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Spring, spring, spring…

feb snowdrops

We’ve been quite lucky in the east of England as we’ve escaped the severe flooding from the south coast. And it’s definitely looking like spring here. On Saturday afternoon (as I’ve just delivered a book and am due to start the next one this morning) DH and I skived off to visit some of the gorgeous ancient churches in Norfolk, and we found the most beautiful snowdrops – I thought you’d like to see them!

These were in the churchyard at Colney – one of the older churches in the county as it has a round tower.

feb colney



As you can see, there’s a very large memorial placed above the porch – it’s quite an unusual one, to John Fox who was run down by a wagon and horses. As you might be able to see in the close-up pic, there’s a reminder to the reader: ‘If thou drivest a team be careful and endanger not the life of another or thine own.’ For us it’s a little bit close to the bone at the moment, because my husband was sitting in traffic at the beginning of last month when a forty-ton lorry came steaming down the road and, um, failed to stop. Luckily it pushed him into the empty carriageway rather than into the car in front, or the situation would’ve been an awful lot worse; as it is, my poor husband hit his head on the steering wheel (and consequently had black eyes for the next three weeks), has whiplash and had a bump on his head the size of a fist when

feb colney 2

I met him in the emergency department, so he’s been on pretty strong painkillers since the crash. (And yes, being a Meds author, I knew the worst-case scenarios and was panicking ever so slightly about subdural haemorrhages, undiagnosed cervical hairline fractures and the like – and I had to pretend I hadn’t seen the monitor he was hooked up to because the figures were really not very nice!)

But rather than dwell on the dark side, I’d rather focus on the fact that it’s spring and we’re soon going to have gorgeous tiny flowers everywhere. I love snowdrops, but my favourites are grape hyacinths and those tiny blue irises.


What are your favourite signs of spring (or autumn, in the southern hemisphere)?



9 thoughts on “Spring, spring, spring…”

  1. Kate,
    I was sorry to hear about your husband’s accident but I’m glad he is recovering. I love the pictures of the church and the reminder. So little really changes through the years. The first sign of spring around my house is purple crocus that come up at the corner of my drive. I look forward to seeing them every year.

  2. Susan, I love purple crocuses! (Well, actually, I think I love all spring flowers.) And thanks – my husband is indeed recovering (though ballroom dancing is out for the time being until he’s finished physio).

  3. Hi Kate! Love those snowdrops. Yes, that warning is definitely appropo in your family’s life these days. I hate to say it, but I live in a place where it seems to be spring all year round. Though crocus are always pretty to see.

  4. Hi Kate, it’s great to hear that your husband is beginning to feel better. What a scare for you all! I love the ‘Reader’ message on the church porch – something that’s certainly still relevant now. Some years ago, while trawling through Church records from the 1800’s, a similar note of caution caught my eye, regarding a man who had somehow managed to shoot himself while using his shotgun to assist him in climbing a tree! (A cautionary tale that probably isn’t so applicable these days…)

    It’s lovely to see the snowdrops, and also your blue skies – so far this year I’ve relied on yours and Fiona’s blogs for a glimpse of blue, as it’s been very overcast down here in the South. But your photos are certainly giving me reason to hope that things will be changing soon!

  5. So sorry to hear about hubby’s accident, Kate! That’s the stuff of nightmares, isn’t it?

    One of my fav memories of went we went to live in the UK was the daffodils everywhere – we arrived in March. I’d never seen daffodils growing in the wild before and seas of yellow were just breathtaking!

    Here in Brisbane spring means Jacaranda trees and streets carpeted in electric purple blossom – its my favourite time of year!

  6. Hi Kate! So glad to hear your husband is recovering well- I’m sure he’ll soon be up to doing the cha cha cha!

    Here in New Zealand we have freesias growing in late winter and early spring- I adore the smell and when I drive past my neighbor’s house and I get the gorgeous scent I know warmer weather is on its way!

  7. I’m SO glad your hubby is recovering Kate. How scary.

    Signs of spring? Um, not around here. Not until April. We still have a couple of feet of snow and more forecasted for today (Wednesday).

    The green and the snowdrops made me jealous. I’m SO looking forward to green and sun and yeah even rain to wash all this snow, ice and salt away.

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