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Squeaky Gears & Well-Oiled Machines


OK, I took the plunge.  My health insurance (which was a government program) terminated me 3 months prior to the new “affordable” health care system coming into place.  No explanation for being fired.  They took my money though, even though I was officially kicked out in September.  Although I could say that’s the government for you and leave it at that.  But I happen to know that other countries have a better way of running their health care systems.  Maybe we should follow one of the better examples.

Of course, I’m going through the same thing with a new publisher.  2013 was the year when a whole bunch of new publishers came to me and asked me to work for them.  I picked a few never ever intending on giving up Harlequin, but because it was nice to be wanted.  The thing is, I’ve been with Harlequin a long, long time now and I like the way they operate.  They are literally the well-oiled machine in an industry with gears that can get awfully squeaky. As it turns out, one of my new publishers has a very squeaky gear.  So much so I’m buying hair dye like it’s going out of style.  Oh, I’ll get through and at the end of the process be glad with what I turned out.  But the squeaky gear gives me a new and better appreciation for Harlequin and the way it has managed its authors for so many years.  It’s got to be doing something right and I am so glad to be part of it.

As for the healthcare insurance situation, it is definitely a squeaky gear that I hope will fine tune over time.  If it doesn’t, I don’t really have and answer for what will happen.  All I can say is that, perhaps it’s time the government looks at a successful business model like Harlequin and get it figured out.  After all, if you put hundreds of “romance” heads together, the outcome is bound to be good.  Maybe even great!

Until next time, wishing you health, happiness and well-oiled machines!



5 thoughts on “Squeaky Gears & Well-Oiled Machines”

  1. Yes, please keep us posted, Dianne!
    While I’m a newbie with Harlequin, I already know I’m lucky! I have a number of published author friends, and the struggles seem to go on and on and one really has to wonder who runs these companies. With all the changes in publishing, it almost seems like they’re shooting themselves in the foot with smaller print runs, fewer releases, and the right hand not talking to the left.
    As both a writer and a reader, I sure hope they get their acts together!

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