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A Tourist Drive! with Sharon Archer

I thought I’d take you for a pictorial jaunt along a section of one of our best tourist attractions here in Victoria.  The Great Ocean Road is a ribbon of highway that winds its way around the coast for just over 240 kms and was built by soldiers returning from WW1.  An amazing feat that took 13 years of hard labour.

We spent a day exploring one section of it!  There are fascinating limestone cliffs and pillars and arches.  Beaches of golden sand.  On the day we were there, those beaches and the rock formations were getting a pounding from ferocious seas.  I could see how it earned its name of The Shipwreck Coast.  a-Gt-Ocean-Rd4You can see the erosion in action on this pillar.  According to one of the information signs along the way, the whole coast line is being nibbled away at a rate of about 2cm a year.

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-LondonBridge2This formation – now called London Arch – used to be known as London Bridge. A span of rock used to join the two parts until it fell down in 1990.  Two tourists were caught on the outermost part of the structure.  Pretty unnerving to realise that the rock you’d just walked out on was no longer there, don’t you think!  They had to be air-lifted off by helicopter.

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-LondonBridge3a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-warningsignThere are plenty of warnings along the way not to get too close to the edges.  Ignore them at your peril, I say!

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-the-grotto2Here we are at another of the amazing formations along the way – The Grotto.

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd5The sea was showing us firsthand what a force of nature it is – large waves and powerful undertows. Each receding wave was tinged brown with the sand it was dragging off the beach.

And because I can’t resist… a couple of fauna and flora pics!

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-seagullThis handsome fellow was posing on a fence for me… well, he was probably waiting for a chip!  Bold as brass, isn’t he!

And a correa growing quite happily on the wind-swept cliff.  Must be hardy… Note to self – should probably plant more of these in the garden!

a-Gt-Ocean-Rd-correa2Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip!  Been anywhere lately that you’d like to share with us?  Got any special places near you that you like to explore?


18 thoughts on “A Tourist Drive! with Sharon Archer”

  1. Just back from exploring Samoa. Lush, clean, green, friendly, tropical, unspoilt – with some amazingly spectacular natural formations – waterfalls, blowholes, mountains – and the most sobering part of our trip, the regenerating tsunami coast. Our world is so astonishing for so many reasons…

    1. Thanks, Susan! I do love dabbling with the camera… as you’ve no doubt noticed! 😉 How interesting that the London Bridge collapse made it on to your news and that you remember! One of the friends we were travelling with remembered that the collapse apparently happened very very soon after someone had crossed the bridge. Scary!

  2. Looks amazing, Sharon! I love how travel opens our eyes to not only the beauty of the world, but also the wonder that lives in us at exploring new things – and how we should never let that die.

  3. Thanks so much for this, Sharon. I love to armchair travel with you doing all the grunt work. 🙂
    My husband and I like to take a short trip up the coast to our little working harbor in Ventura. Lots to watch, fish to smell, boats from all around the world are docked in the marina, and several great places to eat. Fun day trip. NOthing as spectacular as your travelog, though. Keep them coming! Please?

  4. Sharon ~ Thanks for the mini-vacation. Beautiful pictures. Love the flower shot.

    I’ve been to Banff National Park a couple of times this September. I’m lucky that it is located so close to me. Hoping to get back there soon to see the fall color which is late this year.

    1. The correa is a gorgeous flower, Kaelee, one of my favourite Australian native plants. We do have some in our garden with coloured bells. The birds love them too… which means that I get to creep around camera in hand trying to get a photo!

      Banff National Park sounds wonderful! A visit to the Canadian Rockies is on my to-do list! Such stunning mountains!

  5. Sharon, you always have such gorgeous pictures of your travels. Love seeing them. Not only that, you’re making me add more and more places to my bucket list. I just got back from Greece not very long ago, and I think I’m *almost* ready to head off to a new and exciting destination!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tina, me too with the bucket list additions! That’s something I love about our blogs – a lovely peek at possible destinations to add to the list. Oooo and you’re not long back from Greece? This sounds like a blog I need to see!!

  6. Such beautiful pictures, Sharon, and what an amazing place! Your London Bridge does have a distinct resemblance to ours – although as far as I know, despite the rhyme, ours hasn’t fallen down yet 🙂

    1. Annie, that’s right! There is a rhyme about London Bridge! I’m glad your LB is still standing and very impressive it is too! We travelled over it in a Red Tours double decker bus many many years ago.

      But I wonder if the rhyme has any obscure meaning other that being fun for children to chant. Mmmm, now I’m going to have go and play on Google! Annie, you’re a very bad influence! LOL

  7. Such beautiful and interesting photos! We live in such an amazing world. I think I have a new place to add to my travel bucket list 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

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