Holiday Celebrations

Wait! What?

Holy, moly the Fall certainly got away from me and even though it’s technically not winter yet in Canada Mother Nature certainly thought differently the other day.


Also I was wrapped up in a deadline, meeting my editor and attending a conference in October so the days went speeding by. So yeah, the Fall flew by and I can’t believe I’m staring December in the face.


Don’t get me wrong. I love December. I LOVE Christmas, but it also means another deadline is creeping up on me.

I feel like I’m swimming upstream with no legs. ACK!

Every weekend is jam-packed and crazy. This weekend I’m going camping with my Guide group for our annual Christmas Camp. So I have to roast a turkey this Thursday. Next weekend is my husband’s company work party and the weekend after is filled with visiting family and friends and then it’s Christmas. Insanity.

In between all of this I have to finish wrapping, finish a book due January 15, finish a mountain of sewing (I’m making Snuggies for my kids) and other assorted things that I don’t even want to think about or wrap my mind around.IMG_0443[1]

Hopefully, somewhere in all there I can get a chance to trim down my TBR pile and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and watch some of my favorite Christmas movies.

Now, I’ve vented a bit I feel much better! 🙂 Sorry for that.

Is your December just as insane? How do you relax and unwind for all the craziness?

I hope you all have a relaxing, safe and happy holiday season. ❤

18 thoughts on “Wait! What?”

  1. I usually plan every year so that all books are handed in by December 1 because not only do we have Christmas, we have summer down here in Australia. Trying to write in January is crazysauce. That said, I have to do it this year cos I played in France in October. My advice to get through this season? Lists!

    1. I’m a list maker. It drives my DH squirrelly, but it’s the only way to get some control ou to of the chaos. LOL

  2. I’m exhausted and tight chested just reading your post, Amy! Wow. Good thing you’re young and full of energy. I have occasionally had a deadline in December, which makes for a challenge. I currently have revisions for the book turned in November 15th, but fortunately my editor is going on vacation so I won’t have to submit until early January. This makes for nice squiggly room around the holidays. Some years are more jam packed than others with parties or Christmas concerts, but this year seems quite quiet so far. I’m enjoying this more relaxed kind of Christmas. Good luck on all the to-dos on your list. Something tells me you’ll come through with flying colors.

    1. Oh no! No tight chested on you, Lynne! Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s been a crazy last few months. 🙂

  3. OMG, Amy! Look at that snow! Please tell me you and your Guides are camping in a nice centrally-heated hotel!

    December is crazy, isn’t it! I think Fiona’s got the right idea with lists! Though I have to say that my lists are growing callouses! Good luck with your list and your deadline and you make sure you fit in that lovely hot chocolate and a nice read!

    Merry Xmas, Amy!

    1. YES, Sharon. We’re sleeping indoors in a heated building and the snow melted today. It shot up above zero. It was so mild today, it’s kind of weird. I was hoping a bit a snow would stick around to build snowmen with the girls, but I’d never sleep outside in a tent in the winter. I’d find some excuse. LOL 😉 Merry Xmas to you too!

  4. I wish I had a solution to the Christmas madness but it creeps up on me every year too. OK, I’ve done my present shopping…or that’s what I’m telling myself. I just know that as soon as I start wrapping those gifts I’ll remember someone I’ve forgotten or decide to buy that extra bit more for my grandchildren and off I’ll go to the shops again! It’s all part of the craziness of Christmas and, if I’m honest, I love it.

    So no answers to your question, Amy, just lots of good wishes to you and your family, and to everyone reading this post.
    P.S. Enjoy your camping. That snow is really something!

  5. Hi Amy

    Tell me about Christmas madness! I was way behind with my latest deadline and just submitted my manuscript at 11pm last night. I know it’s not quite there yet so I am working to tighten it in advance of my ed getting back to me.
    I was in the Western Isles all last week giving some talks and the two weeks before that I was on holiday with my husband. (Actually to be brutally honest it was a combination of holiday and research- I can’t do anything without the need to multi task.) And before that I was in Poland (also research) with my eldest daughter.
    Consequently I haven’t bought a single Christmas card let alone any presents. As you say, how did it happen that we are suddenly less than three weeks away? Oh, well, there is always this weekend!
    Wishing us all a stress free run up to the festive season- why, oh why, do we do this to ourselves?

    Anne x

  6. Yep, Xmas madness always abounds here too, Amy!
    Am about to start my own list as I’ve barely bought anything and normally the tree and the Xmas cooking is done by now but my daughter has been away and not back til Saturday so we’ve delayed cos she likes to help me with the cooking 🙂
    Love love love the snow! Wouldn’t like to be camping in it though… brrrrr.

    1. I hope you get a lot of cooking done and catch up with her, Amy! 🙂

      It was mild and the snow melted quite a bit today, but I hope just a bit comes back for Saturday fun. Right now it’s muddy and gross out there.

  7. It’s a crazy time of year around here as well! And we have a winter storm coming in this evening (at least according to the weather reports), so I’m scurrying around trying to get things in order and buy some necessities. And I have revisions on a book that I’ve been putting off, but need to get to!

    Hope your camping trip is fun (I love cold weather, but I think I’d be a wimp about camping in it). Stay toasty and drink lots of hot cocoa!

    1. Hope your winter storm doesn’t leave you guys stranded, Tina and if it does I hope you stay nice and toasty warm too!

  8. Amy,
    I feel your pain. I am slowly getting Christmas together. What I used to do in a day now takes about a week to accoplish. I put alittle bit out here and a little more out there. I’m all but done on the shopping which is the way I like it. Thankfully the book went in last week so another isn’t due for sometime. I am now catching up which I love.

    1. Glad you got yours in, Susan. I do have a bit of time. I’ll be pecking away at it. As of today and a really awesome sale, I finished Christmas shopping. Now I start the baking.

  9. Amy ~ I hope you have warmer weather than we have in Western Canada right now. It’s hard to get out and about when the wind chill factor is -40 in either C or F.

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