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Blog Hijack!!!

Hi there!

So, I’m hijacking the medical blog for a day to tell you about my new book.  But – shock, horror, it’s not a medical.  It’s a Harlequin Romance.  I’ve gone to the dark side…. No.  Not really.  There’s quite a few medical authors who write for other lines and I’ve decided to join their ranks!

english girl kind

My first Harlequin romance is called English Girl in New York and as you can see I have the best cover in the world!  It really captures the feel of the story – even if my heroine isn’t a redhead.

This cover is the English version.  The US version is a little different.


While I love the heroine and the background on this cover too, the hero is a little young for my liking.  My hero is a New York cop and as I wrote this story, I had a picture of Hawaii Five-0’s Alex McLaughlin on my wall.  What do you think?

alex o@laughlin

Don’t let it be said I don’t like a bit of inspiration!

So, because I’ve been writing for two lines, I’ve neglected my favourite pastime lately – reading.  I haven’t stopped buying books.  I have around 100 paperbacks to read and I must have another 100 on my kindle.  My favourite read of last year was The Returned by Jason Mott.  What was yours?  Chances are, I have it in paperback or kindle and I’m trying to decide what to read first!


11 thoughts on “Blog Hijack!!!”

  1. I do love your covers. Alex McLaughlin is gorgeous. May all our heroes look like him. As for books I’ve read, there were so many, I’d have to say the one I’m reading now. It is Journey to Love by Debbie Kaufman. It’s a historical that takes place in Africa. I’m enjoying it.

  2. I didn’t have a “favourite read” last year, as that would be like choosing a favourite child, wouldn’t it? Seriously, I read so many books in a year. Most of them give me feelings of warmth and, of course, love.
    I CAN tell you one book I really and truly enjoyed reading on Dec 22/13, though! That would be ENGLISH GIRL IN NEW YORK! I liked their gradual awareness of each other after their initial contact. I could feel their love for the baby AND each other, especially when they both have careers in helping others. Would have loved for their story to continue so I could read how they did through their engagement and marriage, but I realize there are just so many pages in a book….
    Thanks for providing so many hours of wonderful entertainment, Scarlet. I look forward to reading MANY MORE of your books through the upcoming years!

  3. I love both covers, Scarlet, but agree your choice for hero is far better than portrayed on US cover. I love that they’re taking a selfie.

    I made a resolution to quit buying books I don’t have time to read. So what did I do this weekend? Buy 2 more books. Sigh.

    I just finished a J.D. Robb book – Immortal in Death. Loved it.

  4. Oooooo I’ve always wanted to read a JD Robb book and haven’t yet so I’ll take that one as a recommendation. I should stop buying too but I just can’t!

  5. Congrats on your foray into the dark side!!! Hope it sells like hot cakes! I love both covers.

    I would be hard pushed to pick a favorite book from last year, I read so many good ones. Don’t make me choose!! LOL! (Okay- probably something by Susan Mallery and her Fools Gold series 😉 Two of A Kind or Three Little Words)

  6. I like both covers too, Scarlet! But I think, as authors, we’re always going to be the ones most critical of our covers because the book is so personal. I don’t think I’ve had a book in 30 + that I’ve ever been 100% happy with the cover.

    My favorite read from last year was A Basic Renovation by Sandra Antonelli. Fantastic contemporary romance!

  7. Hi Scarlet, congratulations on going over to the dark side! Love your covers – and the lovely Alex McLaughlin sets a very high standard in the hero department.

    Favourite read for last year? That’s a tough one. I think I’m going to have to echo Lynne’s recommendation for J.D. Robb’s ‘In Death’ series.

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