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Something old…..

Hubby and I have just been away for for a long weekend with some lovely friends to a beautiful area of Victoria know as “spa country”. A short drive from Melbourne, its chock full of old country towns, farmer markets, wineries and gorgeous scenery.Image

What did we do? Not a lot. We just drove around and stopped where our fancy took us. We ate great food and drank great wine and just enjoyed each others company in a very beautiful part of the world.

But I also got to do one of my favourite things – poke around in antique shops. I just love wandering around and being surrounded by things from a bygone era. My first true love is china and I picked up this fabulous little creamer dish which I just adore! creamer

There were also about  five or six sets of Harlequin glasses I could easily have bought were I not about 1700 km away from home and getting on a plane. Not only do I also adore old-fashioned glassware but now I write for Harlequin I think it’s a sign that I need to start collecting this particular type of glassware (at least that’s the way I explained it to my husband anyway) 😉

My major find was this darling little art deco 1930’s powder case – complete with the original rouge! compact
It was so pretty, I just had to have it and now its sitting in my display cabinet along with the creamer  🙂

What about you? Do antiques appeal to you or do you prefer modern? Ever had a really special find?



19 thoughts on “Something old…..”

  1. OMG that powder case is gorgeous.

    I don’t actively collect anything(except ink pens and spiral notebooks, which have no real value except that I have them in vast quantities…) but I looooove to look.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time this weekend! Lucky you!! I love to look at antiques but never collect them (they’re too precious for my clumsy hands- and with teenage boys throwing balls throughout the house they’d be smashed within minutes) Maybe I can start collecting when (if) they leave home!! I love that creamer dish- gorgeous!

    1. Oh yes, Louisa. Teenage boys are a bit like a herd of baby elephants aren’t they? Or definitely bulls in a china shop anyway 🙂
      The creamer is just gooorgeous.

  3. I love antique cups, saucers and side plates. I guess because they remind me of going on holiday to my Gran’s in North Uist when I was a child. She always had tea and scones laid out on a table set with the prettiest crockery just waiting for us to tuck in!

    Anne x

    1. yes, Anne, I have fond memories of visiting older people as a child and always drinking out of beautiful china. Also my mother had a Shelley tea set which she was given when she left her work to have her fist child (it was apparently the gift of choice for bosses back then) and it has a daffodil print and I just adored looking at it when I was a kid.

  4. The creamer and powder case are lovely. I enjoy going into antique stores, but for some reason haven’t done it in years. One of my favorite finds was a beautiful print of a young girl reading a book from the Illustrated London News, January 18, 1873. I have it framed and above the desk in my office. Funny – I got it years before she was born, but January 18th is my daughter’s birthday.

  5. Amy, it sounds like my sort of trip! I love hunting round in antique shops for lovey little trinkets like your powder compact. My best find was half a dozen dinner plates to match the tea service I inherited from my grandmother. It’s Willow Pattern and I love it although they are so old I only use the cups etc on special occasions.
    PS. I definitely think you should start collecting those Harlequin glasses. You have the perfect excuse…I mean, reason, to do so :>

    1. Wow – that *is* a find, Jennifer! I’ve been looking around hoping to ind a missing cup from my mother’s tea set – no luck yet but one day, you never know…..

  6. Amy, there are some lovely little towns with marvellous eateries and shops in the spa area! and it sounds like you’ve had a fabulous time exploring them!

    Both your purchases are gorgeous but I particularly love the little compact. One of my prized possessions is my grandmother’s compact – probably about the same vintage as yours but it isn’t quite as pretty. I enjoy thinking that she’d have used it to powder her nose!

    1. How cool that you have a compact as well! There were about a dozen at that particular shop – more grand looking and ornate ones but I just loved the simple prettiness of this one!
      And I too love the thought that someone, somewhere a long time ago, used it as an everyday thing.

  7. Amy, your finds are beautiful! I too have a bit of a passion for china, and can’t help going in to antique shops and markets when I come across them. There’s something about the care with which these things have been kept over the years which makes them very special. I have a tea set which belonged to my grandmother, which I do use from time to time. It’s actually her ‘third best’ set – which was used for visitors. The second best was kept for special occasions, and the first best – well as the Queen never dropped round for tea, I don’t think it ever made it out of the cabinet! My favourite was always the third best, as it has a very pretty pattern with little knots of pansies, and I remember her bringing it out when we came to visit.

    1. I agree, Annie – the love and care that goes into these treasures of yesteryear make them so much more special!
      Your Gran’s tea-set sounds so very beautiful! If I come to tea one day, perhaps we could use it? 😉

  8. I love your finds also. I’m an antiques girl. We have a number of family ones that we use daily. I even have a footed tub and a pull chain commode. I collect apples of all kinds. I have some many now that I’ve had to slow down on them some. It has to be a really special one for me to buy.

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