I don’t see that happening. Poor guy! There is a lot to love about all the seasons, it’s true. And every time a new season hits, I seem to be ready to move on to the next one.

      The place we lived in Brazil is heading into spring as well. No snow, though, so I’m looking forward to that!

  2. I’m a spoiled Californian, so I don’t really get to experience winter. I have been in Maine and Massachusetts and Colorado in winter, and really enjoyed the snow, but I could see where that would get old fast if I had to deal with it every day. I like to see my breath in the air and I like to dress in layers, but don’t get much of a chance in CA. I don’t think I could survive a true eastern or midwestern winter. You folks are hardy!

    1. Ha, my hubby is hardy, Lynne. I’m spoiled. I guess my blood will thicken up with time (if that old wives’ tale is even true). You have the best of both worlds: a chilly winter, but no snow. My dad was stationed in California until I was in 3rd grade and every winter a group of families would trek up to the mountains to play in the snow. We kids would go tubing down the mountains, while the adults just drank hot chocolate (probably spiked with a little something) and enjoyed themselves. Fun times–maybe that’s why I love the snow so much!

  3. Tina, I live in the north west of England, an area not noted for its sunny weather. This year it’s been different though – we’ve had a wonderful summer and I have loved every minute of it. But even though I love the sunshine, I would hate to live in a place where there aren’t any real seasons. Yes, I grumble about the cold and the rain but it makes it so much better when the sun does come out. There is nothing more uplifting after a long, cold winter than seeing the first green buds appearing on the trees.
    So enjoy your first cold winter for a while. It will make the rest of the year even nicer!

    1. I soooo agree, Jennifer! I appreciate the spring and summer so much more when there’s been a hard winter. In Florida, we had a touch of seasons, but no leaf-changings and very few hard freezes. So I really love it when the leaves change here in Ohio. It’s so very beautiful. I have tons and tons of pictures of just trees for that very reason. It’s just gorgeous!

      I will enjoy my winter! You enjoy yours!

  4. Tina,
    Welcome home! I don’t think I like one particular season over another. I like something about all of them. In the winter I like to put my feet up in front of a fire. The season makes for great sleeping weather. We don’t get much snow where I am and it only makes for a mess so I get to have little fun like you do. Spring is just beautiful, summer brings water sports and I love the water. Fall is hard to beat for beauty and a nice relief from the heat.

    1. Great point, Susan! Every season has its own special charm. The snow is beautiful and we do get enough to “play” in. My son is looking forward to maybe having a few snow days (when school has to be called off because of the amount of precipitation). It would be nice to sleep in and fix hot chocolate! We’ll see if I’m still singing the same tune come mid-winter. 😉

      I admit I do miss the beaches of Florida and water skiing (which I haven’t done for many years). Maybe one day I’ll end up being a snow bird and heading to Florida for the winter.

  5. Here in sunny QLD we don’t get snow which makes it such a novelty when we visit places that do have snow – I love it then! Can watch it for hours and hours. But yeh,….when its not my everyday existence I guess it’s easy to love.
    We don’t get autumn either and I do miss that. We lived in Canberra for a while after we we first married and I adored that about Canberra. Having never experienced an Autumn at all it was magical to see the leaves change and fall.
    I think my favourite season is Spring. So its not too cold anymore and (generally) not too hot. Here in Brisbane, the Jacaranda’s herald the start of Spring and I think that’s what I love about it most of all. To look out over the city awash with purple and have carpets of purple flowers on the streets is breathtaking.

    1. Ooh, Amy, your spring sounds absolutely lovely! You’ll have to blog about it some time and put up some pictures so the rest of us can enjoy it.

      I lived for many years in a place where there wasn’t much in the way of seasons (southern Florida), so the changing of the leaves has been one of my very favorite things! And boy do I love the snow. But fifteen years from now, I may have a different opinion. I hope not, but if it’s true that familiarity breeds contempt…who knows!

  6. Wow, that icicle looks lethal, Tina! I love winter too – which is kind of odd because I hate being cold. When it’s cold, I really dress for it – hat, gloves, gloves, as many padded bits of clothing as I can! We don’t get snow here really – just a few flurries and some black ice on frosty mornings.

    It’s lovely here at the moment with spring and that delicious fresh smell in the air. But all too soon we’ll have the summer heat and then the fire danger to go with it. Summer – my least favourite season!

  7. Sharon, I love piling on clothes, but I have to admit, once I get cold I stay chilled for a long, long time. Which is funny, really, because I really do like winter. I think I’ve lived in hot spots for so many years that I don’t appreciate summer as much as I might have otherwise. And I think a lot of my enjoyment of winter comes from childhood memories of going up to the mountains to play.

    Enjoy your spring! And hugs on the coming heat. I feel your pain!

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