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New School Year, New Book!


I’ve been off the air-ways on vacation/holidays in a tent. Cue a heatwave!

Yes, folks, we had four days of temperatures over 43C/108F (!!) and I was under canvas. Fortunately,  we were by the sea so although it was stifling hot, most days we could catch a breeze or just sit in the ocean.

Now, the Southern Ocean is a freezing place and most summers,I am in a full length wetsuit just to survive ten minutes in the water. This year, the water was like a bath! I didn’t get the wetsuit out of the bag.  On the hot days, not even the sea could summon up any energy and it was flat-as…no surf for us 😦


The rest of the time was pleasant weather. We cycled, we read, we canoed, we ate, we sailed, we slept, we played board games and ‘bare foot bowls’ (too much fun) and the boys’ friends visited.IMG_1066

In the middle of all that, my latest book, Runaway Groom launched so there was a mad dash to the library to do some promo!

I got home to a new contract for two medical romances so they will appear in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, I hope you can indulge me while I tell you about Runaway Groom.

It’s also my 24th novel and it’s just as exciting as my first or perhaps even more so because now I have dear readers who know me and write me asking when the next book is coming out 🙂  I was thrilled to get an email from a reader with an advanced copy who said, “Dear Fiona, You are not helping my insomnia!” She read Runaway Groom in one sitting :-)Just in case you don’t know what Runaway Groom is about, it features an Aussie guy on the run, a lawyer hiding out and a heap of well meaning people in Whitetail. I t’s a stand-alone book BUT if you’ve read Saved By the Bride and Picture Perfect Wedding, you get to revisit with old friends too.

I have a Pinterest board so you can peek in and see the log cabin Amy and Ben are forced to stay in ;)This is what the blurb says…..

Runaway Groom; Book three of Wedding Fever

Amy Sagar’s life is in ruins. Fired from her fast-track job and dumped by her double-crossing boyfriend, she retreats to Whitetail, Wisconsin, to lick her wounds and regroup. Meeting an impossible, sexy Australian isn’t part of her strategy for getting back on track.

Ben Armytage is running away. After being left at the altar and publicly humiliated, he’s taking his vintage motorcycle on an extended road trip from Argentina to Alaska. Having his journey interrupted by a breakdown and sharing a house with a curvy, redheaded lawyer in a town obsessed with weddings was never on his itinerary.

Though being stuck in a luxury log cabin isn’t really a hardship, livingtogether with their broken hearts isn’t easy. When the attraction between Amy and Ben proves unstoppable, they’ll both begin rethinking their plans…

For more weddings in Whitetail, check outSaved by the Bride andPicture Perfect Wedding, available now!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! What board games do you play on holidays/vacation?


15 thoughts on “New School Year, New Book!”

  1. Gosh, if we could just swap out some hot/cold, it could be pleasant above and below. Instead, here it’s way too below zero too often, and way too above 100 there! But it warms my cold little feet to see all that lovely blue water and GREEN STUFF.

    Sorry you baked, but glad you had the breeze. Welcome back. 🙂

  2. Fiona,
    I love the pictures. The water is beautiful. I wore one of those wet suits when visiting Australia and to say it wasn’t my best look would be an understatment! Far to formfitting. But the water was sure cold for this southern gal. Your book cover is wonderful and look forward to reading the book. I’m sure it is as outstanding as the others have been.

  3. Despite the heat it sounds like you had a relaxing time, Fiona.
    And Runaway Groom is downloaded on my iPad! Just have to finish the RITA books first!
    We’re a Monopoly family. Or at least the other 3 are – I HATE it!
    I’m a Scrabble girl 🙂

    1. Amy, you will have to come play scrabble here because I am the outsider and the other three LOVE it! Ah, Rita books…yes, that is what I am doing too. Thanks for the support of RAG!

  4. Hi Fi! Love the photos- glad you survived the heat wave (we were tenting in a cyclone at the same time you were baking!).

    We’ve just taken up Mah Jong! Interesting….but brilliant because so far I’ve been the winner and that NEVER happens when we play any kind of game! LOL
    Good to have you back and best of luck for Runaway Groom!!

  5. Hi Fiona – I’d love to barefoot bowl with you. Glad you survived the 108 degree temps. There’s just no relief in cases like that. Oh, how sweet it is to hear from readers who love your books, I’m thrilled your feedback is so positive. The latest sounds as great as the first two in this series. And it’s wonderful to know you’ll be writing another couple of medical romances for us. Congrats on almost 25 books with HMB!

  6. Hi Fiona, welcome back! I don’t envy you those temperatures, but that amazing blue sky! (It seems to have been raining for ever, here…)

    Love your new cover, and if the last two Wedding Fever books are anything to go by, the inside will be even better 🙂

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