The Writing Life

One Month After

I can’t believe I’m here. I sometimes still pinch myself.

*YOWCH* Yep, it’s real.

I’m one month post debut release.

And it feels a bit …surreal still. I mean, I’ve wanted to be a Harlequin author for as long as I can remember. I remember sneaking peeks at my grandmother and mother’s stash.

My Nanny tend to read more “bodice rippers” as the old term goes. Historical romances by Woodiwiss, Lindsay and Mason.

My Mom read Harlequins. Presents and most of those were about Sheikhs. She liked the Sheikh books. She still does.

She now loves medicals. Nope, she’s not biased! Not at all. LOL 😉

Still, it’s been one heck of a journey and I’m so glad to be here. Some things I learned through this process, don’t give up. If it’s your dream, keep trying! Learn to listen. Learn to accept advice from your editor. When they give you specific revisions, take them to heart and pick your battles! Write what you love. It shows in your writing when you try to force it. Read your work out loud and backwards. Hey, it works!

Above all read. Read lots. Writing is all about growing and learning.

Now, I’ll head back into my cave. Book three will not write itself, no matter how many times I tell it to. 😉



14 thoughts on “One Month After”

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Cave Time is being productive, just slow, but I’m sure once I get over the hurdle and on to the resolution it’ll speed up!

  1. Congrats, Amy, and LOVE your cover! Looking forward to reading this (but if my ed is here – I’m writing, writing, writing…!) 🙂

    1. LOL, Kate! Yes! I’m writing, writing, writing too. Even though I’m having lunch with my editor on Wednesday …I’m WRITING. I swears! 😉

  2. Must say what everyone else has commented on – love your cover! Congratulations on your debut, Amy! I haven’t yet read it, but am so looking forward to it.

    Are you sure book three won’t write itself? This is unfortunate, as it tells me I must sit down tomorrow and work on same 🙂 Best of luck with yours!

    1. It would be so awesome to just punch a button sometimes and write a book. Best wishes on your next one and I’m looking forward to your debut too!

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