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Resistance is futile.

My contribution to the Gold Coast City Angels is out this month and its the delectable Cade Coleman’s (from the NYC Angels continuity ) turn for a HEA. 9780373069262

I love the title for the book and I love stories about men and women who are trying really hard to resist the person they really love/lust for one reason or another. I love the push and pull of it and the long-lusty looks. The clenched fists and the even more clenched jaws. I love how it builds the tension to screaming point all leading to that one moment, that one amazing moment, when one or both of them decide screw it and succumb to temptation.

This is why this clip from Grey’s Anatomy is one of my fav scenes ever. Mark Sloane has been trying really hard to stay away from/keep his mitts off “little Grey”. Until finally she pushes him too far…

In How To Resist Temptation, Cade is trying really hard to stay away from Callie but Callie is always there – pushing and pushing. She’s not afraid to go after what she wants and she has Cade in her sights. And she knows he wants her as badly as she wants him.

Do you like this kind of scenario as much as me or does it just not do it for you – maybe you prefer things up front? Got any favourite books/movies/tv series where this theme is done really well? Bones comes to mind and, a little further back, Moonlighting.

How To Resist Temptation is out now!


15 thoughts on “Resistance is futile.”

  1. Oddly enough, I am writing this very scene right now. My mind goes blank whenever I am asked for examples…um movies, um…The Wedding Date. Most TV dramas/…The Good Wife.

  2. Ooo, I love this scenario too, Amy! Cade and Callie’s story sounds like a fabulous read!

    Thanks for posting that delicious scene from Grey’s Anatomy! I’m seconding Fiona’s suggestion of The Wedding Date as a great story about resisting temptation. Delving back into TV history for a series about resisting temptation – there was Remington Steele with Pierce Brosnan. Used to really enjoy that show!

  3. Amy, the new book sounds fab – just my sort of story. I love it when the H/h can’t or won’t get it together. Oddly, enough the scene from a film that springs to mind isn’t an overtly sexy one. It’s from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves which I loved at the time (and no, I didn’t even notice Kevin Costner’s American accent – I was so engrossed!) Robin is competing to fire an arrow at a target and Marion comes up alongside him and blows in his ear. I always got the feeling that the actress playing Marion ad libbed it and it makes it all the more powerful. I still get goose bumps thinking about!
    Off to order your new title,

  4. Amy,
    I love the title also. These types of scenarios are some of my favorites. Remington Steele built 8 or 10 years of shows using the push/pull in a relationship. Your book sounds like a must read.

    1. I don’t remember much of Remington Steele, Susan, but I think every TV show that’s been really good has some kind of resist-at-all-costs relationships. I think the trick is how to handle it once the two people in question have stepped over the line and the chemistry disappears!
      Its been the ruin of many a good show.

  5. Amy, love the title of your book. I also love that push/pull scenario that goes on between two characters, but I’m coming up blank on examples. Wait…. This is going to sound strange, but I think there’s a weird kind of sextual tension that can happen between good guys and villains–especially if the writer blurs the line between good and “bad.” I’ve always thought there was some chemistry going on between Catwoman and Batman. Maybe it’s that bad girl angle. 😉

    1. Oh I absolutely think you’re right about that, Tina. I think there’s always that attraction to the “bad boy/girl” or the “dark side”. A bit like being attracted to a MAFIA leader or something – you want him but you know you should stay way the hell away!

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