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Eating my way around France and new books by Fiona Lowe

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, you may not know, but I’ve just spent 3 weeks in France. (Big wave to Fake Frenchie, sorry we didn’t get to the north). The weather was lousy but we accepted that because the country is amazing and we had THE BEST time including a week in Paris and cycling 300 km from Toulouse to the Mediterranean.

I could show you photos of splendid buildings and beautiful scenery but I’ve decided to hit  you with food! The French do food so well and we ate ourselves silly and loved every minute of it. We stumbled on some amazing restaurants with sensational food and lovely wines, but even at an average restaurant, the food was good and the presentation perfect.

So here’s Fiona’s pictorial guide to what she ate in France…..

The real deal!
French Onion Soup; the real deal!
coq au vin
Coq au Vin loaded with flavour
Triple chocolate. C’est magnifique!

The French LOVE Nutella crepes and I confess to eating one or two wrapped in white paper from a street stall…
Fromage! France produces more types of cheese than days of the year!
Cassoulet..the famous dish of beans, sausage and duck from Castlenaudary
Cassoulet..the famous dish of beans, sausage and duck from Castlenaudary
Lunch on the bike path.
Chaud Chocolat with style!
Hearty Alsace Food with BIG German influence
Wine from one of our favourite restaurants on the whole trip in Narbonne. Here I had mussels with aioli cooked on a wood fire. Divine!
Wine from one of our favourite restaurants on the whole trip in Narbonne. Here I had mussels with aioli cooked on a wood fire. Divine!
Entrecote! My husband ate this wherever he could with or without sauce

DSCF2472 DSCF2414 DSCF2469

Moet & Chandon. Need I say more!
Need I say more!

So there you have it. Oh, and I will throw in one scenery shot…one of my faves!

The Canal du Midi in autumn and me & my bike.
The Canal du Midi in autumn and me & my bike.

Do you have food memories of a vacation/holiday you’d like to share?

I’ve come home just in time to launch a new medical romance and a short story!

gold coast angels UK

Bundle of Trouble

is a stand-alone book as well asgold coast angels being the third story in the Gold Coast Angels series. Life has dealt both Luke and Chloe a really raw deal and neither believe they can or deserve happiness again. It was a tough story to write but I loved giving two wonderful people the “happy ever after” they deserve! If you live in the USA, you can grab a physical copy from and you can buy the eBook just about everywhere!  In the UK, it’s on shelf from November 1st and in Australia & NZ Nov 15th or on-line tomorrow! Or you can buy it as a duo with the final story in the series written by the very talented Amy Andrews.

I also have a short story out, One The Road Again. At 12,500 words,  It’s the OnTheRoadAgainCoverEmailperfect length to read just before turning out the light. Loosely based on the big bike ride I did last year, it’s a reunion story between two doctors. You can grab it from Smashwords (all formats), Amazon and hopefully soon from everywhere else for the super price of 99 cents!

For a complete list of my back list books click here

I put out a newsletter with new releases and if you wish to join the list, head over to my website to sign up. I promise I won’t bombard you.

For those of you who celebrate Halloween, have a spooky one!

Fiona xx

20 thoughts on “Eating my way around France and new books by Fiona Lowe”

  1. Now you’ve made me even more excited about our trip to France next year! The food is utterly divine but you really captured me with your canal pic both here and on FB! I’m now trying to convince hubby to do a canal trip on the du Midi rather than the UK 🙂

  2. Fi! So glad you had a great time- I followed your trip with envy- it looked amazing. I absolutely adore France and French food (and the wine!!)- particularly Castelnaudry cassoulet- YUM!! You made we want to go back there right now! Ah, I can dream!

    Best of luck with your two releases!!

  3. YUM, Fiona! Your food tour is delicious to look at so I can just imagine how awesome it was to eat! And that bike path looks fabulous to ride on – though I’m guessing it wasn’t quite that goo all the way, was it?

    Congratulations on your short story and your latest Medical Romance! Love, love, love your covers!

    1. Sharon, it was pretty rough after the first 30km. Apparently though, if you ride the Canal du Midi from Bordeaux, it is paved until just before Castelnaudary. We rode Toulouse to the sea and 270km was rough as.

  4. Fabulous! I was planning to blog about a walking food tour I took in Montreal, while you were in France this month, but now it seems somehow beside the point. I do love these Medical Romance author travelogues we’ve been sharing lately, though. You picture on the Canal du Midi is Book-worthy! Just gorgeous.

  5. Fab food, Fiona! You certainly found some great places to eat.
    My favourite meal recently? Well, funnily enough, it was France too, the Cote d’Azur, roughly around the same time you were there, cycling. We had lunch at a restaurant that spilled out onto the beach and sat under a parasol to enjoy the view of the glittering blue sea. Three of the party had Moules Marinere but I am not a moules fan so chose warm goat’s cheese with salad and all sorts of delicious extras. We then had café gourmand (greedy coffee!) and it lived up to its name – coffee with four tiny tasters of desert. Yum!
    It was a fab meal eaten in a wonderful spot and I enjoyed every mouthful.

  6. Fiona, you’re making my mouth water! All presented so beautifully, too – I’m trying to work out from the photo whether the cups of chaud chocolat are printed on the inside, or whether they’ve made the pattern with the chocolate mix. (If it’s the latter, then clearly I’ll have to keep practising 🙂 ) Those lovely dishes must have been all the more welcome after a long day’s cycling!

  7. Can I come along next time? Pleeeeese. I love the pictures and the French are wonderful cooks. Riding a bike through the countryside sounds like the perfect way to work off all the eating. As ususal your new books sound great. I look forward to reading them.

  8. Loved your (your DH’s) travel photos 🙂 I’m not a huge cheese fan but my eye was drawn to the photos of the Triple Chocloate and the hot chocolate, oh, and the chocolate shop- what does that tell you! Also the Moet!!! One of my best travle meals – linguini marinara on the waterfront in Amalfi – yum.

  9. Fiona, your pictures made my mouth water!! So glad you had wonderful trip and made it home safely. I’m a huge nutella fan! Great for my tastebuds…not so great for my waistline.

  10. Oh, my goodness, I’m drooling! Looks absolutely wonderful, and your picture of the Canal du Midi could be in a magazine. Have never been to France, but it’s high on my travel list. Also high on my list is reading your new releases! Congratulations.

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