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bigstock----52115539Now you could call them rules, or you could call them promises, or you could call them hopes, or you could call them wishes, or you could call them plans, or you could call them ideas, or you could call them decisions, or you could call them goals, or you them intents…

OR you could call them RESOLUTIONS.

Whatever we call them, I only have four for 2014:

  1. I resolve not to download any more free e-books unless I REALLY plan to read      them.
  2. I resolve to consider the pleasure versus the consequences BEFORE I eat      something.
  3. I promise myself not to spend more than thirty minutes on social media on any given day.
  4. I resolve to write two more Medical Romances, one Special Edition and turn in a three book proposal for SE in 2014.

Anything beyond these promises will surely be broken, so that’s my list, short and sweet.

How about your New Year resolution list?  Care to share one or two items?

New on January 15th 2014 Harlequin Medical Romance will release four of my earliest books in e-book format, two of which have never before been available in North America. All Available at Amazon NA.

9781460317754Her Baby’s Secret Father was my first sale to Medicals – Never before in NA in any format.

Her L.A. Knight, my second book, and a popular one, too, but never as yet in e-book.HerL_A_Knight






In His Angel’s Arms , also never available before in NA.  In this one, the doctor becomes the patient.





Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family, though available in NA in print before, never ever digitalized until now.  This was a totally re-written version of the first book I ever submitted to UK Meds, which got rejected. 1008-9780373066629[1]


All four of these books have something in common; the link is they take place in or around the fictitious Los Angeles Mercy Hospital.  I must admit, I’m happy to have the option to share these books with new Medical Romance readers.  I hope you’re out there.

Don’t forget to share one or two of your top promises for 2014!

Happy New Year!

Lynne Marshall


28 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, NEW RULES”

  1. Good resolutions. Mine are mostly

    Which is the big thing I need to make all the other goals happen 😀

  2. Given how mine has started I am just planning on surviving January! Being the only person working in the household of people on vacation isn’t easy. Great news on the books!

    1. Hi Fiona – I think you’ve gotten spoiled having the boys away at school etc. However, it is hard to work when everyone else is playing.

      Also, I find I get a lot more written in a quiet house. I love it when Bill has plans for the day. 🙂

      When is your first book coming out in e-book, hmm, twin?

      Happy New Year

  3. Lynne, I like your big 4! And they seem very achievable so good luck! Though I wonder if the social media 30 minutes is going to be the hardest! 😉

    Amalie, I do like your big 3! LOL

    I’ve already put my single resolution “out there” in the universe – to walk everyday! So far, so good!

    1. Susan – great to know you are still walking. (a very doable resolution, too.) I agree, the social media is the time sucker and I think I’ll buy an egg timer to enforce it. Yeah, that’ll be my angle. LOL

  4. Hi Lynne

    New Year rules/ resolutions/ promise don’t always have to be about depriving yourself of something do they? As in your number four. They can be resolving to have more fun, to go away for a weekend on a regular basis or even to do a bungee jump! (The last is definitely not on my list and is only an example!)
    My resolution is to go though my wardrobe (already started – didn’t realise I had three tennis skirts and two tennis tops still with the label on- I think they were in the drawer waiting until I miraculously dropped a few kgs- but they will be worn regardless now) throw out what I will never wear or wear again and buy a few select pieces that will see me through any occasion. With that in mind I bought myself a leather jacket before Christmas. I’ve wanted one for years but this year I thought what the hell- who cares if it’s the same one my daughter’s friend has- I love it and I love wearing it.
    So my beginning of year resolution is to have more fun/ be more adventurous with what I wear!

    Good luck with yours

    ps Fiona- I too find it almost impossible to work when the house is full…I think I may have to take myself off to the library tomorrow.

    Anne xx

      1. Hi Anne Fraser! You’ll NEVER be anonymous to me. 🙂
        I love the idea about resolving to have more fun, but for someone like me who had more than my share of great vacations this year, including major zip lining above snow covered tree tops, I need to focus on the work side of life.

        I hope you’ll give your extra clothes to the local thrift shop. And good for you for buying that leather jacket.

        One kind of crazy thing I’m doing right now is growing out my hair. Don’t know why, just decided to, and I’ll probably become a bun lady. LOL Or a French Twist lady (yeah, much more style), but I’m blowing off the silent faux pas that ladies over a certain age shouldn’t have long hair. To hell with convention, right?
        Now, onward into 2014

  5. Now that I have an eReader, it is so hard not to download the free ebooks because the plots look so enticing.

    My main resolutions/self-improvements/goals:
    1. yell at my daughters less
    2.reduce my blood pressure/lose 15 pound for health not cosmetic reasons
    3. read 100 books
    4. take a paid professional development class
    5. kiss my husband daily
    6. pray daily
    7. try new hair styles (wearing a new one right now, I love half-wigs)
    8. rock jaunty berets
    9. put good use to my make up collection.

    1. Kiki! I am in love with your list. I want to rock jaunty berets, too. Now that I’m growing my hair out, I can. 🙂
      You have composed a really good list, all positive ideas. Go you, and best wishes in 2014. Hope to see you around here again some time.

  6. Hi Lynne ~ I love your fourth resolution as I will benefit from it. I don’t make resolutions. We have a big to do list and just hope to get stuff crossed off as the months go by. Last year not much got crossed off due to extended family health problems. Hopefully everyone will be healthy this year and We will get some of those things crossed off the list.

  7. Hi Kaelee! I’m thrilled you liked #4. 🙂 I am wishing you good health (especially your extended family) this year so you can tackle that list and cross loads of things off in 2014.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy New Year!

  8. Interesting how everyone seems to lack organisation! We’ve been talking about social media elsewhere, and I have just got myself a web address! Yay! Um – I now have to do something with it? This is too hard…

    OK. New Year’s resolutions – go to gym, do something with website, stop eating up all the leftover Christmas rubbish – oh, and write something other than a shopping list. LOL Sure my editor would be delighted. One other thing. Work out which to do first, while I just eat another of those pesky chocolates….

    1. For some reason that didn’t recognise me. I have obviously been in deepest lurk for too long. Must try harder. Add it to the list 😉

      Caroline Anderson x

      1. LOL, Caroline. I’m glad you worked out the anonymous part. It is fantastic to see you her at the blog, and I think you list is completely doable. Though I envy you those chocolates as I’ve put myself on a diet and missed all the goodies of the season. What was I thinking!

        Happy New Year!

  9. Loving all these!
    I resolve to write 2k a day (starting next week)
    I resolve to only drink alcohol on the weekends (unless at a party or function then all bets are off!! :-). Failing so far but still in holiday/party mode – again will start next week!!
    I resolve to spend *more* time on social media 🙂 but in a better more coherent, more organised, and targeted manner!
    I resolve to attack my TBR paperback pile and get it down – have read 3 books already so far – on my 4th so feeling confident!
    I resolve to say yes (or give very deep serious thought to anyway) to any publishing opportunity that comes along no matter how whacky!

    Think I should stop now – the more I make, the more I’ll break 🙂

    1. >I resolve to spend *more* time on social media but in a better more coherent, more organised, and targeted manner!<

      Please share this genius plan! 🙂

      I love your list, Amy. Can't wait to see what's in your publishing future – whacky or wise.

      Happy New Year!

  10. These lists everyone is posting make me feel so much better! I secretly fear that I’m the only one struggling to wrestle weaknesses to the ground 🙂
    I’m with Amalie regarding the getting more organized thing. I waste so much time because I’m not!
    I’m also with Amy on drinking only weekend alcohol – sometimes a good bottle of wine is already open and I just can’t resist a glass while cooking dinner! Also am with her on the 2k a day writing – must make it happen!
    No more worrying about reviews that weren’t as enthused as I’d hoped – different things appeal to different readers! And the only thing to do is work hard and make the next books be as good as I can make them.
    And tackling my TBR pile must be a priority! Reading great fiction by writers I love, or finding new authors to enjoy, is certainly one of the joys in life.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Robin – you are an inspiration, too. I say we ALL wrestle our weaknesses to the ground. BUT we must remember that only through weakness can we find great strength. (I think)

      I joined Weight Watchers and one of the perks I loved is that I can still have a small glass of wine while adhering to the plan. This “indulgence” feeds my soul, and that is important to this author.
      Also, Robin – screw the unenthused reviews. Totally screw them. For each one there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of happily content Medical Romance readers who cannot wait for your next book.

      Got it?

      Happy New Year!

  11. Ha ha, Lynne, I’m late even when making resolutions! Probably not a good sign! But here goes anyway,

    1) Get more exercise (whether that means whipping the house into shape or actual feet-to-pavement). I’ve seriously slacked off with the cold and snow. I’m headed to the Y today, in fact!

    2) Get my books done before deadline and turned in!

    3) Enjoy this year as much as possible and relish the good times and beauty.

    Whew! That feels better. At least I have a map now! 😉

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