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First World Problems & Thanksgiving

Today in the U.S., where I live, it’s Thanksgiving. The house smells drool-worthy turkey, dinner is not for hours, and I’m starving but I don’t want to eat anything because nothing sounds as good as what I’m smelling–and the promise of what’s coming tonight when everyone finally gets here with their many side-dishes.(Our Thanksgiving is always part potluck.)

I get this way when I’m looking for something new to read, too. Not always, but sometimes I have a craving and nothing else will satisfy. Except with reading, it can be hard to name to that book-craving if you want something new.

Next week is my deadline for my third contracted book, and I’m in the homestretch–the end is in sight! Which means I’m astoundingly sick of this story and longing to dig into something someone else wrote. I just have no idea what that something is right now. Nothing in my TBR pile looks like… whatever it is that I want to read.

Self Realization: I’m so spoiled I probably am kind of stinky!

But I’m thankful. I’m so thankful that today my biggest irritation is: I want to read something AMAZING that someone else wrote, and I have no idea what it is.

Any First World Problems you’d like to share? This is a safe place 😀


15 thoughts on “First World Problems & Thanksgiving”

  1. Amalie, your post made me smile! And it also made me realise how much I have to be grateful for. So thank you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. The pot-luck sounds like a great way to distribute the work for the occasion.

    Good luck finding that “amazing” book to read! And congratulations on nearing the completion on your third book! That’s huge!

    1. Glad I could make you smile. And thank you!

      We had a wonderful dinner, and my soon-to-be-6-years-old nephew informed me when it was time to go: I Don’t t Do Kisses Anymore… because “I don’t wike kisses.”

      (which cracked me up)

  2. Amalie,
    I feel your pain. I’m currently reading Sarah Morgan’s and will soon be moving on to Debbie Kaufaman’s new one Journey of Hope. The cover is too pretty for my not to enjoy the book. Then I’ll move on to the other 60 or 70 beside my bed waiting to be the best I’ve read in a long time! Nothing goes better with turkey and a nap and good book.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Amalie, and everyone else who is celebrating! Your feast sounds wonderful, and your post made me realise how many blessings I have to count, too.

    I’m with you on the ‘end’s in sight’ doldrums – something to do with listening to my own voice for too long, and wanting to hear someone else’s for a bit. A Thanksgiving dinner and a good book sounds like the best remedy 🙂

    1. That’s exactly it, get so tired of listening to my own voice. It’s counter-intuitive though, logically you’d think that getting to the end of the book would be HAPPY-EXCITED-FUN TIME… and it’s more like… THIS-SUCKS-THIS-IS-THE-WORST-BOOK-EVER TIME… (Hopefully that feeling has faded by the time edits roll around though hehe)

      Good luck with your ending doldrums! 🙂

    1. ooh, sorry Amalie, also meant to say re books. You wanna read a good book? I’m half way through Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc and freaking L O V I N G it!!
      You did good, Amalie! 🙂
      You’re heroine is an absolute delight – love her. And your grumpy hero is perfect!
      Fabulous debut!
      So people, if you after a good book to read with your Turkey – I cant recommend Amalie’s book enough!

      1. Oh man, that totally made my week 🙂 Seriously, book3 is sucking my will to live, so it’s the perfect time for a huge confidence booster, and coming from you it can’t be anything but an epic confidence booster! Thank you! I hope that the rest of the book stands up to the first half 😀

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I always think that it’s a shame we don’t celebrate here in the UK. There’s an awful lot of good things that happen and we should celebrate them.
    Re what to eat or read. I always fall back on old favourites when I can’t decide, the tried and trusted like crusty bread and delicious cheese when I’m hungry or a much loved book when I’m desperate to read something comforting.
    I have a pile of lovely books to read and know I shall enjoy them but I have just started a re-read through all 15 volumes of Rebecca Shaw’s The Village series. It’s quirky and maybe not to everyone’s taste but I always get hooked each time I read it. Comfort food for the mind. Once I have finished then I shall get back to my TBR pile and your Craving her rough diamond Doc is there waiting. I’m looking forward to it!

    1. There is something great about the concept of a holiday for giving thanks, and getting together with family–even the ones who kind of drive you nuts. (And one of my grandma’s was utterly fixated on and bewildered by the fact that my hair is blue right now. Pastel and lovely, IMO, but she just couldn’t get past it hahaha So I’m fairly certain that I’m the weird family person who drives HER nuts for the holidays, and she was probably thankful that no one else at the table had blue hair!)

      I love quirky books, so I may have to seek out The Village series! I’ll try anything once! And thank you, hope you like Wyatt and Imogen 🙂

  5. I’m so relieved to know that other people have massive piles of books being shuffled from the nightstand to the bookshelf and back…sometimes on the floor…in the kitchen…the bathroom…:-) And I know exactly what you mean about being incredibly tired of your own voice by the time you’re at the end of a book. I have a writer friend who always laments how hard it is to say goodbye to her characters, which I find astonishing – I like them again after I’ve been able to take a break from them. Kind of like my family sometimes 🙂

    I, too, enjoyed a massive Thanksgiving dinner with about 50 relatives and friends, and do appreciate having a specific day to be reminded how incredibly lucky and blessed I am. Glad your enjoyed yours, Amalie!

  6. I love reading other author’s books, and I also like to read in other genres. It is refreshing to see what is OUT THERE. I recently read in another genre and it left my head spinning with a gazillion characters, omniscient point of view one moment, head hopping the next. After I’d finished, I tucked my tail between my legs and headed back to my tried and true Romance genre, where authors keep us focused on the emotional side of the story, and all else is a side dish around the roasted turkey, as it were. (if you catch my metaphor).
    I hope your US Thanksgiving aromas were as wonderful as they smelled!

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